16 Best Places to Have Amazing Kolkata Street Food!

Best Places to Have Amazing Kolkata Street Food

Kolkata is the city of romance, heritage and cricket matches. The city adorns its heritage like no other place. Beautiful buildings, restaurants and streetside markets are a major part of this city. The city that is highly famed for the grandeur of Durga Pujo, has a happening lifestyle all time of the year. These walks are perfect for every visitor. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of Kolkata or someone visiting for a few days. There are many ways in which one can spend a memorable outing in the city. You can go on an adventure activity or choose a romantic dinner in one of the many restaurants of the city. You can go to enjoy the famed Kolkata Street Food, visit one of the quaint restaurants for a candlelight dinner or take a couple’s only spa therapy. Here are some amazing tips on how to make the best out of exploring Kolkata.

Best Places to Have Amazing Kolkata Street Food

Most Popular Places to Taste Varieties of Kolkata Street Food

Flea Market And Street Food Tour Of Kolkata

The Kolkata street food tradition has been part of this city through ages and by generations of families. The flea markets spread in every major corner of the city make Kolkata a shopper’s paradise. From Hathibagan to Esplanade, you’ll find roadside shops selling designer clothes, clay items and junk jewellery everywhere. Each street side shop also comes with an array of delectable food items sold in these lanes. You can try jhal muri, egg rolls, amazing Chinese food, and a variety of chops made from chicken, mutton and fish. This specially curated tour of the interiors of Kolkata will take you through some of the amazing hidden jewels of the city. A local insider conducts this tour who knows the city and best places for Kolkata street food inside out.

Street Food Tour Of Park Street Area

Park Street area of Kolkata has some amazing eateries and roadside food stalls. These food stalls serve the best of street food that one cannot simply have enough of. During this tour, you’ll be visiting some of the most amazing sweet shops of the city. In these shops, you will get to taste the amazing Sondesh, Roshogulla and Rajbhogs along with the best of Kolkata street food. Explore the heart of Kolkata in Park Street with a city insider expert. He will provide an amazing experience that you’ll never forget.

New Market Kolkata Street Food Tour

If you have ever wanted to see Kolkata in its most rustic form then a street food tour at Kolkata’s New Market area is a must. The delicacies prepared here use the most authentic process. The spices used in the preparation have been traditional as a majority of shops are more than 100 years old. Explore a traditional market area filled with the hustling bustling movement of locals. This trip will introduce you to the authentic charm of Kolkata. Here you’ll meet the locals busy shopping and bargaining everywhere. This flavorsome trip will introduce you to lovely delicacies from Kolkata street food. Some of these delicacies include Jalebis, Soota Kababs, Dahi Papdi Chaat, Gaathia, among the few. You can also try Dalpuri, Chai, Chilla Chowmein, Bhel Puri, Jhaal Muri, Puchkas, Paw Bhaji, Shinghara, Aloo Puri, Fish Fry and much more.

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Gariahat Food Walk

When it comes to exploring the authentic charms of Kolkata then it is incomplete without a trip to Gariahat. The hotels here prepare the food keeping the authenticity of the ingredients intact. From the finest preparations of Bengal’s signature Ilish to the scrumptious fish thali, the market has it all. Gariahat is also the home of Kolkata’s signature Biryani. The Biryani here takes its inspiration from the Awadhi cuisine. A trip to Gariahat will introduce you to the local spices and ingredients that make the food so relishing. Apart from the food, you’ll also visit one of the biggest textile markets in the country.

Food And Shopping At New Market’S Hogg Saheb’S Bazar

Built in 1874, this lovely area of New Market converges into many beautiful lanes. These lanes have amazing shops and some of the most traditional hotels. This market area is frequently visited by the locals as well as tourists who want to experience the delightful cuisine. You’ll see a lot of tourists from India as well as aboard. People visit here to relishing on the amazing street food items like Egg Rolls, Mughalai Paratha, Roshogulla and Jalebi. Options are unlimited for those who wish to explore the secrets of Kolkata street food. This market also hides a hundred year old Jewish bakery with some traditional snacks. Let our expert guide take you through a culinary journey that hides in the lanes of this market. Exploring this hidden jewel is an affair to remember.

Breakfast Tour Of Tangra

Kolkata is the melting pot of culture. Filled with people settled here from different walks of life, Kolkata has truly developed strong cultural norms. Whether it is heritage or food, Kolkata shows these influences in every corner. When it comes to Chinese food, Kolkata is simply outstanding compared to any other country in the world. With a Chinese population settled here since the 1940s, the area of Tangra nicknamed at little China.

A walking breakfast tour of this area will satiate your taste buds. The amazing food prepared with intricate Chinese recipes makes sure that your tastebuds make you keep returning to this place again and again. The breakfast tour of this market will present you with heavenly delights of multiple varieties of momos, soups, Soup noodles, steamed baozi buns, dumplings in both steamed and deeply fried forms, fish meatball soups, and congee. The breakfast options at the Territi Bazar is a delight for those who want to enjoy a different side of Kolkata street food.

