20 Questions That Should Be A Part Of Your Employee Survey

3 Min Read | Employee surveys are often bad both for you and your employees. This is because you are not asking them the right questions and therefore, not getting the right, useful answers.…

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Employee surveys are often bad both for you and your employees. This is because you are not asking them the right questions and therefore, not getting the right, useful answers. To get the most out of these surveys and your employees, you need to ask them the right questions at the right times to get continuous feedback and something you can work with. One of the best ways to get great feedback from your employees is to ask for feedback regularly. This can help you understand how they feel at any given point.

Here are some of the best questions you can use in your employee surveys:

  1. How happy are you at work, on a scale of 1 to 10?

This is one of the most direct questions you can ask your employees but it allows you to track the morale and mood of your employees over time.

  1. How likely would you be to refer someone to work in this company?

This question is a bit less direct but it tells you a lot about their mood and satisfaction within your company and on their job. If they are unhappy, thy will not recommend your company to anyone.

  1. Do you understand your career plan or promotion plan?

“Employees who get to develop and advance and have a desire to develop and advance are more likely to stay with you and be happy in your workplace. You need to ask them on a regular basis whether they are happy where they are and if they understand that they can advance in their career within your company,” says Rick Penson, a project manager at a renowned research organisation.

  1. How would you rate you work-life balance?

This is another scale question which is more direct and it gauges at the level at which your employees feel that they have plenty of time off work and plenty of time on work. If they feel like this balance is not enough, then they can burnout and this is not good for your company.

  1. If you were to quit, what would be your reason?

“This is one of the best ways to find out what troubles your employees in their workplace – whether it’s bad communication, lack of transparency, low engagement and so on. This can help you fix these issues before it’s too late,” says Angelina Thompson, an HR professional.

  1. Do you feel valued at work?

This is an important question that you need to ask regularly to see how valued your employees feel.

  1. How frequently does your manager recognize your achievements?

This is a good question to gauge at the leadership and how that is working out for employees.

  1. Did you receive any recognition the last time you completed a big project?

Your managers need to show how much they value your employees, especially on big projects.

  1. Do you think that you would be able to reach your full potential in this company?

Employees need to work at a place that will enable them to grow and give them opportunities.

  1. Would you sign up for your current job again?

This is a tricky question but also the one that can give you a great insight into employee happiness.

Here are ten more questions that you can ask your employees on a regular basis about their happiness or satisfaction on the job.

Below given a few more of significant questions:

11. Do you see yourself here a year from now?

12. Do you feel like your leaders take your leadership seriously?

13. Do you feel like management offers enough transparency?

14. Do you know our company’s values by heart?

15. How would you describe our company culture?

16. How comfortable are you at giving feedback to managers on a scale of 1 to 10?

17. Do you feel like your coworkers respect each other?

18. Do you believe that our company lives by its standards?

19. Do you feel like our executives build a good team culture?

20. Do you have fun at work?

These have been some of the best questions that you can ask your employees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Keep in mind that these work best when you allow your team to answer anonymously because they can relax and be honest then.

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