Gift Your Employees These Hobbies And Interest Workshops in Bangalore

5 Min Read | It’s great to have hobbies that help you de-stress. Gift your employees the opportunity to pursue their hobby with the help of these workshops. You no more have to wonder…

5 Min Read |

It’s great to have hobbies that help you de-stress. Gift your employees the opportunity to pursue their hobby with the help of these workshops.

You no more have to wonder about the where and the how part. If you have an interest that you have always wanted to pursue, Xoxoday brings you the perfect opportunity to do so. With myriads of choices you just need to decide where your interest lies or what you want to learn next. Rest will be taken care of by Xoxoday. Explore the Real-You with Xoxoday’s collection of Hobbies and Interest and live your life the way you want.

Love Cakes? You Be The Baker!

learn to bake a variety of mouthwatering ice creams and cakes under the expert guidance of Smriti Saraf. You will get a chance to understand the techniques that will help you be better at the art. A delight for you, by you! Add the extra sweetness to your life.

Learn To Produce Eco-Friendly Electricity

Spread awareness among your kids about the importance of electricity and its use. Learn the eco-friendly way to produce electricity. Due to this ever increasing need for electricity, we have since long resorted to less-than-environmentally-friendly means for producing electricity. In this workshop, learn sustainable and eco-friendly methods of electrical production for building Green Technology.

Meditative Zentangle Workshop

Zentangle is an abstract drawing that creates beautiful images from repetitive patterns using simple pen and papers. It is a fascinating new art form that is fun and relaxing. Participants get to learn various Zentangle patterns and then are guided on how to piece together those patterns to create a beautiful design.

Learn To Make A Beautiful Painting

An instruction led the session, where step-by-step guidance is provided by the artist during the entire painting process and the artist herself paints the same painting along with all.

The Art Of Bonsai Making With Sunshine Garden Boutique

This is the basic course in the art of Bonsai, where you will learn the art of growing and maintaining a bonsai. Learn how to select a plant for Bonsai making. Style the bonsai in whichever way you want to. You will get an insight into the growing techniques of a Bonsai, maintenance of the plants and general gardening tips.

Chocolaty Temptations!

The session includes preparation of different varieties of chocolate like Marble chocolate, soft filling, hard filling, truffles, fudge, bounty and many more. Also enjoy making of caramel, peanut butter, cream cheese and milkmaid.

Learn To Make Ice Creams And Sundaes

Get to learn a variety of egg-less cakes, theme fondant cakes, chocolates with exotic filling, delicious mouth-watering ice creams by Smriti Saraf. Also, learn to bake additional desserts: cupcakes with decoration, cake pops, and sizzling chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce.

Hatha Yoga At Chaitnya Wellness

Partake in an invigorating session of Hatha Yoga amidst an aesthetic environment and enliven your inner-strength. Come for a rejuvenating yoga session and leave relaxed, sane and sorted.

Learn Horse Riding

Experience how to walk, trot and canter on a horse. All the while you will be assisted by professionals who will make sure that you take home valuable horse riding lessons.

A Vintage Frame Workshop

The workshop will cover various techniques to make a wooden frame look like a treasured heirloom. Participants will begin from scratch and use primer on the wood. One will use candles and layers of colours to create the distressed look on the wood frame in the guided three- hour session.

Make A Steampunk Clock

Learn to make Steampunk clock using MDF and metal embellishments. Steampunk fashion is a subgenre of the steampunk movement in science fiction. It is a mixture of the Victorian era’s romantic view of science in literature and elements from the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 1800s.

Redesign Your Old Mug

Use clay modelling to make Fun Mugs, Work desk stationery holders or you may even use them as small planters. Redesign your old mug and give it a fresh life. Turn it into a new one! Sounds exciting.. right? Join this fun-filled clay modelling session. Clay is a versatile medium that may be moulded according to your choice.


Coffee Painting On Coasters

You will be taught to make use of coffee as the primary medium instead of oil, watercolour, acrylic or any other form of paint. You will make coffee solutions – adding coffee to water in variable quantity by giving different shades to the brewed coffee colour solution! Coffee paintings involve working with only one colour, but its potential for art is limitless. Participants will be able to use coffee as a resourceful medium to be able to create texture, shadows, gradients and depth.

Creating Fondant Theme Cake

Learn to make different cakes and decorate them with the best decorating techniques. You are exposed to theory and practical sessions of Gum n Fondant theme cakes that include gum paste making and cake covering with fondant. Also, understand how theme-based cakes can be made for several occasions such as makeup cake, beach party cake, birthday party cake etc.

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