Working in the times of COVID-19

A brief employee guide for employees to help them tackle the remote working challenges during COVID-19

1. The Pandemic and the employee

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an effect on the normal day-to-day work routine of employees in all segments, owing to mandatory lock downs. Forced to suddenly work within the four walls of their home, employees are facing multiple challenges - starting from lack of office infrastructure to constant distractions. Though remote work is not a new concept for a few, many find it challenging. With the help of this guide, figure how to overcome these challenges.

“Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else.”

— Fred Rogers

2. Six Challenges Employees Face While Remote Working

6 Challenges Employees Face While Remote Working

2.1 Tackling Lack Of Resources

Tackling lack of resources

Especially because of the sudden nature of lockdowns being declared, many employees were unprepared for readily working from home. Starting from the furniture to broadband connections- a lot has to be done to continue working. Following are a few tips to make sure employees have the right resources during work.

  • Be clear about the resources required
  • Clearly communicate your new resource requirements to superiors
  • Try a few of the following alternatives to office facilities:
    1. Scanning apps
    2. PDF creators
    3. Digital Signature apps
    4. Online notarising services
  • Coordinate and distribute tasks  amongst team members who have resources.

Tip for Empuls users:
Become a member of a resource help group, discover resources and put in the inquiries you have in the group.

2.2 Keeping Up The Motivation For Work

Keeping Up The Motivation For Work

Owing of the fact that remote working is a new phenomenon for many employees staying up motivated is a common challenge they all face. Below given are a few tips to keep up the motivation levels during remote work.

  • Get absolute clarity of task priorities
  • Prioritize and focus on completing the most urgent tasks first
  • Divide your work into smaller task so it does not feel overwhelming - understand who all need to contribute to complete the task and give them a heads-up on the requirements
  • Create a work routine and stick to it everyday
  • Be proactive in updating about the work progress to your superiors
  • Dress up for the work hours

Tip for Empuls users:
Take part in online engagement programs conducted by HR

2.3 Maintaining Productivity

Maintaining Productivity

Maintaining productivity while remotely working needs newly found techniques and the below tips help employees work close to seamlessly.

  • Have a dedicated work space at home
  • Create and stick to a schedule 
  • Have a personal task wise deadlines to keep yourself in track
  • Take small breaks after continuous sessions of work
  • Eliminate distractions, and block social media sites during work hours
Tip for Empuls users:
Join or create a productivity helpdesk

2.4 Dealing with isolation

Dealing with Isolation

There could be some employees who face issues in dealing with isolation, since they generally were otherwise a social butterfly. The below tips can help employees from being connected and psychologically healthy.

  • Talk about Non-work topics with your fellow co-workers
  • Talk with your family and friends and share your anxieties
  • Initiate after work video calls with your colleagues to catch up on office chatter
  • Be patient and supportive to your colleagues
Tip for Empuls users:
Create exclusive group chats for your work friends and make it a strictly ‘no-work-discussion’ zone

2.5 Communication issues

Communication Isssues

Since one-on-one meetings and facetime has been removed from the communication mode, employees need to overtly depend on other means. The below given tips can help nurture effective communication.

  • Default to over-communication with your peers
  • Make sure your messages is clear and understandable 
  • Use the chat and comment option extensively (available in most task management apps) to communicate clearly
Tip for Empuls users:
Create a work group and track on-going work conversations

2.6 Maintaining Work Life Balance

Maintaining Work Life balance

While the lines between work timings and life blurs, maintaining a healthy work-life balance becomes challenging for many employees. Below are a few useful tips to prevent remote work burn-outs.:

  • Set clear boundaries to your time and work space
  • Do not carry your work laptop and mobile out of your work space 
  • Make after work-hours plans with your family and friends
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle and get right amount of sleep 
Tip for Empuls users:
Create a community group on Empuls and organise interest -based discussion and virtual round tables.

3. Making The Best Of The Time At Hand

8 Ideas to make best use of time gained due to remote work

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