The Engagement Jackpot

An Engagement Calendar specially curated for building happy employees

It’s been half a year of us battling against the pandemic, working from home, and

absolutely not anything like what we could have imagined. They say that the best

catalyst for innovation is reaction to an emergency and the HR space has

revolutionized with the pandemic for the better. The need to engage and

motivate our employees is now more than ever.

We are extremely honoured by your feedback on the last version of the

engagement calendar which was ecstatic, and it felt good to hear. In these times,

Xoxoday Empuls has proven to be crucial in keeping the engagement levels up,

connecting people, and removing the social-disconnect element.

As the pandemic calls for proactive measures, Empuls is a truly power-packed

platform to take them up. Keeping the ball rolling.

Here’s a plan for your next engagement initiatives that would bolster your

organization’s morale and your valued employees would stay connected, happy

and engaged.

Cheers to a high engagement experience

with your folks!

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