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6 Min Read | Buying a wedding gift for an employee can be quite confusing and tedious. This is especially if you don’t know them well or you’re trying not to play favourites. Consider…

6 Min Read |

Buying a wedding gift for an employee can be quite confusing and tedious. This is especially if you don’t know them well or you’re trying not to play favourites. Consider also the fact that it has to stay professional, so as not to send the wrong message.
Gifts for female’s employees will differ from gifts for male employees. It’s so because both genders may have their preferences, but there are unisex gifts too. From coffee makers to Spotify subscription, and all, there are many great gifts for an office worker.
Celebrating the achievements of your employees with them keeps you in their good books. Below is a pool of Wedding Forward gift suggestions that are budget-friendly and unique. Read this post to find out the best wedding gifts, and even the best holiday gifts for an employee!
But before we dive in, how much is the right amount to spend on gifts for an employee?


To be honest, it depends on some factors. First is the relationship with employees. Is it a close one or only boss to employee relationship? Another is the size and prestige of the workplace involved. A huge engineering firm will give a gift of the higher price that workers in a thrift shop.
Once again, facts to look at is the rank of the employee and gender. Yes, gender because what you might gift same sex may get misinterpreted if gifted to the opposite sex. But it is a general belief that gifts should equate the amount it takes to host a wedding guest.
So on the average, whether a big corporation or a small shop, you’d spend between $50 to $250. That should get you some good gifts for employees.
Now, what kinds of gifts are better to give an employee?


Getting a wedding gift for an employee is a dilemma if there is no wedding registry. The registry at least guides the buyer on what the couple wants. But without a registry, guests are on their own. If you end up clueless on what to buy, opt for cash and gift cards.
Gifting the new couple some cash is a great form of support. It could go a long way to take care of some of their needs. If gift cards are the choice, get them from their favorite shopping spot. This has a downside though. The couple gets to know how many gifts you got them, but who cares. The thought in the gift is what matters. Although, many couples do not create registries as an indirect way to get some cash. So, we’ll say go with cash or an amazing gift.


1. Coffee Mug Warmer
Noticed that the employee getting married does not take their coffee at once? They nurse it for so long it gets stale in the mouth? Then get them a coffee mug warmer. This one of the most inexpensive gift for employees. Check out the Mr. Coffee mug warmer that heats up soups, beverages and all on bed bath and beyond.

2. USB Heated Winter Gloves
This is the ideal gift for a winter wedding. Sold for $1.99 at Amazon, it is cheap, impersonal and a good gift for an employee. It helps defrost the hands of the wearer during winter. This is especially for those whose fingers are always active. The great thing about it is that it’s fingerless. This allows for easy movements of fingers.

3. Lunchbox With Insulating Bag
If the employee is one who loves packing a lunch, get them an insulated lunch box. It helps them keep their food together and in good condition. It has space for containers, drinks and even ice block. This type of gifts is genderless and is always much appreciated. Check out the convenient, stylish and lightweight insulated lunchbox on Amazon for $7.95.

4. Professional Head Phones
Working in an environment with lots of noise needs some ear protection. If it’s the case, make it stylish by gifting a professional headphone. The Sennheiser HD 25 headphones from Amazon handles very high sound pressure levels in loud environments. It retails at $149.95

5. Spotify Subscription
For employees who love listening to music while working, top up their fun with a Spotify subscription. Get them a one-month premium Hulu subscription on Spotify for $9.99. Nothing else, but unlimited music all the way. It will make the staff go over the moon won’t joy.

6. Luggage Tracker
This is a topper of all employee gift ideas for office staff who’s always traveling. A luggage tracker helps them know where their luggage is even when in a rush. If their cell phone works, the luggage tracker would. At every landing point, it gives them information through mail or text about the location of their luggage. Try out Track dot luggage tracker which retails at $31.99 on Amazon.

