The Engagement Fiesta November - December 2020

Get in the groove with this feisty engagement calendar for happy employees

Dear HR Heroes,

The roller coaster year of 2020 is almost coming to an end. The pandemic gave all reasons for an HR like you rewire the employees’ engagement journey and prove to be the unsung heroes at work. You certainly deserve a pat on the back for keeping the spirit high and boosting the employee morale. Woot.. Woot! Cheers to that! End of the year is always special, the holiday and celebration buzz starts to kick in early and maybe that’s why we had a lot of our clients waiting for the release of our year end engagement calendar. Well, the wait is over and here we have our Engagement booster dose ready!. Empuls has kept connections at work stronger than ever and certainly higher engagement even during these tough times. Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you plan your engagement initiatives in a fun and creative way. After all, November-December calls in for oodles of merry and fun!. Let’s get through the uncertainties of the pandemic with love, happiness, and free spirit!

What’s inside?

A Tinge of Inspiration

Plan your engagement calendar, to identify your employees interests and organization’s important dates.

A Dollop of Discovery

Uncover new, fun areas that will give you and your employees a reason to celebrate.

A Spoonful of Knowledge

Improve your engagement and performance practices every month with helpful tips and best practices.

Cheers to a high engagement experience with your folks!

Don’t miss any celebration!

National Stress Awareness Day

Most of us know what it’s like to be stressed. Being under pressure at work is not a nice feeling and can really take its toll on people. Stress can lead to mental health problems and cause existing problems to be blown out of proportion.

6th of November 2019 is National Stress Awareness Day, a day to take a step back, relax, and help employees’ de-stress.

As an HR manager, one of your responsibilities is to ensure the mental health of your employees is looked after. So how do you keep on top of employee’s mental health and help them de-stress at work?

So what is truly the best way to take everyone’s mind off what is causing them to stress and really allow them to unwind?

Create Niche Chat Groups

Encourage your teams to spark non-work-related conversations. Employees will naturally gravitate toward people of shared interests, so a group chat is a great way for remote employees to bond over their personal passions. These sorts of conversations happen informally inside companies anyway, and having them in Empuls groups helps build community and cohesion at work as everyone learns a bit more about one another.

Whether it be a shared love of family pets, music, celebrities, travel, etc., having these conversations helps keep teams engaged and connected.

Here are some awesome groups that you can create which your employees will love.

World Kindness Day

Kindness is free; let’s pass it on!

As many employees are working remotely due to current social distancing measures, it’s especially important to go out of your way to show appreciation for your team! Give back to your coworkers even when you can’t see them in person. Show your appreciation by spreading your wealth of knowledge or taking the time to truly listen during your next meeting. Random acts of kindness can improve your work atmosphere and boost your motivation. Spread the love on your team by doing random acts of kindness.

Spread some love within your teams by using the kindness cards below.

The Office Diwali Bash

The Festival of lights illuminates glow and joy all over

Perhaps this is the best Diwali ever for most of us. We got to spend more time with our families safe and happy at the comfort of our homes this year.

We have all gathered the strength to carry on and overcome even this time of darkness

It is truly a Diwali to reflect upon, as light will always prevail over darkness.

Diwali is not just a close family affair, it’s a gala. A great time to nurture office relationships too, as workplaces are just like their second homes. Diwali calls for a grand celebration at offices also! Let us look at some fresh Diwali celebration ideas on empuls to have a little more “JOY”.

Pataka Awards / Firecracker Awards

Spoof awards or recognition of your peers – it’s your choice! The Dhamaka will be worth it for sure.

A quirky award ceremony this Diwali where everyone gets to know each other in an interesting way by nominating their colleagues. The award ceremony follows a very creative and engaging process of peer nomination and selection of the winners by the employees themselves. The awards are based on characteristics, quirky behaviors and personality traits that all of us display.


These awards are quirky and allow a fun session of getting to know each other even better with the following benefits:-

  1. Recognition makes people feel really good about themselves
  2. Motivates employees to keep up the good work
  3. Positive reinforcement
  4. Improved collaboration developing unspoken habits and rules that aid mutual understanding
  5. Nurture creativity & stimulates imagination

Award Names

Employees can have fun by coining each other these titles through peer-to-peer awards that you can set up for them or you can post these titles and employees can tag each other on who best deserves the title.

Celebrate Unique Talent Night

We all have remarkable talents that are unique to us, and there needs to be a time to celebrate those talents not just for the world, but for ourselves. Few can whistle through their nose? Few can make pancakes with both their hands? It doesn’t matter what the special talent is, ‘Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day’ is your employees’ chance to shine!.

  1. Host a talent show at work or among your friends and give them a chance to show off their skills(painting, cooking, poetry etc.).
  2. Make a video of you performing your talent and post a link to the video on empuls (song, guitar, dance, magic)
  3. Create different groups on empuls & encourage your employees to share their talent there.