Evening Food Walk At Rajarhat

Rajarhat is known for its elaborate culinary culture influenced by people settled here from different walks of life. The corporate offices make this place a prime hub for a majority of people. Rajarhat and Adjoining Salt Lake area of Kolkata known for its street food culture. You will multiple lanes filled with small stalls serving the most delicious Noodles, Chicken Fried Rice, Momo Soup, Noodle Soup, different variety of sweet dishes and an array of chops ranging from vegetable, eggs and chicken. The evening food walks are perfect for the corporate people who will like to show their delegates and visitors from aboard and provide them a local experience without making them travel too much.

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Food Walk Around Indian Coffee House

Kolkata’s Indian coffee house has an importance accumulated since the time of Independence. The lane around this iconic joint of Kolkata has been frequented by many notable revolutionaries, journalists, writers and other notable personalities of the city. The small eateries around Indian Coffee House known as cabins. These cabins are small eating joints that are active for hundred years. Most of these places situated around a hole in the wall kind of setting where you order your food and then find a nearby spot to enjoy it. The amazing food joints here serve many different snacks along with noodles and kathi rolls. Come on a walk to enjoy the part of Kolkata Street food that many notable and iconic personalities of Kolkata have enjoyed here.

Bow Barracks To Burrabazar Food Walk Tour

Kolkata has welcomed all cultures from all parts of the country since ages. The city has a strong presence in the Chinese community. the Parsi community has also grown and flourished here with time. This walking tour will take you through the multi-cultural heritage of the city. This walking tour will take you through the colonies created by the Anglo-Indians, the Muslims, the Marwaris, and others who settled here and called the city home. Explore the heritage of the city that has influenced its food. Enjoy some authentic Chinese Dumplings followed by visiting an authentic Parsi Bakery. You’ll also get to enjoy Kachoris, Jalebi, Pao Bhaji, Chicken Cutlets, Fish Fry and a lot more.

Evening Food Tour at Vivekananda Park

As the sun goes down in Kolkata, the area adjoining Vivekananda Park starts to get filled with a crowd. People start arriving here from different parts of the city. Couples, tired returning office goers, students studying around, all start strolling in different corners of the park. An evening here means many phuchkha walas setting their stalls around the area and their regular visitors coming here to enjoy it. The tangy, spicy blend of phuchkas also go well with many different varieties of chats and churmur. If you are not too fond of the spicy dishes here then you can also find one of the stalls that serve different varieties of Dosa.

Explore The World Of Kolkata Kathi Rolls At Park Street

This specially curated food walk will introduce you to one of the famous specialties of Kolkata. The city gave birth to the heavenly kathi rolls and a shop at Park Street called Zaika was the first to master the art of preparation. Today Kathi Rolls spread in every corner of Kolkata. But the joints of Park Street are the ones that serve the most authentic version of this delicacy. Other famous spots at Park Street which offer heavenly rolls are Nizam’s, Badshah, Kusum’s and Hot Kathi Roll. If you think taking a walk just for kathi rolls is not worth it then you can try the amazing delicacies like fish pakodas, egg devil, murhi and bhunja.

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Street Food Tour At Stock Exchange, Bbd Bagh

During the working hours, the central business district of Calcutta, Fairlie Place filled with office goers in formal attire. People with a phone and a newspaper in hand remind you of the scenes from the Hollywood movies about people at New York’s Wall Street. But once the lunch hour arrives you will see these people rushing to the joints here that serve a variety of chats, refreshments to full meals and thalis. One of the most popular food items here is the Luchi Aloo Dom. Luchi is similar to the puris. The Bengali Alu Dom is the state’s version of Dum Aloo. Luchi can also be enjoyed with Mangsho and Chicken Chaps. A street food tour at Farlie Place will take you through some amazing stalls serving mouth-watering Chilla, Dal Pakori and Dahi Chaat.

Afternoon Food Walk At College Street

The lanes of College Street filled with umpteen shops selling old and used books. While this place is a paradise for book lovers, it is also a delight for the foodies who come here to explore the amazing meals served here. College Street is the home to the oldest Telebhaja shop. A Telebhaja is deep fried snack served with a variety of chutneys. This snack is best enjoyed with a cup of tea or a glass of sugarcane juice. At college street, you can different types of Telebhajas like brinjal fries to fried fish, egg chops to mutton chops.

Bengali Food Tour with Cooking Class

The Bengali food is an amazing experience to prepare the way it feels to eat. Understanding the secrets of preparing a hearty Bengali meal is an experience that one will never forget. This experience will take you through some of the iconic restaurants and food stalls of the city. You’ll get to meet the experts who make sure that their food carries the tradition and carried since ages. After this session, you will get to meet one of the maestros of the Bengali cuisine and learn the fine art of cooking with them. From delicate preparation of fish curries to lovely sweet dishes like kheer and payesh will take you on a culinary journey of the lifetime. This tour is best designed for the couples who want to enjoy some time off with each other.

An Introduction To The Street Food Of Dacre Street

Kolkata’s Dacre Street is known for its amazing variety of street food. The lanes of Dacre Street are buzzing with food lovers from morning till late night. You can find stalls serving different food items ranging from Punjabi to Bihari and Bengali. Some of the best food items served here are Chowmein, Chicken Chilli, Luchi – Alu Dom, Fish Tikka, Chicken Roll, Mutton Ghugni, Puchkas, Jhali Muri, Pao Bhaji, Samosa, Kachori and a lot more.

Kolkata is a paradise for the shoppers, food lovers and explorer. With so much hidden in every corner of this city, there is very less chance that you’ll get bored with your findings.


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