Economical Experiences to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary Across India

A successful marriage requires falling in love over and over again with the same person. Make your marriage a successful one by exploring life together while experiencing new activities every now and then with Xoxoday. These experiences will not only give you memories to cherish for a lifetime but also make your partner fall in love with you over and over again.

Finding the right way to show that you love and appreciate your partner is quite tough. This is where Xoxoday enters. We are on a mission to redefine gifting experiences. Gifting jewellery, clothes etc is the thing of the past. Pick from our numerous curated experiences and show your partner for life what they mean to you.


Relax At Fort Unchagaon

Escape to a tranquil place for a day, keep each other company and surrender to the quiet that surrounds you. Fort Unchagaon is 145 km from Delhi and is a great place to relax. You and your partner can celebrate a peaceful wedding anniversary, away from the city lights. To keep the energy high, you can also participate in activities like pottery, tractor rides and bullock rides. Sports like cricket and badminton will keep you entertained.

A Getaway To A 100-Year-Old Haveli In Rajasthan

This one involves a royal stay in an old haveli turned heritage hotel. Hotel Malji Ka Kamra in Churu, Rajasthan gives you culture, heritage and history, all packaged together, beautifully. Get fascinated while you take a walk around the haveli or inside its corridors that have stood the test of times. You know what’s the perfect thing to do here? Sit in the garden while you sip on a glass of wine and take in all the history around you.

Romantic Dinner At Fio

Set amidst the Garden of Five Senses, Fio is a delight to all senses. The place has a romantic touch to it. Nature combined with beautiful decor will render a touch of intimacy to all couples. The cuisine is a mix of Italian and North Indian dishes and the menu is elaborate. If you really want to make an impression, Fio is the place to take your partner.

Basic Chocolate Making Session

Try out something different this year. Sure, you can go out for a nice dinner or out of the city for quiet vacation but surprise your partner with this interesting choice to spend some time together and in the process learn a new skill. The session will be an interactive workshop touching base with the basics of chocolate making.

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Learn To Cook Non-Veg Tandoori Platter

Here’s another fun activity for you and your partner. Cooking is a great bonding experience. Learn to cook a non-veg tandoori platter (shami kebab, nuggets, chicken hariyali and much more) from start to finish and then how to plate it. You will be under the guidance of an experienced chef who will introduce you to the nitty-gritty details of cooking the non-veg platter.


Celebrate Your Special Day In A Helicopter

Enjoy the panoramic views of the Mumbai and its coastline from your armchair in the sky for this is truly a unique experience. A helicopter joy ride 1000 feet above the city or the coast is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Mumbai and its surrounding areas. The flight begins with a pre-flight briefing before you take to the skies to spot some famous icons of the city.

Couple Dining At Dashanzi In Mumbai

Beautiful decor, soothing music, delicious food, a perfect evening for couples. Dashanzi serves you your favourite Chinese and Japanese dishes. You will be welcomed with a refreshing drink followed by a delicious spread of food. Enjoy dimsums, wok tossed cottage cheese stir fry, four style vegetables, wok-fried chicken with green chilli in black bean sauce, red snapper in hunan sauce and many more finger-licking dishes.

Record A Personalized Song

A personalized song is more than just melody and lyrics; it is personal and touching at the same time and promises to live on forever. What could be more romantic than dedicating a song to your spouse in your own voice? You will have the written lyrics, according to your story/emotions /feelings, that will help convey exactly what you feel. You can get it composed as per your music preferences and the music professionals will use their experience and knowledge to create a unique song for you. The song can be in any language and genre.

3 Course Dinner At Ufo Revolving Restaurant

With gleaming white décor and funky neon lighting, the restaurant truly resembles a spaceship. The restaurant offers dishes of North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian and Mughlai cuisines, ensuring there is something for every palate. They also offer a range of unwinding drinks to help you relax after a long day. Celebrate the special occasion with a loved one in this unique dining place.

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Spend A Wonderful Time At Soma Vine Village (Weekdays)

Soma Vine Village takes pride in offering an experience of a lifetime with the essence of Indian wine culture whilst pampering the guests with a regal approach. It is located along the edge of the backwaters of Gangapur Dam, as it flows majestically by the pastoral hamlet surrounded by the magnificent Sahyadri Ranges. The resort is a great place for a quick getaway to relax with the company of a loved one. Spend a night here in a comfortable room with a beautiful scenic view. Take a wine tour and get to know the process of winemaking. Taste different types of wine and follow it up with a delicious breakfast.


Candlelight Dinner With Spa Therapy

How about a perfect anniversary evening with dining and pampering? Holiday Inn and Suites offers a romantic experience for your special day: a spa treatment in its beautiful facility, followed by a gourmet three-course dinner. The day has been carefully crafted to envelop you and your loved one with warm, classy pampering. As the golden sun pales, getting ready for a night well-earned, your beautiful evening begins. After a refreshing welcome drink, you are escorted for your 45-minute spa therapy. Unless you want a dip in the swimming pool before that. The befitting finale is a candlelit dinner with the chef visiting your table to understand your preferences.

Relax At Clark’s Exotica Resort

Spend a day with your spouse and celebrate the special occasion. If you are looking for a respite from the usual and a time out from your daily schedule, Clarks Exotica Resort is one place that you cannot miss. It is tucked away in an expanse of secluded land with a mind-boggling number of trees – five thousand to be precise, making the 15-minute drive from the Bangalore airport a breeze.

Candle Light Dinner With Your Beloved At Star Lounge

Situated on the rooftop on the sixth floor, you can soak in the Bangalore’s pleasant weather as you savour some of the choicest of culinary specialities. Toast to the stars in an al fresco dining experience in stunning ambience. Or, you can enjoy your evening in a plush lounge. Star Lounge is the perfect romantic dining experience bathed in candlelight with superlative cocktails and gourmet delicacies for the connoisseur.

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Enjoy Winery Tour At Nandi Valley Winery

Your wedding anniversary calls for a special experience. A day out in a vineyard, basking in the sun, sipping on wine is a perfect way to do that. Learn about the exquisite process of winemaking. Go for grape stomping and enjoy as you indulge yourself in this fun activity. Learn about the entire process of making wine as you stroll past the vineyards. Get to know about the journey of the grapes from being plucked from the vineyards to being served in a glass as wine. Also, enjoy the Kinvah wine tasting session where you explore the 5 S’s of wine tasting: see, swirl, sniff, sip and savour. After all your sessions, enjoy a lunch.

Couples Drive-In At Under The Stars Theatre

If you are a couple who enjoys your movies, here’s something that can go perfectly for your special day. Go out on a romantic movie date with your spouse. Starry nights, cool breeze, a great movie on a big screen and the company of your partner, all this is brought to you and your partner. Enjoy the live music, food trucks & stalls set up amidst green environs. All under one roof… errr.. sky.


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