Gift Your Employees These Amazing Experiences On Holi in Bangalore

7 Min Read | Here’s a bunch of Holi experiences that your employees will love to indulge in. Gift these amazing experiences to your employees and help them have a fun time on Holi.…

Holi Parties in Bangalore
7 Min Read |

Here’s a bunch of Holi experiences that your employees will love to indulge in. Gift these amazing experiences to your employees and help them have a fun time on Holi.

Holi is just around the corner and your Monday blues are about to get all the more colorful, thanks to the festival of colors. It is time for you to book some of the coolest Holi Parties and start planning on the various other Things To Do on Holi in Bangalore. The city of gardens is home to a great number of uber-sensational pubs and restaurants that host events all around the year. And Holi is no different.

5 Best Dining Experiences On Holi In Bangalore!

If your idea of celebrating Holi is spending some quiet time with your friends and family then here’s our pick of some of the best dining experiences in Bangalore.

1. Brunch with Wine at THE OBEROI

Holi events in Bangalore - Brunch at Oberoi

Celebrate Holi with your spouse at a luxuriously indulging brunch with wine at The Oberoi. The Oberoi, Bengaluru’s multi-award winning restaurant has its own unique flavor and ambiance. Those looking for a luxury dining restaurant in Bengaluru will be delighted in their award-winning Thai, contemporary Chinese, all day international fine dining restaurant and colonial style bar. Exquisitely decorated and refreshed with garden views, each offers a unique ambiance, unparalleled cuisine, and quality service.

2. The Authentic Vegetarian Buffet at BonSouth

Holi events in Bangalore - south indian meal at BonSouth

Enjoy the festivities of Holi in a true South Indian Style with a vegetarian buffet at BonSouth. The entire cuisine is an apt blend of all South Indian styles- Chettinad, Karwar, Malabar, Mangalorean and much more for vegetarians. Their unique Show Kitchen is embedded in the middle of the restaurant.

3. The 3 Course Experience at Smoke House Deli

Holi events in Bangalore - 3-course meal

Head to the Smoke House Deli to mark the Holi celebrations with a scrumptious 3-course meal. Smoke House Deli has created a distinct identity for itself in the casual dining segment. With a menu to die for, and wholesome meals around the clock, a gourmet touch, and intimate flavors this Deli is perfect for a satisfying meal.

4. The Endless Indian Delights at Punjab Grill

Holi events in Bangalore - meal at punjab grill

Ring in Holi with a treat to your taste buds at Punjab Grill. The amalgam of the royal tastes and the Sikh flavors has placed Punjab on a high culinary pedestal. The food fit for the royals! Punjab Grill refabricates experience by making it richer and modern but also keeps the old ideals at the helm.

5. South Indian Dinner at Ente Keralam

Holi events in Bangalore - south indian meal at ente keralam

End your Holi with a traditional Kerala style dinner at Ente Keralam with your family and friends. Indulge yourselves in a royal dinner infused with Kerala’s rich heritage. With warm, inviting interiors that instantly put you at ease, Ente Keralam boasts of traditional recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Mother’s recipes that have been fiercely guarded over the decades have been collected, restored and followed to the ‘T’ in order to create the perfect meal just for you.

5 Best Getaways To Celebrate the long Holi Weekend in Bangalore!

There may be a lot of you who do not celebrate Holi or want to make the most out of the long Holi weekend that is coming up. So if you are wondering where to head to over the long weekend, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite getaways from Bangalore for that perfect Holi weekend.

1. Stay at the Heritage Bungalow in Chikmaglur

holi getaways in bangalore - chikmaglur

Enjoy a relaxing stay at the traditional wooden chalets at the Heritage Bungalow situated at the Sandromon, Thippanahalli Estate. Sandromon is a popular tourist destination located close to Mullaiahnagiri, the tallest peak in Karnataka.The estate features a botanical theme and offers a refreshing stay in serene environs.

2. Head to Coorg for a Relaxi-cation!

Holi getaways in Bangalore - relax in coorg

Amidst the lush green coffee plantations of Coorg, experience the essence of a coffee estate stay. An idyllic setting for a peaceful & relaxing getaway. Experience a thrilling 7 km White water rafting at Dubare and an exhilarating quad bike ride session. Get thrilled with an action-packed experience of Quad Biking in the fresh and dewy land of Coorg. Quad bike through the evergreen terrains, tackling low and high dunes, the ride is an adventure that is great fun, a truly exhilarating and an awesome experience for all.