Groups to create

Your post can go like...

‘Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day’

“What better way to learn more about our co-workers than what their unique talents are? It's time to show everyone what we have got! This is an easy way for us to learn more about our co-workers whom we usually don't have the chance to interact with.

Whether you sing, dance, juggle, look like a celebrity or can do headstands while singing a song and balancing a basketball on your feet, do everything in your power to let us know about your unique talent.

Post pictures of your profound talent, and tag someone in the company who you thing has an interesting talent to share.”


Showing Gratitude is one of the most simple yet powerful things humans can do for each other

The year of pandemic has taught us all to be grateful more than ever. ‘Thank you’ has anew meaning, when we think of the Frontline Heroes who sacrifice their own safety and well-being in this crisis.

Nurses, doctors, grocery store employees, delivery drivers. warehouse workers, first responders, ambulance drivers, food bank volunteers. There are so many people who are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 outbreak. They are brave, beautiful human beings and we greatly appreciate every effort they have have put forward to make sure we, along with our loved ones, stay safe, healthy, and strong

We are all united in support of our frontline workers!

Your employees can share a photo or a story of the frontline heroes who are close to them. Take a moment to thank them together and you can share the snapshot of the gratitude messages pouring in the platform on your social media accounts like LinkedIn, twitter, etc. with hashtags like #InThisTogether, #COVIDHeroes

Your post can go like..

Thank you Frontline Heroes, You’ve been ‘Out There For Us

This Thanksgiving, let’s give a shout-out to our Frontline Heroes and essential workers who have tirelessly and bravely continued to do their jobs to make sure we stay safe and healthy in the comfort of our homes.

Share a photo or story of your family member, friend, or neighbor who has been a Frontline Hero. Let’s recognize our heroes together and share our Thankyou messages for them!

A little thanks goes a long way

Thanksgiving is the holiday of “giving thanks” and the perfect opportunity to share your gratitude with employees. Your employees deserve a thanksgiving letter everyday appreciation builds a relationship beyond a paycheck, but Thanksgiving gratitude is special.

A good thanksgiving message of gratitude:

  1. Recognizes the big-picture impact of employee work, giving specific examples
  2. Tells the success story of your company, with employees as key players.
  3. Thanks employees for rising to significant challenges.
  4. Is genuine and heartfelt, not gushing or sentimental.
  5. Uses a friendly, “we’re in this together” tone of company pride.
  6. Reiterates gratitude again with a final “Thank You.”

Thank you cards to express gratitude to our colleagues

Thanks Giving Dinner Photo Challenge

Family dinner traditions are one of the things that we crave most around the holidays; They serve as reminders of good friends and family, of times long past, and moments that might have slipped away from us. Let your employees share their happy meal moments with their near ones on empuls.

Your post can go like...

Thanksgiving Dinner Clicks

“ Thanksgiving season is here and we all know how special family dinners or a hearty meal with your friends and colleagues marks sweet memories. A meal of gratitude and good food with our family, friends and colleagues is always a special one. Whether it's an overhead shot of your beautiful Thanksgiving dinner, a photo of your team lunch/dinner, or dining table with your folks enjoying a meal, post a photo of how you celebrate Thanksgiving. “Thank you Frontline Heroes, You’ve been ‘Out There For Us’

Don’t miss any celebration!

Virtual Trash Challenge(Productivity Booster)

You may have seen the trash challenge trending on Reddit or Twitter, but you probably have not seen the digital “work from home” office version. I

n real life, the challenge involves taking a picture of a trashy park, beach or other public place, then cleaning it up and taking an after-photo of the clean space and all the bags of garbage.

Get your teams to take a pause and trash off the junk. Quite often employees are quite caught up with the daily work routine that they don’t get enough time to clear the clutter such as a messy desktop or oodles of unopened mails in the inbox etc.

Your post can go like...

Clear The Clutter Challenge

The year has almost gone by. We have been totally up on our feet during these tough times to keep things up and running. Let’s just get to a ‘Clear the clutter Challenge’ and have a small dose of productivity booster. Often we don’t realize the unnecessary trash that piles up on our desktop, inbox or even in our rooms.

In case it's your desktop that you want to keep clean this is what you’ll do!.

Take a before screenshot of your desktop, then delete all the files you no longer use and empty the trash. Finally, take a screenshot to show your progress and share it with your team.

Tag your colleagues and challenge them to do a Trash challenge and post a before and after pic here.

International Mountains Day

Mountains cover nearly 27 per cent of the Earth’s land mass and play a crucial role in sustainable economic growth. International Mountain Day is celebrated on 11 December and was established by the United Nations in 2002.

