Kick your Diwali Celebrations Visiting these 3 Places

Diwali Celebrations

Indians are known to kick some butt when it comes to celebrations. One such celebration they celebrate with a passion and vehemently so is Diwali. Also referred to as the “Festival of Lights”, it happens to be one of the biggest festivals in the Indian calendar.

For ages, Diwali has been celebrated to commemorate the triumph of good over evil. Generally speaking, it’s a culmination of families celebrating prosperity togetherness.

If you’re wondering where to kick your Diwali celebrations, these three top destinations will remain embedded in your memories.


Jaipur is more or less the Vegas of India. Famed for being the gateway to Thar Desert, the city flawlessly blends contemporary lifestyle and the cultural heritage which makes it a heavenly place during Diwali.
During the celebrations, the streets, shops, and homes adorn with lights and lamps leaving the city glowing warmly. The Jal Mahal which appears dull during the day is transformed into an illuminating jewel reflecting on the waters against the hilly background.
For a more VIP experience, you can visit Jaipur Pink City in Rajasthan where the Diwali Passion becomes apparent. Building owners compete in illuminating their building and the winner is crowned by none other than the government by footing the entire electricity bill.

For an even better and unmetered view of the splendid city, you can hit Nahargarh Fort and experience the beauty of the city.


Visit Varanasi city any time of the year and the city is ever pumped. However, during Diwali, the bug of craziness bites everyone with a never-ending stream of fireworks and firecrackers. Famed for being the Indian version of the Vatican the city is truly titillating.

Be it the sacred river Ganga or the infamous ghats, the surreal environment of Varanasi is truly unquestionable. In this city, Diwali celebrations coincide with Dev Diwali whereby river Ganga is embellished millions of earthen lamps. As a result, a myriad, mystical reflection is created on the waters of river Ganga.

The government isn’t left behind to have the city burning on all the four cylinders, they organize the Ganga Mahotsav cultural festival. With this festival, come some musical performances, boat races, and even exhibitions.
If you are the adventurous type who would like to dip their mouth in a different trough, worry not. A plate of hot Kachoris is yours for the taking accompanied by the ever sweet Jalebis syrup.

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Amritsar is home to the Golden Temple which is an excellent sightseeing during Diwali. It sports carefully calibrated decorations and lights with the image of the Golden Temple being reflected in the adjacent lake temple elevating to its majestic appeal.

Diwali celebrations in this city are way far much grand and exciting for two reasons; the celebrations are particularly significant as they are incorporated into the Sikh religion marking the return of sixth Sikh Guru Hargobind Sahib from prison, in 1619. Another interesting fact is that the Golden Temple’s foundation stone was laid in the same period in 1577 AD.

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking to celebrate your Diwali in a big town or a small village, the celebrations have one common denominator, the love, joy, and light. If you are planning to visit Indi, the above three locations should be on your bucket list.
We also would love to hear what other best places you think are great for celebrating Diwali.

Comment below in the comments sections and we would be happy to read them.

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