Here’s How To Surprise Your Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day!

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we already have the city wearing the cupid theme gradually. But it is not only physical appearance that matters when we want to make Valentine’s day special for our loved ones, there is a good bit of preparation that you need yourself to indulge in.


Embracing the blissful home city on Valentine’s day has become so mainstream that it has become almost predictable for anyone. Booking a table at a posh restaurant in the city or getting some valuable time at a secluded park or garden has become more of an old-school valentine’s day ideas.

In this present generation, when we think of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas, we will find the most out-of-the-box tips that are largely unpredictable for your partner. And guess what, the moment you walk away from the common path and do something unique for him, your relationship will get a new taste to it.

Whether you want to declare your love life in public or just want to send down a gentle tap on your boyfriend about how much you love him, you will always have some little and unique ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

And you don’t need to wait for Valentine’s day to start planning on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. You can start with the preparation well in advance, in case you plan to give him something big. And believe me, the days with the buildup to the surprise will also be equally memorable.

So here are some of the best tips and tricks on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Plan something interesting to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s day

What are your plans this valentine’s day? Hanging around in any park? Booking a center table at a popular dining spot? Let me tell you, these are some of the ideas that almost all the people use every year. So it’s time to be a little different. Here are some of the best tips on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s day.

Visit a theme park

Theme parks are never out of fashion, especially because of the new and innovative rides and attractions that are added each year. Visiting an amusement park is probably one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s day this year. Just make sure to book your tickets a couple of days in advance so that you don’t need to stand in a long queue to get the tickets.

Trust me when I say this, the thrill of every ride will add on to the enjoyment that you two indulge in on the day and will make it a very enjoyable Valentine’s day. So book a ticket for Imagica amusement park and feel the thrill unfold.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - theme park

A waterpark is a great option

The only thing that may be worrying you is “would it be healthy to visit a water park in the month of February”? Indeed, this depends on the city and the kind of climate that prevails there. I would suggest you visit the Imagica by Adlabs, which is one of the most popular amusement and water theme parks in the country. And we know, Mumbai has an average temperature ranging between 27-degree to 30-degree Celsius in the month of February.

Adlabs Imagica is situated on the bank of Mumbai-Pune expressway, close to Mumbai. The water theme park is inspired by the Greek Mykonos and offers unlimited access to all the rides in the park, including a huge swimming pool.

A surprise drive of the luxurious BMW 7-series car

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular yet unique ways ladies use to surprise their boyfriend on Valentine’s day. Seldom you will find a man who does not have a desire to drive every car in the world. And if you can fulfill this desire of your man, you know that you have succeeded in bringing the most precious smile on his lips.

If you are in Mumbai, you will be delighted to know that you can rent a BMW 7-series car and go for a long drive with your boyfriend. This service is available in many locations in Mumbai and will offer you eight long hours of the experience. Being accompanied by an experienced chauffeur, you can have the most delightful time this Valentine’s day.

Surprise him at his workplace

Valentine’s day is not a weekend day every year and there are many people who prefer working for at least some hours before dedicating the rest of the time to you. This does not mean that he doesn’t love you, but is more about how he manages every activity but keeps you a priority.

Now if you have your man doing the same, you can surprise him by sending down a valentine’s day gift or flower bouquet right at his office desk. He will like to boost on this fact that this is the best surprise that you have ever got on Valentine’s day, thus making it one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s day.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - surprise at workplace

Sailing in the sea with your boyfriend

Ever considered booking a cruise for him so that you can spend some of the most unforgettable moments on valentine’s day. If you have been wondering how to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day, this is probably a must-try for you.

Book a short yacht trip in Mumbai with your partner. And don’t worry about the setup as the authorities will get everything sorted to make this a wonderful day for you. The sailing on the yacht includes a lovely balloon decoration, cake, and a romantic candlelight dinner or brunch, which would be a 3-course meal by Cafe Royal Catering.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - go sailing

Have a wonderful time on a private sail yacht

This is nothing short of having a king-sized experience to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day. Book the Jeanneau-54 Yacht on valentine’s day and enjoy the life of luxury for a day. You will have a Mercedes E-series saloon to come to pick you up from the pickup location and escort you to the spot where you will be boarding the sailing yacht. And don’t worry about the time, it’s long enough for you both spend some gala time together.