The celebration aims to increase awareness on the importance of mountains for the health of the planet and well-being of billions of people. Your employees will be delighted to be a part of creating awareness about importance about Mountains.

Your post can go like...

Mountains are calling

Mountains have everything one wants, solace, wildernesses, challenges and the ability to understand nature. Even today, they mean different things for different people. For some, they represent the ability to escape from the mundane, for others they are a pilgrimage.

On the occasion of International Mountains Day let us celebrate the mountains. We have a lot of nature lovers in our company who love to hike and go for trekking.

Post the beautiful pictures you have taken, whether it's a photo of a beautiful mountain landscape in the mountains or the best from your trekking/travel series.

Tag someone at work who you think has beautiful pictures from their trekking series.

What’s that we learned ?

This year has been a roller coaster for all of us. Start a random thread on the platform where you can get your employees discussion on what the current year taught them.

Your post can go like...

‘Year 2020, What did we learn from you?’

For many of us, this has been an incredibly challenging, transformative, and life-changing year. In some ways, life went on as usual. For sure, It was like no other year we’ve experienced in our lifetimes. We can see that the lessons we’ve learned—about health, resilience, community etc. Let’s all discuss and know what this year has taught us.

“What has this year taught you? (Explain in a line)”

Christmas Eve

HO HO HO! Get your folks into the spirit of the season

Of all the festivals, Christmas awakens the strongest and most heartfelt associations, even at work. There is a yearning, a desire and a smile spread across our faces. It takes us back to our childhood stories that sparks memories of mugs of hot chocolate, mistletoes, snowflakes, Santa’s gifts, enlivening trees and gingerbread houses! When we take this trip down memory lane, we ideate just a little more to go the extra mile for your Christmas celebration in the office.

Whether you’re a Christmas-lover or a grumpy old Scrooge – you can use festivities to keep those mood levels high!

Christmas Decorating.

You’d be surprised how much a few bits of tinsel here, and a couple of baubles there can really pick up the atmosphere and get staff feeling excited about the holidays!

Christmas decorating is a beautiful annual tradition, it gets people working together and bonding over a mutual love for the festive season.

Even the most depressing of decorations are bound to at least get a good laugh!

Let your employees share pictures of the Christmas tree and decor at their homes or if your teams are already working from the office. You can keep the best decorated cubicle/bay contests, where employees can share their Christmas decorated bay and earn maximum likes and win!

Santa’s in the lookout for…

Santa Claus brings in a lot of love, luck and happiness not just for kids but for grownups too. Bring fun to your workplace and celebrate the season of joy.

Santa is on the look out for few people in the office. Employees can tag each other if they think they are the ones whom Santa is searching for.

New Year Eve

A sweet & healthy revenge to 2020

2021 is anticipated to be the year that everyone decides to get back at something: The year 2020.

While there was not a single person in the world who didn't feel the effects of the global pandemic that started earlier this year, it appears that now, rather than feeling afraid and worried, we are just angry and ready. Ready for what, ready for the year of more happy times with our dear and near ones, more travel, more celebrations and more fun!.

Stemming from the loss of travel, celebration plans throughout the entirety of 2020 as well as the deprivation of people from seeing their families and friends over long distances.

Let’s all look forward to get back in action with full on power and hopes for a healthy and happy 2021

We are wrapping up the year and all set to welcome a new year of joy, peace and good health. Let your employees share their gratitude wishes, new year greetings to each other on this beautiful day.

Your post can go like...

Adieu 2020!!!

As we bid adieu to the year 2020. Let’s all welcome the new year by sharing some lovely messages for each other here. Tag your colleagues, and share with them your new year greetings, wishes or simply share gratitude messages that could brighten up their day.



Recognize Participation

Make your employees feel appreciated and happy to be working for you by recognizing their participation and rewarding them for their active participation.

Holidays are for celebration and spreading happiness, make your employees smile by rewarding them and making them feel valued. This certainly helps them stay motivated and perform better. Talk to all your employees and tell them how their contribution makes difference to the whole organization and that you appreciate their effort.

Check on them

Creating a great culture at work is a collective effort from every employee in an organization. It’s always necessary to check with your employees about what they have to say. Empower your folks to voice out their thoughts and action on the findings. A quick survey would help you gauge the pulse of your organization.

Additionally, to kickstart a fresh week, you can post bi weekly Mission Mondays &Opportunity Tuesday messages to build a seamless employee experience with your folks.

Mission Monday

Tell the story of why your company exists. Your vision, mission or may be a recent company win or how your company has emerged strong during the pandemic. Share the story with the whole team!

Opportunity Tuesday

What programs or benefits can you share with the team that they can take advantage of? Of all the great benefits that your company has. Pick one and Empuls a poster. Could be a hot offer running on the savings and benefit hub or an Employee Learning& development benefit you recently introduced.

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