7. Bottle Of Wine
It’s impossible to falter with a bottle of wine. That is the way to celebrate a worthy milestone. But if you want to get wine, make it count. Buy the couple a Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon from It retails between $9.96 and $28.99. Give the coolest something to celebrate with when they are alone.

8. Blender
There’s that female in your firm who is a health enthusiast. She never fails to bring in her smoothies every morning. Get her this ninja blender from Amazon. It will speed up her time and she’ll have fun while at it. It is also stylish that she can keep it at work. It sells for $68.75 and is one of the best gifts for female employees.

9. Food Basket
A food basket is one of the best gifts for employees, especially during holidays. They can share it with their partners while relaxing. The coffee caddy gourmet food gift basket on Amazon is a great one. Retailing St $44.38, it will send couples into a realm of decadence. Enjoying all that gourmet is one of the best employee holiday gifts.

10. Gift Cards
Give the latest wedded employee and their spouse an exciting shopping experience. Load a Gift Card for them at their favorite grocery store or luxury store. They will know how much the gift costs, but it’s not important. The fact that they get to go home with something new is more rewarding. For more luxury and affordable prices, load up a Gift Card at Amazon and shop on Starbucks, Nordstrom, etc. They could also have it delivered to them! Amazing! An Amazon gift card costs $50.

11. Dinner Night
Gifting the couple, a dinner night reservation after the wedding won’t go amiss. Find out the place they love to go to and make a reservation in their name. You may also give them a luxurious experience by sending them off to dinner somewhere exotic. It will cost you upwards of $100.

12. Coffee Maker
Got a coffee maestro in your office? Who’s getting married? Gift them a coffee maker for the wedding. They can keep it in their own offices to brew some coffee at lunch. One of the most gifted coffee makers at Amazon I’d the Hamilton beach coffee maker with glass carafe. It is a stylish, and convenient machine which retails at $54.99.

13. Charity Donation
Some couples prefer making a donation to their favorite charity. If this is the case with the employee, make a donation in their name. It could begin with a least of $25 and up to $250. It sends a message to your staff that you support them and respect their wishes. Let the donation go to a tax write off.

14. Holiday Cookies
What better way to enjoy a holiday wedding than with holiday cookies. This so far ranks as one of the best holiday gifts for employees. The royal Dansk Danish butter cookie assortment on Amazon is a sure bet. It retails at $24.90. Employees can even bring it to the office to give themselves some treat.

15. Plant
A potted plant is a great gift for an employee who loves plant. Plants could double as ornamental and beneficial at the same time. Take the hedgehog aloe plant on Bloomscape for instance. It is very beautiful and gives the office or home a cozy look. It is also beneficial to the skin and is often used for home remedies. Get them a hedgehog aloe or a plant they love. Flat rates at Bloomscape is $35.

16. Time Off
We see lots of couples rushing back to work, some two days after the wedding. They don’t get to spend time with each other and savor the new bliss. It is not mandatory to get a gift for an employee but giving them time off is priceless. They get to spend time together and will never forget such a gesture. It could be upwards of paid two weeks.

17. Books
Do not do this if the preferences of the employee are uncertain. This type of gift ideas for staff is for those you have a relationship with. Find out what series or book genres they love to read and gift them some. This will cost you between $2 to $100 on Amazon.

18. Movie Night
A movie date night is one of the most reasonable employee s. The new couple will enjoy a date night with a movie they love. Find out what movie the employee is so eager to watch, then get them two tickets. A beautiful movie night, some popcorn, drinks, and romance are good for health. This will cost between $9.50 to $20

19. Organizing Set
Is your employee’s office always in a mess, or they are always looking for their stuff? Their wedding is a great opportunity to buy them an organizing set. This will help them keep their stuff in order and also prevent consistent search. Books, pens, documents will be safe. Sognomics storage cabinet on Amazon is $34.99
Get inspired and make your pick from our list of wedding gift for an employee. Budget or splurge, we got you!

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