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Xoxoday Partners with AceNgage to help improve employee retention

Find out all about the Xoxoday Acengage partnership that helps organisations drive employee retention.

Retention and Turnover
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June 7, 2021

Xoxoday announces a partnership with AceNgage, an award winning HR company working with employee engagement and helping organisations with  framing employee retention strategies for more than a decade. Together, Xoxoday and AceNgage look to offer an engagement solution that helps organizations successfully empower, motivate and retain their employees.

Working Together to Improve Employee Retention

Retaining top talent is a key challenge for HR leaders and CXOs around the world. While abundant loyalty initiatives are rolled out to tackle these retention issues, seldom are these designed by keeping employee perspectives at the center

Xoxoday Empuls offers

  • a unified employee engagement platform that helps organisations build employee loyalty
  • powerful employee motivation, empowerment and communication features
  • scalable technology to ensure engagement surveys reach every employee
  • ‘pulse’ survey delivery to collect rich data with short bursts of questions
  • survey dashboards to represent survey results in real-time and provide metric-driven insights to HR leaders 

While Empuls offers robust technology to implement loyalty initiatives such as engagement surveys, AceNgage offers retention consultation helping HR create intuitive employee programs. 

AceNgage offers:

  • Pre-survey instrument design and post-survey consulting to help isolate issues that are built to generate insightful reporting
  • Assistance in interpreting survey results generated in Empuls survey dashboard
  • Provide customised engagement solutions based on Empuls diagnostics and help in implementing corrective actions
  • Based on the findings, assist organizations to make focused interventions to address/ resolve people, process and policy issues.

Want to learn more about the partnership benefits? Explore Xoxoday Empuls now.

What Xoxoday Empuls and AceNgage Bring In Together

AceNgage uses surveys as primary tools for organisational intervention. Their surveys are designed to identify problem areas and convert them into questions that elicit productive responses. These responses can then be used to bring about effective changes in the current employee loyalty efforts. In addition to designing a survey unique to an organisation’s needs, AceNgage also offers manager coaching and HR support to help retain employees. 

These surveys developed by AceNgage can be distributed scalably through Empuls to achieve exceptional response rates and reach. The ‘pulse’ method of survey in Empuls reduces responder fatigue with short spurts of questions. Once Empuls dashboards start collating survey results to provide actionable insights, AceNgage can in turn help HR implement the recommended corrective measures.

More About Xoxoday Empuls and AceNgage

AceNgage assists 200+ organizations across BFSI, Manufacturing, Pharma and other industries to make focused interventions to address/resolve people, process and policy issues that lead to employee turnover. Xoxoday Empuls helps more than 700 clients across the globe with their employee engagement and rewards. Together, they bring in great value - through HR consultation and technological tools - to drive retention and improve loyalty.

Geographies This Partnership Would Service

AceNgage is based in Bangalore and offers retention consultation for organisations across the globe. Xoxoday has offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi, India; in Delaware, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Dubai, UAE; Sydney, Australia; Manila, Philippines, and Singapore.

The AceNgage - Xoxoday partnership was initiated in April 2020

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What is a blog post?

Blog posts allow you and your business to publish insights, thoughts, and stories on your website about any topic. They can help you boost traffic, brand awareness, credibility, conversions, and revenue.
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