Employee Engagement Ideas Which Every Company Should Follow

10 Min Read | Building an organization that always faces profits is something every entrepreneur thinks of. While having a challenging idea that changes the face of the earth, the building blocks of the…

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Building an organization that always faces profits is something every entrepreneur thinks of. While having a challenging idea that changes the face of the earth, the building blocks of the company still need to be polished time-to-time to attain greater benefits and taste better results. Employee engagement is one such thing and here is the information related to Employee engagement ideas.

Every employer needs some employees who work hard and raise the standards of the team. And building an efficient team isn’t a day’s work. There is a lot of struggle and planning behind it which may not be understood by the people around. Such ideology is what employees appreciate and mould themselves to work out of their comfort zone for the benefit of the organization.

Every manager wants employees who are excited to come to work and enthusiastic to contribute more. Employees who are engaged are the best to make the work of a manager easy. But to create an environment for that kind of employees is in the hands of the manager. It needs a next level leadership to motivate the employees to find the willingness to super invest in their company or team.

The main target of every management of a company is to increase the sales month. To get this done, there is a requirement for good infrastructure and happy employees. Be it the team leads, supervisor or even the CEO, managers need to be in the position to understand the requirements and improve employee engagement. Use of modern tools, digitizing the work environment and proper training to use these new tools are some of the methods managers can adopt as a part of employee engagement ideas.

This article presents you with a few tips and tricks to make employees engaged in and boost up their energy levels. While having fun activities, the employees should encourage ownership of various responsibilities in the team.  As long as the company allocates time, resource and budget to prioritize this kind of activities, the environment for boosting an employee’s motivation are always set.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is defined as an emotional commitment that encourages the ownership of the employee on the organizational goals and commitments.  Focusing on employee engagement is a must for any company to build an efficient team of workers. The entire process of employee engagement depends on the trust and two-way commitment between the organization and employees. It is a wider approach that gives an organization a way to success and contributes towards the progress of individual performance. To be precise, employee engagement is about understood one’s role and giving a purpose for the employee to work in the organization.

Basically, employee engagement is a measure of how much they care about the assigned work at the company. Were they excited and responsible for the projects? How are they collaborating with each other? How do they respect their colleagues? These things can answer the quality of environment that they are in. If not, there need to be many things to be concentrated to boost up their engagement and motivation.

Does Employee Engagement really matter?

If an employee can do the given task, does it really matter for him/her to be engaged? Studies state that IT IS.  Engaged employees who are given a special mention for their job are much happier, more productive and most importantly stick with the organization.

Studies show that businesses that had engaged employees have a faster growth rate than others and also higher attendance.

What activities engage employees?

There are a lot of activities that engage employees but the thing is they should be prioritized to center the employee so that he/she feels that they are valued and respected.  And who doesn’t need respect and prioritized? A well-respected employee exhibits better performance and results while taking ownership of the team activities that help in business growth and success.  Here are a few listed activities as a part of employee engagement ideas for better team building and boosting the motivation levels of the employees for a successful business and better profits.

