7 Gorgeous Resorts for a Short Daycation Near Bangalore!

Daycations around Bangalore

Does the monotony, traffic and the concrete jungle called Bangalore leave you waiting to just take off to someplace peaceful? Are you scrolling through Instagram and looking at people traveling all over the world while you’re here finishing some pending office work? You, my friend, have what is called FOMO! The next thing you start to do is get out of bed and google all those places that you can visit. The itinerary, the hotel, transportation once you reach, so on and so forth. From considering how many days of leave you need to take to how you’re planning to reach your destination, there’s so much you need to do to put a plan in action. While you may be on a roll, something new to consider instead of a long vacation is a daycation – A short visit to somewhere not far away yet not too close by.

As the name suggests, a daycation is a day outing to a place in or around your city that can help you unwind, relax and get out of your monotonous routine.

Here are 7 resorts in Bangalore that will prove that daycations have never been more appealing.

 Guhantara Cave Resort

Are you highly fed up with the hustle of the city that you want to go underground? If you do, then this place will literally take you under the ground. Gorgeously combining the rustic earthy feel with luxury and spartan splendor, Guhantara is ideal for a short break. From a lavish breakfast spread to activities that help you unwind, along with a rain dance, this cave resort is so much more than what meets the eye. Situated about 35 kilometers from Bangalore, this resort, the first of its kind, offers an unforgettable cave dwelling experience.

Daycation around Bangalore -Guhantara Resort

Book a daycation at Guhantara Cave Resort here.

Urban Valley Resort

This is one spot for people with an adventurous streak. Quite popular among the corporate crowd, this resort is all about activities and basking in the pretty sights around. From Kayaking to Paddling, ATV biking to Paintball, this lakeside resort has it all. Located off Kanakpura, this paradise is meant for adventure lovers. If you do consider staying over at night, we suggest you ask the resort to arrange for a cozy bonfire and a good DJ to make your evening a gala affair.

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Daycation around Bangalore - Urban Valley Resort

Book a daycation at Urban Valley Resort here.

Jaladhama Resort

Located at about 125 Kms from Bangalore, this backwater resort is a must visit if you wish to leave behind all your worries and woes and just live in the moment. Tucked away amidst the backwaters of Cauvery, this gorgeous, bamboo built resort is a perfect getaway if untouched unpolluted ambiance is what you’re looking for. Take a river cruise or a Jet Ski ride, you won’t be disappointed with what Jaladhama has to offer.

Daycation around Bangalore - Jaladhama Resort

Book a daycation at the Jaladhama Resort here.

Kanva Star Resort

Located in the Rock Climbing Capital of Karnataka and about 60 Kms from Bangalore is the beautiful Kanva Star Resort. This eco-friendly resort on the Bangalore-Mysore highway is nestled amidst lush greenery and serene hills. Indulge in various outdoor activities such as treks, rock climbing, rappelling, paddy tour, village walk, rural tour, wine tour, etc. This organic, go-green resort is an ideal getaway for travelers who wish to have a good time with their family or friends.

Daycation around Bangalore - Kanva Resort

Book a daycation at the Kanva Star Resort here.

Native Eco Village Resort

This one’s a hit if you’re looking for a change from your regular urban lifestyle and wish to explore someplace that’s more rooted. Located at a distance of 2 hours from Bangalore, this resort revolves around the theme of ‘My Little Village’. This gorgeous set up follows six different art themes of Madhubani, Wurli, Chittara, Ghonch, Paduwa, and Phud. Along with clean, unpolluted air and chirping birds, this resort generates its electricity from Solar panel arrays and water supply from rainwater harvesting. The property is mostly built in the open air, making this a perfect nature getaway. You could choose to indulge in various village activities and live a day like you were back in the 70s, with a dash of luxury.

Daycation around Bangalore - Native Eco Village

Book a daycation at the Native Eco Village Resort here.

Shillandara Resort

Shillandara, situated in the land of Ramanagara, is a local geography driven concept. Carved out on the base of a rock, this brilliant conceptualization intricately exudes history, luxury, and adventure all at once. Inspired by the surroundings, and the rocky terrain of Ramanagara, its architecture is what makes this resort unique. While rock climbing is one of the most sought after activity here, you could also try your hand at Sky zipping. With a Sky Zipping line of about 750 meters, this is one of Karnataka’s longest zipping line.  Add zorbing, tent camping, and quad biking and it’s an adventurer’s delight. Looking for more reasons to visit? This place is home to archaeological wonders that include caves dating back to the Stone Age. Here’s an insider tip, the sunrise here is something that you should not miss.

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Daycation around Bangalore - Shillandara Resort

Book a daycation at the Shillandara Resort here.

Tamarind Tree Resort

Known famously for its beautifully exquisite architecture and ‘old meets new’ ambiance, the Tamarind Tree is what magic looks like. Royal antique doorways, traditional courtyards, cobbled-stoned pathways, green aisles with hidden nooks and corners, this is one place you can head to for that serene break. Just sprawl on the lawns and gorge on an appetizing lunch or sit around the bonfire for a BBQ dinner. The Tamarind Tree will leave you wanting for more. We promise.

Daycation around Bangalore - Tamarind Tree

Book a daycation at the Tamarind Tree here.

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