The Employee Experience Revolution

Many organizations have tried and have fallen short of their goals. But there’s still hope!So how do you drive the progress you crave? How do you weave it right?

With the future of work happening in front our eyes, we have witnessed employees who don’t feel heard, supported,valued, empowered, and connected won’t find any motivation in their work life or stick around. If you’ve invested inengagement but haven’t seen any real change, you’re not alone. Many organizations have tried and have fallen short of their goals. But there’s still hope!So how do you drive the progress you crave? How do you weave it right?

It’s time for a new era of engagement.

This era calls you to go beyond employee satisfaction and brew in a beautiful experience that contributes to employees' sense of fulfillment.When employees and their social, emotional needs are the centre of your business. That’s when you embrace the paradigm of meaningful and long- lasting change in your organization. You must usher in a new era of engagement - The one of Employee Experience.

An employee’s unspoken words

I want more than a job

I’m here for an experience.You need me to be aligned, I want that too. But I also want to feel nurtured and inspired.

I want to explore

I want to build my skills, explore my interests, achieve my goals and learn. I want to build on my strengths and learn new skills that will help me achieve my short-term goals. I also need to explore other areas of interest that can help set me up for future success

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

Tapping the right balance at work is where an employee finds the golden nugget. An organization that encourages creativity or embraces a culture of fun at work is sure to boost an employees’ overall sense of happiness and their desire to be productive at whatever they do.

I want a career compass

I need easy access to mentors and learning paths that support my growth – in mycurrent role or beyond. I want to understand how potentials are identified aroundhere. So I know what I would need to ace any new role. When there is social & instantrecognition for an employee's eorts, the behavior or performance that led to successand growth is also known to me.

Think of me as your customer

It’s not just one thing — it’s the totality of experiences. Each bad experience chipsaway at the bond, and each good experience strengthens it.

I want to work in an organization that’s hearty in appreciation and lavish in recognition

I wish to take pride in my work and be motivated for reasons other than praise.When a company thoughtfully celebrates every milestone, personal or professional and recognizes every effort one puts in, be it small or big, it makes a mere satisfied employee into an employee who actively pushes for greater things each day.

Constant collaboration builds better connections

If the colleagues I work with are able to freely share and exchange ideas, like friendsover a cup of coee, rather than remaining isolated individuals, companies can shine.Constant collaboration helps to reduce stress, increase socialization, and can oftenprovide more creative solutions. Working as groups on projects is something that Iwould be thrilled to explore.

I want to voice out my thoughts & feedback

I would love to work in a company where I can receive and share views about the organization, management, and work environment no matter where I may fall on the organizational chart. A work culture where I get to witness transparent actions on the meaningful feedback and firms up my trust with the organization. This will help me build confidence that being open about an issue is the first step to solving it.

The employee experience fabric

If you can sew these threads into the fabric of an employee journey, that’s when you spread a well wovenemployee experience in your organization

The employee experience is:

The EX revolution is here.

Are you ready for it?

Employee Experience (EX) is currently a hot cake in the HR circles. EX is not another name for EE. It is beyond that. It’s a means to the goal, a holistic term that encompasses a full spectrum of experiences that the employees undergo during their tenure. EX is the vehicle to ensure engagement. It is the medium through which organizations achieve engagement goals.Which means if EX is taken care of, the organization can have more engaged employees.Companies flourish when their employees are connected, aligned, motivated, and empowered. This only happens when employees find inspiration and meaning in the work itself, and when employees feel appreciated by and connected to their colleagues and company.To achieve this, you need to bid adieu to the age-old engagement models and adopt the new way that’s continuous, manager- and employee-led, and people-first.

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