While on the boat, you will have a cake and a balloon setup included in the package. Also, you can savor a 3-course meal. At the end of the sail, you will be dropped back to your pickup point.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - yachting

Best ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s day at home

There are some ways you can surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day without having to step out of the house. Yet, despite being bound inside closed walls, the effects can be mind-boggling and way more romantic in most cases.

Get the best dress on you

Men like the way girls dress up on special occasions, don’t they? You might have noticed your man ogling at your womanhood each time you dress up in a way that he would love to see you in. So it’s time to get the best dress up and surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

Go out for shopping. Choose a pair of skinny fit jeans or chinos that accentuates your body well. Pair it up with a baby pink top for the day or a cupid red mini dress for the night. He will definitely love to see you in the most relevant attire.

Dine on the bed itself

You might have noticed, until you are posh and well-to-do, you will not have the best experience in an outdoor restaurant, with the services being mediocre. Plus, going out for a dinner date on valentine’s day is more like an old-school and too traditional.

So it’s time to get things to change, for the better of course. Try ordering the dinner from your favorite restaurant and get the bed to be your cozy partner and spend some romantic time with your man. The is undoubtedly one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - dine on the bed

Bake a cake together

You need not be a grade one chef to bake a cake. Plus, your boyfriend may not like cooking or preparing dishes. But trust me on this, he will willfully join hands with you to bake the tastiest cake you ever had. And as far as the cake is concerned, it need not be perfect. Instead, the love and bonding that you both will share will make it perfect.

The end result might not be very favorable, especially if you have never tried making a cake, but the way you both will need to work in tandem will make the things sweet.This valentines, learn to bake the cake with your loved one and acquaint yourself with various delicious recipes.

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how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - baking

Walk down the memory lane

Memories are to be cherished ever after. And what could be better than reliving the old memories, something that has been elusive with the busy schedule playing the villain? Surprise your boyfriend by taking him for a walk or trip on this valentine’s day to the place where you both first met by chance or by luck, or the place where you first kissed. Hold his hands just the way you did long back. Make him feel belonged. He will love all the attention that he gets.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - walk down memory lane

Write a poem for him

I know girls love it when boys write and dedicate poems and songs to them. But it’s time to switch positions. Imagine how good an idea it is to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day with a poem that you have composed for him. It’s not about returning the favor to him, but taking the onus on yourself to bring the same smile on his face that he has been bringing on your face for all these days.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - write a poem

Get crafty for him on valentine’s day

Not everyone could think of doing it, but it’s time to do something out of the box for someone who has loved you and promises to love you for the rest of the life. A very unique way to surprise your boyfriend could be getting a bit crafty on the valentine’s day.

There is one easy yet long thing that you can do. Buy a set of playing cards, cut out 52 pieces of blank paper of the size of the cards and glue them up on the number side. Write two-liners or one-liners on each page and punch them together. Now, tie them like a notepad with a stylish ribbon or lace through the punched hole and make a beautiful booklet out of it. I am sure he will preserve it for a very long period of time.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - get crafty

Relive the most precious moments that you spend together

Buy a special diary and preserve it as a personal diary. While doing so, write down all the noticeable and memorable things you have both done together, special places that you both may have visited.

Write about every activity along with your feeling attached. Gift your boyfriend the diary on valentine’s day and ask him to read it when you are present with him. The reason why this is one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day is that while he reads it along with your feelings expressed, he will also insert his own feelings of going through those incidents. You can share the laughter together and bring back the charm that may be lost somewhere in the middle of the busy life.

Celebrate the valentines day in a different way by ditching the traditional romantic dates and all. Indulge in a romantic dancing sessions with your loved one and learn the art of dancing.

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how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - relive your moments

Plan a romantic trip to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day

If you live in a metropolitan city in India, you will probably find a lot of popular places to visit around on Valentine’s day. And if you are not, you can probably book a short trip to the nearby metro and make this day count.

Being one of India’s busiest cities, Mumbai has always stood up to its name of being a city of dreams. And yes, located in the coastal hinterland of the Arabian sea, the city does have a lot of romantic places that you can visit to make this valentine’s day an altogether different taste.

Here are some romantic places in Mumbai you shouldn’t miss visiting with your partner.

