Effective Communication: More than just a dialogue

Get insights on how to tap the full potential of meaningful communication to create highly engaged workplaces.

1. Internal Communication: The Empuls Way

Internal Communication

Through Empuls, employees get to connect,voice out, unleash their creativity and flaunt their best! Instant reactions,likes and comments is an add on to keep them engaged and excited throughout!!

2. Event Shout Outs

From global events, festivals, instant contests, fun DIY tasks, fundraising activities. At all levels & decimals, the thrill stays High!

Event Shout Outs

Employee Appreciation Week

‘Rise and Shine Mondays’ to ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ Energize each day!

It's Secret Santa

Global Events

Miles Away…Yet Together!!! Empuls routes a way for teams spread out in different geographies to celebrate every event together!

It's Secret Santa

Shhh... It's Secret Santa!!!

To light the christmas spark in the office. The greatest Joy-bearer ’Secret Santa’ messages and gifts unfold spreads the festival cheer over empuls in no time.

The Valentine’s Episode

The Valentine’s Episode

Every moment is special… Because we love something about our job and the people we work with. So why not celebrate

Social Updates like BDC: Blood donation camp

Making a Difference

Blood donation drives, fundraising & corporate volunteering events makes your folks feel fantastic after they’ve taken part!

3. Weaving in Employee Engagement

Employees are inevitably affected by the emotional upheaval caused by the loss of a family member. The importance of empathy can’t be understated when it comes to building stronger relations with them.

Welcome New Joiners like Never Before

Welcome New Joiners like Never Before

A warm welcome to the newbie...Employees getting to know their professional & personal know about avoids those awkward “who are you again?” moments.

Details explaining their current role & department or even sharing interesting insights about their hobbies helps to strengthen the culture and build a bond between employees who share similar interests.

Employee referral

Employee Referrals

Power up the growth of your company with employee referrals. Acquiring new talent through their network might be your net worth!

Building relationships

Strengthening Relationships

Siblings working together...

Birthday Wishes

Birthday/Work Anniversary

A blockbuster release is not what we need. A simple ‘Happy Birthday’ & ‘Anniversary’ announcement is all it takes to make them feel special!

Wedding wishes

Wedding Wishes

Simple & small gestures of heartwarming wedding wishes that congratulate the employees on their union will surely bring a smile on their faces.

Welcome your little someone

To Welcome Their Little Someone!

Share your new baby congratulations with style and flair and be a part of their joyous occasion.

4. Social Appreciation

Culture of appreciation & recognition well built in! It sure feels good to be "caught off guard”

Appreciate your employee

Instant Recognition

Because it matters- Recognition is the cornerstone of engagement, it's a fun and easy way to quickly show employee appreciation and boostmemployee engagement.

Appreciate employees

Diminishing Hierarchy at Work

‘In the moment’ appreciation from top to bottom cultivates a culture of building strong bond between employees, managers and leaders.

Appreciate Team

Celebrating Big Wins

Your authenticity is the key. The good news is that you have complete control over your appreciation. No budget limitations or excuses here. Raise a virtual toast to the entire team in style.

5. Building a Happy Workforce

Appreciate Employee
Go out and have fun

Age Old MoM's?

Not Anymore

Share Updates

‘On The Fly’

Password Managemnt Policy

From the HR Corner

Important HR and compliance updates could be left unread amongst scores of other emails. Empuls helps keep these important updates on top of the employee feeds.

How to ace work from home

WFH/Remote working Guidelines

6. Now You Know

Communications work the way they’re meant to be. The mantra to a happy workplace is putting your employees at heart of the organisation, even beyond your customers.


A key component of culture is transparency and ease of communication. Crafting contents that will engage, inform, and inspire your folks. The delivery of the right information at the right time empowers the employees to react, gauge their opinions, feel heard and valued by everyone across the organization. Well moulded into the company culture, they become your ambassadors and story-tellers that take your brand ahead.

The process of building an Employee Experience does not happen at the drop of a hat, It demands an ongoing attention and consideration…

So, break down the silos and mark your employees as your prized possessions!

Are you up for the challenge?

If you’d like to learn more about how Xoxoday can align, motivate, empower and engage your folks, We’d love to chat.


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