8 Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad To Treasure Beautiful Memories!

Most Popular Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

Holidaying in hills affirms your constant desire to scale new heights. But, that’s not the only thing a hill stations near Ahmedabad trip promises. Because of this it brings you closer to nature and away from chaotic city lifestyle, tests the adrenaline rush and offers an absolute rejuvenation to the mind, body and emotions. Whether you long for re-igniting the lost love or want to plan a long-delayed family holiday, there is nothing better than heading to a hill station.

Most Popular Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

If you happen to be in Ahmedabad, an opportunity to enjoy these experiences is not far from access. Learn about the best hill stations near Ahmedabad and get inspired for a power break.

Popular Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad for Beautiful Memories

Mount Abu (225 Km)

mount abu hills near ahmedabad
When you look for hill stations near Ahmedabad, the neighbouring state of Rajasthan proposes the top contender as Mount Abu, which is counted among the top weekend getaways from Ahmedabad. Reaching this pristine hill station is literally like discovering an oasis in the desert.

Get ready for the surprises, as the place reveals stunningly-carved Jain temples, abundant flora, fauna and avifauna, charming lakes and rich foliage. Climb to the highest peak of Aravalli Hills to unveil the spellbinding panoramic views and have exciting encounters with the likes of leopards, golden jackals, foxes and sambar.

How to Reach: Maybe you can hire a taxi that would take around 5 hr. You may also board a train to Abu Road Railway Station and cover the remaining 25 km. in a taxi
Best Time: Throughout the Year
Famous Places to See: Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Guru Shikhar, Honeymoon Point, Sunset Point, Toad Rock, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
Top Things to Do: Camping, cycling, biking, boating and rock climbing

Wilson Hills (362 Km)

wilson hills near ahmedabad
The serpentine road to Wilson Hills provides the hint that you are ascending towards a quaint heaven with unspoilt charm. Bearing the charm of the British era, this peaceful place is among the few hill stations offering spectacular glimpses of the sea.

Dense vegetation with tall trees creates the perfect environment to revitalize all your senses. Some thrilling vantage points disclose the unseen beauty of nature and the place also offers the chance for zipline and to interact with the tribal people living here for centuries. If you wish to savour solitude or get intimate with your partner, Wilson Hills is the best among hill stations near Ahmedabad.

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How to Reach: You may plan a trip by road in a private car or taxi. You may also board a state transport bus to Dharampura and then a local bus to finally reach the place
Best Time: Monsoons (July to September) and winters (November to February)
Famous Places to See: Ozone Valley Point, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Barumal Temple, Marble Chatri, Shankar Waterfalls
Top Things to Do: Hill climbing, nature walks, photography and interactions with tribesmen

Toranmal (396 Km)

toranmal hills near ahmedabad
The Satpura Range of Maharashtra has many popular hill stations near Ahmedabad, Toranmal will be in addition to the list. It is the region’s second coldest place with the mix of natural beauty and holy shrines. There are scenic lakes and falls on one hand and temples and caves on the other, thus inviting all types of travellers.

Thick forest covers offer a visual treat to the eyes while cool breeze plays soulful melodies to the ears. Surrounded by the seven peaks of Satpura, seek the blessings of the tribal Goddess Torana and because of this you are completely pampered by the unconditioned love of Mother Nature.

How to Reach: The best way is to take a direct road trip from Ahmedabad to Toranmal in a taxi
Best Time: Throughout the year (unimaginable natural beauty during monsoons)
Famous Places to See: Lotus Lake, Coffee Garden, Check Dam, Gorakhnath Temple, Yashavant Lake, Sita Khai Falls, Khadki Point
Top Things to Do: Camping, trekking, kayaking and caving

Saputara (400 Km)

saputara hill station near ahmedabad
The Abode of Serpent, as the name of this picturesque hill station translates to, boasts of verdant greenery of the beautiful Sahyadri Range. Apart from flaunting the enchanting valleys, lakes, gardens and falls, the place also celebrates its association with the tribal culture and as a result it is worth exploring.

The enthusiastic adventurers can have a gala time participating in paragliding and several other adventure activities. And those romantic at heart can spend quality time getting intimate in this paradise of nature finally. Shimmering night skies, flower-filled landscapes and chirpy streams make it one of the popular hill stations almost close to Ahmedabad for leisure-seekers.