3. Explore the Hidden Jewels at Sira

Holi getaways in Bangalore - explore sira

Travel back 400 years in time as you take on a day’s fascinating journey to this former stronghold of the Nayakas, Adil Shahis, Moghuls, Marathas and the Mysore-rulers Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan. From Bengaluru, you pass by Nijagal Betta or Nijagal hill listening to the tales of the tigers that once ruled the today busy national highway 4 here as well as the desperate battles that raged on this hill fort in the 18th century between the Marathas and Mysoreans. At Sira, you get to see and hear stories of the pre-Moghul and Moghul era architecture and monuments including an Adil Shahi and Moghul necropolis which has the tomb of Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb’s daughter, the 319-year old Moghul-era Jumma Masjid, the over 400-year old Sira Fort attributed to Kasturi Rangappa Nayaka, among others. This 12-hour journey will educate you about the history of the Moghuls while witnessing the beauty of the place.

4. Stay at the Elegant Jal Mahal in Mysore

holi getawyas in bangalore - stay at jal mahal pan pacific

A 1N/2D stay at the Pan Pacific Jal Mahal, which is a lavish resort in the city of Mysore. If opulent luxury, sophisticated elegance and impeccable hospitality is what you are looking for, then, head to The Pan Pacific Jal Mahal. A unique, classical Resort with a charming character, this resort presents the masterpieces of the ancient tradition of Mysore. Here you will experience the highest level of comfort, service, and cuisine, in a world that has been created purely for pleasure and indulgence. In an atmosphere of unmatched classical grandeur and timeless elegance, a stay at the hotel allows you to re-live the glamor of travel of a by-gone era and explore the many antiques and historical artifacts on display around the hotel.

5. Tour Nandi Hills

Holi getaways in bangalore - nandi hills tour

On this 11 hours tour, you take on a day’s journey to Devanahalli and Nandi Hills, as you retrace the origins and the life of Tipu Sultan. Your first stop will be at Devanahalli- Tipu’s birthplace. You then proceed to the picturesque Devanahalli fort and hear stories of how it changed the fortunes of Haidar Ali, Tipu’s father. Driving ahead to the foothills of Nandi Hills, you discover the lesser-known villages of Nandi and Sultanpete as you explore the beautiful religious structures there and awe at the picturesque views of Nandi Durga. You continue your journey uphill as you enter the Nandi Durga fort and observe the many heritage structures as well as tales associated with them.

Take a break this Holi and use the time to take pamper yourself.  Here are our top recommended wellness experiences to make your Holi memorable.

1. Advanced Facial and Massage at Home

Holi events in Bangalore - facial massage at home

What better way to relax than in the comfort of your home. Take some time out and opt for this soothing experience of an advanced facial and massage with MyGlamm. MyGalmm has expert beauticians who drop by at your doorstep to give you a rejuvenating experience. The advanced facial includes cleansing, scrubbing, steaming, and blackhead removal. This is followed by a back/neck/shoulder/foot massage. Forest Essentials product will be used for the facial and massage. Be assured that at the end of the session, you will be refreshed like never before with a youthful glow on your face.

2. Purifying Facial at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa

Holi events in Bangalore - purifying facial - four fountains

If you wish to celebrate Holi in a unique way then head to the Four Fountains De-Stress Spa for a purifying facial. The byphasse purifying mask gently cleanses the combination skin type and oily skin. It’s ivy and burdock extract formula helps reduce excess oil, leaving skin cleaner and more matte. Your face will be cleansed and purified. Although it is not possible to change the natural color and tone of your skin, experts have developed some therapies that can add an extra glow to your skin.

3. Global Hair Coloring at Home

Holi events in Bangalore - global hair colour

Get trendy this Holi with MyGlamm. If it is change that you’re looking for then there’s nothing better than coloring your hair. MyGlamm offers Global Hair Colouring in a wide range of colors to make you look smart and suave all at the same time! Global hair color involves coloring of the entire crown and length of your tresses with L’oreal products to make you look fab and flawless.

4. Hair Cut and Hair Spa

Holi events in Bangalore - hair cut and spa

Get ready for the ultimate Holi party with a chic haircut and a refreshing hair spa. At Celebrate Life, they strive hard to live by their core values- ethical business, quality of service, results and client care. They focus on providing customized, holistic wellness services to their clients under one roof – be it weight management solutions, laser hair reduction treatment, skin & hair care, therapeutic & relaxation massages or regular salon services.

5. Colour Removal, Hair Spa an Hair Cut by Celebrate Life – After Holi Party

Holi events in Bangalore - colour removal - after holi special

Head to Celebrate Life for a rejuvenating color removal therapy and an indulging hair spa to nourish your tresses. Come for a hair-cut followed by hair spa for 1 hours and 30 minutes. The trained therapists use genuine quality products, advanced technology and safe & scientific techniques to deliver consistent results for the clients.

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