My First Adventure Camp In Coorg: The Best Trip I Ever Had

Harshi Agarwal tells her experience of camping amidst the hills and farms in the mesmerizingly beautiful landscape of Coorg.

Our Madikeri Adventure Camp At Coorg trip was not planned just out of our adventure craving. Being travel lovers, we wanted an exclusive and memorable time to wind up my break from studies. Before you step into another phase of your life, what better can you think of other than a refreshing overnight camping experience? We were a bunch of 7 friends and that was a sure recipe to make a merry time in the lovely hills and valleys of Coorg. The cherry topping on our experience was the thrilling ambiance of the camping site. Wanna know more? Read on..

The Trip Begins: My excitement was at it’s peak right from the time I joined my dear lovely cousin and her fun group. I love the breezy chill of the hill stations and Coorg, which is better known as the Scotland of South India. The changing landscapes kept me amazed with it’s wonderful views right as we entered the region. The morning sun was peeping from behind the clouds as we drove to the famous Raja Seat, an awesome view point. We stepped out to enjoy the beautiful view of the dawn breaking over the small hamlet of Coorg. Indeed a view to remember. Though it was just 6.30 in the morning, there were people bathing in the fresh sun rays. The sunrise got us thoroughly refreshed and the view was the one of the best I had ever beheld. We had breakfast on our way to our next destination.

Meeting The Instructor:  Next we headed to our destination- our Madikeri camping site which was arranged for us by Coorg Express. The camping site got us all thrilled. The landscape had the backdrop of beautiful hills and a stretch of farm adjoining the place. There were shady trees and the view of the distant valleys were amazing. We were offered tea/coffee and refreshments before we freshened up. We met our camping instructor and his warm welcome pleased us too much. We were asked to gear up for our first activity which was Zip lining.

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Zip Lining: It was going to be my first time at Zip Lining in Adventure Camp At Coorg. I had butterflies in my tummy when I saw my cousin sister hanging on the cables. I was sure she must have got her heart leaping up to her mouth as she was scared of heights. Moments later, I saw a smile on Didi’s face and I was assured she loved the height and the view from down.

Now, it was my turn! I was jittery when the assistant got me ready for the activity and then the thrill began. The height was scary and yes, I could feel my heart in my mouth. I was amazed and thrilled to see the view and I let myself bask in the adrenaline rush. 

The Shocker Ride: The next activity was a surprise package for us. Our instructor asked us to get into a vintage Jeep and what happened next was simply AMAZING! Our driver gave us a quick and exciting ride in the entire property leaving us screaming out of excitement. In a quick 5-8 minutes, he got us across the 100 acres area and we were left breathless and amazed.

So after this shocker, we were provided with lunch. We feasted on the local Coorg delicacies authentically prepared. Following this we chilled out in the area and unwound ourselves. On the other side of the break, something very exciting was waiting for us.

The real crux of the trip was waiting for us in the form of a trek to the highest peak in Coorg which is Nishani hills.

The Challenging Trek: We geared up for the exciting trek which we were told will turn us into expert trekkers. It was indeed a challenging one with two hills to climb down on our way to the highest peak. The terrain was easy at times but on few occasions, it got highly narrow and the steep climb tested our endurance power. Our instructor was very alert throughout the time and helped us take best measures to avoid insect bites. After burning our endurance power, we finally got the sweet fruit of our hard work. We reached the Nishani peak, from where the entire Coorg seemed like a miniature garden! The view was superbly memorable. Our picture clicking session seemed endless and we were in no mood to climb down the hills. But we had to. On our way back, the hills seemed more friendly and the trek was easier. Our instructor guided us through all the challenges.

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Fun Time At The Camping Site: As we were back in the camp, we spent the evening seeing the sprawling 100 acres land and picking the best of the fresh fruits and nuts. What a lovely farm it was with fresh harvests and juicy ripe fruits! We could not have enough but as the sun set, we drew back to our camps.

As it grew darker, the camp assistants set a delightful camp fire for us. As we had our guitars, we chilled out and made the best of the evening ambiance in nature. The camp site was lit up by tiny glow worms here and there and what a lovely site it was.

For dinner, we were served mouth watering delicacies. The authentic Coorg cuisine was truly sumptuous and delicious. Later, we retired to our tents to get a comfortable sleep.

The Sun-kissed Morning: After Adventure Camp At Coorg, the next morning, the nature fresh air and the nosy sun rays soon warmed us up. As we freshened up, we learnt that authentic Coorg Coffee was waiting for us. We could barely wait as the coffee was served. When we tasted it, we all had the unanimous opinion that it was best among the varieties of Coffee we had tasted.

Next, we had specially prepared southern delicacy, Puttu with curry. It was filling and the taste of the coffee was bound to linger in our mouths for long.

Time to Check Out! Yes, our amazing adventure trip was rounded off. We thanked the staff members and our dear friendly camp instructor before we checked out.

We drove across the plantations before we made our way back. Wonderful trips are planned and amazing trips just happen when you least expect them. Coorg adventure was the right food for my adventure craving.