  • Share your business goalsTeam gathering is a very important activity to engage employees in work. While planning a bigger party to discuss the recent issues and plans to overcome them, involving the employees is encouraging them to focus on what is necessary for the growth of a business. Also providing a platform to the employees to step forward with own their perception of solving issues and working the best out of the plans discussed make them feel respected and involved in business goals. Sharing the commitments that the company is into and let them decide how to achieve them. For every 6 months, goals and achievements can be discussed in a success meet involving the employees and recognizing their contribution. Not only have the employees felt recognized but also respected by their own team.
  • Maintaining a Knowledge sharing systemThe greatest cost of a high employee turnover rate is the lack of essential information. When employees were given a chance to receive the right kind of information, they will strive to focus better on their job and commit to their assigned task. A knowledge sharing system not only helps to fill the lack of information but also to a greater extent engages a driver for newcomers. It can be a mentorship program that pairs up new hires with experienced employees. Create a template for a learning program that should be followed, to challenge their learning capabilities and providing enough space to understand the technical requirements to fill their knowledge gaps.  Give a timeframe and a set of goals and wait for the relationship to unfold by itself.
  • Creative way of communicationMost times teams were isolated within their own workspace and have left with no idea of what’s going on in the rest of the company. Creating an open sharing platform, ones in a couple of months, where every team can share their updates on their ongoing projects and key learning areas. Evolution is the key factor that symbolizes growth and experience from what they face in various scenarios. The communication may be presented in a very effective and creative way so that employees were engaged and excited. For example, plan a theme like “Commander Orders” where the team comes up with their updates in a military-like style. Always remember, the sole driver for happiness is creativity.
  • Rewards for employee contributionWhen the work that the employees do is rewarded, the benefit isn’t really for the employee but for the company too. This encourages them to work better and plan goals to achieve in mere future.   And also, they can challenge themselves for better growth and higher targets. Maintaining a consistency in their work hours and attendance that makes the company benefit from the employees in parallel to giving the right kind of recognition to the worker who had spent his quality time to clear the objective. Engaging employees not only involves games, parties, and other physical activities but the mental satisfaction that keeps the employee motivated with.
  • Encourage them to learn and take up new challengesOne of the major reasons why employees quit companies is that they weren’t provided with learning opportunities. Every company should have their own academy to train employees with the latest technologies and requirements. Assessing the needs and setting up 1-2 classes per week. Let them decide how they can attend these classes. Make it much more interesting by celebrating a graduation ceremony, celebration and even a fun night out.
  • Creating fun and sportive environmentWhen planning for a team sport or any event to engage all the employees they need some fun, out of the working space. They should feel that they have a life out from their job. Balancing these entities refresh the employee and boost their interest in various events. Let them enjoy both work hours and fun hours and make them balance both for a healthy both and mind.
  • Have a Hack NightPump up the energy in the office by having an event by changing up the regular working hours. The best way to do this is by having a hack night. The hack night tests the working efficiency and the passion of the workers and this event is popularly used to get a lot of work done at a rapid momentum. This also works as an ice-breaking activity among the employees and keeps them involved in their work like never before. The activity can be accompanied by food, music, and snacks. This generally tests the operational and creative limits of the employee and the work of every individual is out in the open. Every individual looks for a change in the mundane regime of their day to day lives and such events act as competitions that test their out of the box thinking making them feel like kids again, only now they put their professional knowledge to use.
  • Create Anticipation about Upcoming OpportunitiesKeep the employees updated on the future prospects of the company. Entice them on the various developments and changes that are in the making for the betterment of the company. This keeps them passionate about the work and secures their creative knowledge by assuring them that there is always something new to create. Helping them compare their opportunities from the competitor companies and realize that there is always a new opportunity exactly where he/she is which gives them a lesser desire to change their firm. The individuals should always feel like they are constantly creating something different in order for them to be content with their passion and updating them about future prospects does just that.
  • Create a memorable onboarding ExperienceOnboarding is the process of socialization of the employee, through which the employees gain the necessary knowledge, behavior, and skillset to be an effective member of the firm or a trustee insider of the organization. Let them create a self-made onboarding experience, as the information they learn on their own goes a long way compared to information the information forced in. Set the rules, give them a basic list of objectives and a timeframe. Let them work around their own timeframes rather than forcing deadlines onto them and finish their work efficiently in their pace. Instead, raise the bar by setting standards of excellence which will make them want to achieve it voluntarily.