Marine Drive

Believe it or not, Marine drive is one of the most unique seashores in India. Built on natural rocks, Marine drive is a busy road just at the bank on the Arabian sea. The place is an absolute looker under starlight. The lights all along the road and the gushing sound of the waves of the sea makes is a must-visit for you if you are planning to spend your valentine’s day on a high.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day -marine drive

Juhu Chowpatty beach

Despite getting a lot of exposure lately, the Juhu Chowpatty beach remains to be one of the most romantic places to hang out this Valentine’ day. You will be quite amazed to know that the pubs in this area are open 24X7.

The reason why visiting the Juhu beach is one of the most popular ways of surprising your boyfriend on valentine’s day is that you can indulge in watching the sunset at the sea together, which is considered to be one of the most romantic things to do on valentine’s day.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - juhu

Nariman Point

Nariman point is a sophisticated extension of Marine drive and is often called the Manhattan of Mumbai. Nariman point has a very active nightlife and is pretty famous as a popular shopping destination too. Being the house of many sophisticated big shots of the Government, it is one of the poshest areas in Mumbai.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - nariman point

Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden is a historical name in India, not that it resembles the original hanging garden of Babylon, but it has a taste of romanticism in its existence. It is also called the Pherozeshah Mehta Garden and is situated on the highest point in Malabar hills.

It has a lush green appearance with animal-shaped hedges and bushes and also portrays a serene view of Arabian sea. And of course, not to forget, it is popular for its amazing and mesmerizing view of the sunset, thereby making it one of the best way to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day.

how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day - hanging gardens

Best candle light dinner in Mumbai

Mumbai is also extremely popular for its amazing restaurants where you can fix in a date with your boyfriend and spend Valentine’s day is the best way possible. These restaurants run on a simple mantra – eat, drink and make merry to make your day memorable.

Here are the best places to have a candle light dinner in Mumbai for the lovebirds.

A romantic dinner at Indigo

Indigo is one of the few places where you can actually savor your candlelight dinner date with candles lit on the table with flower petals spread all over. You can also opt for an outdoor arrangement as well, which makes the evening even more romantic. Apart from strengthening the relationship, you can also savor some of the most exotic Italian, European and Continental dishes.


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The Sassy Spoon

Just as the name suggests, the Sassy Spoon is one of the most stylish restaurants in Mumbai. It dates back its inspiration from the French culture and is the perfect thing to impress you. The restaurant is located at Nariman point and is a must-visit place if you want to spend Valentine’s day in a memorable way. The mouth-watering food and delicious desserts will make your romantic date even better.

Skky Ramada

If you are looking for a place where you can fall in love with your boyfriend all over again, or want to declare your undying love, the Skky is probably the best option for you. It is widely known for its ambiance and the way everything is set up in the interiors.

Apart from just the tantalizing ambiance, this place is one of the finest fine-dine locations in Mumbai. Besides, you can get new wings to your love life in this very romantic rooftop restaurant.

The Rooftop

Nothing can be better than having a romantic date with your boyfriend on Valentine’s day at a rooftop restaurant with overlooks of the busy city. The Rooftop is just about elegance and classiness. It is not only popular for its attractive location but also for its wonderful setup and an enriched charm.

Besides the regular Indian, Asian and Mediterranean dishes, you can also dip yourself in a wide variety of cocktail drinks in the most serene ambiance possible.

And if you are not in Mumbai this valentine’s day, do not worry, here is a list of the most romantic places in Pune. If you live in south India, this list of the best romantic places in Chennai can come handy for you.

Surprises strengthen the relationship

Giving a cute surprise to your boyfriend on valentine’s day is just another way of appreciating every little bit of pampering that you have got since you first started the relationship. The ideas that are shared with you here are just a few of the many ways on how to surprise your boyfriend on valentine’s day and the list seems to be inexhaustible.

The only way where you can be sure that the surprise will be best appreciated is when you do it yourself. For almost all the boys around, it is never about the quantity or the quality, it is mainly about the intent with which things are presented. You just need to improvise and think about one of the various things that your boyfriend will love and cherish.

As for an example, boys love pampering their girl, don’t they? But there is one thing that not everyone understands, if you start pampering your man the way they pamper you, you will have the happiest man on this planet. And in almost all the cases, men are appreciative and true in a long-term relationship.

And at the end of it all, he will appreciate that extra bit of effort that you did to surprise him with something unique.


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