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Fitness is a general state of health and well-being. It’s the ability to perform your daily activities without fatigue. With our ultra-busy lives and hectic schedules, the focus should be on a holistic well being of the mind and body. Achieving muscular strength & endurance, flexibility and active body composition is very essential.

Being fit refers to optimal health and well being of a person. Fitness pertains to all aspects of your life – emotional, mental and physical. Agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time and speed enhances your strength and vigor. 

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Complete consciousness can be achieved by focussing on the seven main chakras. These chakras are located along the spine extending out from the front and the back of the body. Each chakra has a specific quality that corresponds to a specific quality. The first chakra at the base level corresponds to self identity. The last chakra represents the higher-vibration spirit-level awareness at the crown. Along with this, relax with the soothing Lucia Light Therapy and Float Tank Therapy. These therapies allow a deep mental relaxation that is initiated by floating. This allows the brain to produce as greater amount of theta waves. The overall result is an increase in mental clarity, creativity, imagery and memory.

Fitness - complete consciousness
Highlights – Chakra analysis, Lucia light therapy and Float tank therapy

Floatation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation involves lying in light and sound proof pod. The pod is filled with 10 inches of water containing Epsom salt solution. This solution contains 600kg of magnesium sulphate, creating buoyancy for effortless floating. This experience gives your brain a chance to disconnect from the surroundings. It enhances the ability to be cognitive, mindful and introspective. The Epsom salt solution contains essential minerals that leave you feeling deeply relaxed. The tension in your body melts away releasing vibrant energy and leaving you amazed.

Fitness - flotation therapy
Highlights – Inner peace, deep relaxation, enhanced cognitive ability with floatation therapy.

Experience highest levels of consciousness with Lucia N°03 light therapy. It involves a combination of constant flashing of light. This stimulates temporary EEG brainwave patterns that helps users achieve a hypnogogic trance. Hypnagogia is the wonderful state you experience right before you fall asleep or wake up. White light passes through the closed eyelids and to the pineal gland, often referred to as the third eye. This stimulation produces mind-activating hormones creating unique visual experiences.

Fitness - light therapy
Highlights – Lucia light therapy, EEG brainwaves leading to hypnagogia

This fitness workshop is the perfect convergence of Dance and Yoga. It involves stretching with yoga and burning calories with contemporary moves. Groove with dance styles such as freestyle, jazz, bollywood jazz and power dance. Sync for 40 minutes of dance sessions to vibrant beats and music. It aims at gaining flexibility, strength building and cardio for the body. The routine starts with a 5 minute active meditation that revitalizes the mind. It also relaxes the body by eliminating stress and strengthens the whole body. This results in further toning of muscles and weight management.

Fitness - Stretch and dance
Highlights – active meditation, dance, stress management, weight management and yoga.

This experience strives to make the ancient Indian Holistic Health techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga, a way of life. Age old practice of Ayurveda provides a perfect solution to the modern day stress. Their herbal medicines, physical massages and other therapies offer remedies for many illnesses. They provide you with a relaxing ambience of the timeless wonders of Ayurveda. They will assist you in reaching your fullest potential and help you lead a harmonious life.

Fitness - Soukhya
Highlights – Akshi Prakshalanam (eyewash with medicated decoction) Gandoosham (mouthwash with medicated decoction). Swedanam (steam bath), Mukhalepam (facial therapy) and Abhyangam (herbal oil massage)

Float therapy is undertaken by floating in warm salt water in a float tank. Relax for some time as you get down into the water. Let your body float effortlessly. Allow the therapist to perform pressure techniques. The therapy helps regulate your blood pressure; cellular, muscular and nervous functions. The floating technique stimulates the creative part of your brain. This leads to you feeling instantly rejuvenated. Experience ultimate relaxation with the ‘float experience’ in the top-of-the-line dream-pods.

Fitness - float therapy
Highlights – massages to regularize your cellular, muscular and nervous functions, pressure techniques.
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