  • Publishing an Internal MagazineCreating a fun internal magazine can always keep the employees excited. Creating an organization implicit magazine with articles, personal opinions, news and many other fun columns.  Ask employees to come up with ideas for publication and encourage them to participate. This certainly brings the creative side of employees and work upon its success. Moreover, it also helps them to add to their bio in the future. Who wouldn’t want a scoop of all this fun? It can either be an online magazine or a printed magazine. As far as the magazine serves the purpose of engaging the employees it’s all the company needs.
  • Platform for sharing ideasCreate a platform for sharing ideas by keeping the communication transparent. A company should share a platform where every employee can share his ideas openly instead of the access being limited to a confined number of members. Organizing scheduled meetings. Meetings are the best ways to update everyone on new ideas and communicate analysis and perceptions of the ideas. Engaging people via conversation. Creating a friendly environment among all the employees is the key to best communication. When you create a friendly base the person trusts you enough to talk about their views to you and this is the most efficient way of exchanging ideas. Telling success stories replenishes the employees with hope and encourages them to constantly think about new ideas. Creating a Knowledge Base. Open door Policy allows every employee to feel welcomed and at ease to share ideas. The creativity base should not be biased between the superiority and the inferiority of the employees and should maintain a sense of equality for every individual.
  • Let them think “I am my own hero”Mentor not manage, the people belonging to this generations look for constant validation by contemplating their life from time to time. The best way to bring out the best of such people is to listen to them, encourage them and provide them with guidance. Help them feel individual and confident about everything they do by providing them with what they require and opportunities to strengthen their drive to work. Millennial have the capability to multitask. They are capable to perform any task in a most satisfying manner. To bring out optimum performance they need to be trusted with responsibilities. It is the job of the superior officers to entrust them with responsibilities and ensure that the responsibilities appear to them as challenges and milestones. The employees of this generation are not afraid to take a risk and are willing to try any new way to make the task as easy as possible.  They can certainly deliver more than your expectations.
  • Plan a giveback
    Bonuses work as investments. This improves the quality of future products of the company and escalates the development towards the prospects of the company. Giving constant bonuses as a reward for the employees’ excellence assures employee loyalty providing them with the satisfaction and the right amount of validation they need to enhance their work ethic. It is an extra mile for the company but that being said, it, in turn, improves the performance of the employees too as they start making the company one of their top priorities and will never leave its side at the period of crisis. They also show increased interest to work for longer and meet the deadlines with excelling work. Giving out bonuses in a small business is all the more essential since there are lesser employees to distribute bonuses too.
  • Celebrating Employees, not just their Accomplishment:The report created by OC Taner Learning group, it states that 79% of employees quit their job due to “lack of appreciation”.  Every manager wants a good job done by employees and should know the value of the accomplished work- but this is not just an employee engagement idea. The best way is to extend your appreciation to employees. Make them feel that you are generously satisfied with the work done. Don’t just show your appreciation by saying, “Great work John”, but instead give reward in any form as a part of token of appreciation.  This will further create enthusiasm to offer quality output.
  • Work on your Office Design:Yes, this is the most important and in-direct employee engagement idea to follow for a better return. Employees love working in an office which is inviting having good lights, dressed up desk, in-house coffee space, fun activity rooms, etc. This creates a good impression among employees to work and enjoy at the same time.  If you have a smaller office space, then you can consider offering remote/home working space. According to the research presented by Udemy, 40% of employees are happy to work remotely because it helps in lowering the office distraction.
  • Be a coach, not a boss:There is a difference between being a boss and a coach. A coach trains its players to bring out the best in them, while the boss orders to perform work. Employees need someone who can encourage them and bring out the best in them, helping to build a promising career. Motivating throughout the work process is something that can work best. Training your employees is the best way to help them to work diligently.  The Udemy research found that 70% of employees found training helpful to stay focused on the job and manage their time.

Final Word

The main aim of employee engagement ideas for managers is to make them feel satisfied, passionate and feel energized at work. Hence it’s all about investing in your team to help them achieve these requirements for the well-being of themselves and the betterment of the company. This will persuade them to voluntarily be loyal to the organization while experiencing greater job satisfaction and more work-life balance.

This simultaneously benefits the business as well as it will make it easier for the organization to retain better employees and see improved quality of work. Employees will put forward their best work because they feel connected realizing that the organization appreciates their work and understand how their work contributes to the greater good. This in itself can be extremely rewarding and renders fruitful results to both the employees and the company.

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