How to Reach: State transport buses and taxis are the best modes to reach by road. By rail, you can reach Bilimora Junction and book a taxi to cover 112 km. to Saputara
Best Time: October to February
Famous Places to See: Saputara Lake, Rose Garden, Step garden, Sunrise/Sunset Point, Saputara Museum, Gira Falls, Vansda National Park, Artist Village, Hatgadh Fort
Top Things to Do: Paragliding, boating, parasailing, trekking, nature walks, ropeway and tribal tourism

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Suryamal (496 Km)

suryamal hills near ahmedabad
Rolling valleys of Suryamal are home to the lush green forests set around a small but busy tribal village. The laid-back environment here is suitable for all the relaxation you have been yearning for. Just wake up to the chirping of birds and follow the natural routes embellished with multihued greenery to reach the peak top.

The tempting views of the world below would force you to spend hours enjoying the whispering melodies of the place. Popularly known as the trekker’s’ paradise, it definitely deserves accolades as the less-crowded hill stations near Ahmedabad.

How to Reach: You may travel by air to Mumbai and drive for about 120 km. to reach the hill station. A direct road trip from Ahmedabad is a good idea if you have enough time in hand
Best Time: September to May
Famous Places to See: Suryamal Peak, Amala Wildlife Sanctuary, Deoband Temple
Top Things to Do: Trekking, hiking and mountain biking; don’t miss the delicious misal and vada pav

Matheran (574 Km)

matheran hills near ahmedabad
Declared and eco-sensitive place, Matheran now is free from the chaos of automobiles and the reason is enough for it to make it to the list of top hill stations near Ahmedabad. Not only that, it holds the distinction of being India’s smallest hill station and hence is a wonderful place for peace-seekers, romantic couples and nature lovers.

Breathe in the pollution-free air, walk over the floating clouds and surrender your senses to the intoxicating aromas of wildflowers. Don’t forget to splurge on the mouth-watering chikki, a local preparation and enjoy crossing paths with wild animals like giant Malabar squirrel and bonnet macaques.

How to Reach: By train, it is a captivating journey, especially in a toy train. Note that you have to pay INR 50 per head as an entry fee to Matheran
Best Time: September to June
Famous Places to See: One Tree Hill Point, Alexander Point, Porcupine Point, Louisa Point, Panorama Point, Charlotte Lake, Honeymoon Hill
Top Things to Do: Forest walking, trekking, horse riding, valley crossing, wildlife viewing and cloud walking

Lonavala (593 Km)

lonavala hills near ahmedabad
Nature rolls its green carpet for the visitors to Lonavala, which along with the nearby Khandala form the must-visit hill stations near Ahmedabad. Gushing waterfalls amidst the verdant forests and lakes with numerous dams impress at the very first sight. Add to the list the centuries-old Buddhist caves and you would have an unforgettable tour waiting for you at pawana lake. The presence of a handful of forts adds historical value to the region which has been associated with the great rulers like Shivaji. There’s definitely something for one and all!

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How to Reach: Fly either to Mumbai or Pune and hire a cab for a fun-filled journey. If on a budget, you can board a direct train from Ahmedabad for a day tour to lonavala
Best Time: October to May
Famous Places to See: Bhaja Caves, Karla Caves, Rajmachi Fort, Lonavala Lake, Ryewood Park, Duke’s Nose, Tiger’s Leap, Bhushi Dam
Top Things to Do: Camping, Caving, trekking, playing in waterfalls, eating chikki and fishing

Pachmarhi (768 Km)

pachmarhi hills near ahmedabad
The Queen of Satpura, this fascinating place enjoys the status of being the only hill station in the centremost India. Founded by the British as their summer capital, Pachmarhi flaunts colonial heritage through beautiful bungalows and churches. The English architecture is well-complimented by the ancient Hindu and Buddhist caves. Being a part of a large biosphere preserve, it is home to the wild denizens like leopards, gaur, deer, macaques, wolves and more. It is one of the most-visited hill stations near Ahmedabad after Mount-Abu, with everything from lakes and waterfalls and a number of temples.

How to Reach: Choose between direct road trip and train from Ahmedabad to Pipariya (about 55 km. from Pachmarhi)
Best Time: October to June
Famous Places to See: Satpura National Park, Dhoopgarh, Pandava Caves, Jata Shankar Caves, Pachmarhi Lake, Chauragarh Temple, Bee Fall, Pansy Pool, Christ Church, Fairy Pool, Silver Fall
Top Things to Do: Caving, wildlife viewing, boating and heritage walks. Don’t miss to buy the locally produced honey

Many hill stations near Ahmedabad not only offer a respite from scorching high temperatures, but each one has one or the other exclusive aspect to entertain different holiday moods. Take out time from your hectic life and unwind yourself at one of these paradises to return with fresh energy and pleasant memories.


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