Changing face of fine dining experience

fine dining

The Gourmet revolution has taken the entire world by storm. People are rigorously looking out for experiences that will create a memory to cherish for a lifetime and spending for the same is never a constraint. This clearly shows how people are deprived not of money but of quality time.

To make their experience better, Consumers have moved away from traditional food and beverage concept to a fine dining experience with innovative combinations. As the consumers started looking for extraordinary experiences more frequently, hotels and restaurants have taken up this as a challenge to add the flavors of uniqueness to their customer experience.

Fine dining has become a lot more than mere dining. Experiences like Poolside dining with a special candlelight evolved. The magical experience of having the most delicious food prepared by renowned Chef and served by a personal butler with a violinist playing romantic tunes for you and your special one on your special day will leave anyone mesmerized.

People who still want more of their experiences opted for an SPA treatment.

Fine Dining has undergone many makeovers and new concepts of blindfold dining started grabbing attention. People who have seen Fine Dining experience as a feast for eye first tried out blindfold dining where the diner is completely unaware of what is in store or what they are eating and clueless about the ambiance of the hotel they have checked in. The aroma of the food served, and the most amazing feeling of touch have redefined entire gourmet experience for the diner. On the other hand, a five-minute massage will make the experience extra special.

People who have had enough of fine dining experiences are looking for a customized setup and refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. Trends like dining at Yacht, the helipad is setting a trend and gaining popularity. Experiential stays with authentic meals at homestays or estate stay or camping with your beloved one with the live grill and bonfire are the most popular choices of people for a dining experience. The latest addition to the experiential stays is the Igloo stay in Manali with dinner served on ice dinner table with local delicacies and a romantic date on a Shikara. Some of these experiences are with live performances making the ambiance complete and lively.

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The concept of movie screening in private is on a rise these days. It is not only restricted to humans but pet-friendly too. There are dogs and cat resorts for pet lovers who want to take their pets along for dining. The experience also includes movie night under the stars and buffet dinner.

People who find the greatest comfort at their home but still want to explore the magic of delicacies all over the World can get the same experience at home. Professional Chefs will create amazing fine dining experience at home. They will do everything starting from purchase to serving the food on the table. The diners can choose the food of their choice.

Also, the diners who are curious to know how their favorite dish is made by a chef, an interactive kitchen where one can actually cook their food along with the Chef and get it served on a table.

Fine Dining experiences are also one of the biggest sell-outs in the experiential gifting trend followed by Experiential stays, Relax & recharge and Adventure for any special occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries.

The biggest challenge which we in experience industry are facing is taking out time for people in our busy lives and the spending capacity of the buyer. To tackle the challenges, we have experiences for various resort day outings with meals and activities included starting from 600 per person.


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