November 2016

7 Reasons Why Curated Dining Experiences are the Best

Curated Dining Experiences. What do you mean by that? We know what a dining experience is, no doubt about that. But what about that fancy little word at the beginning? What does it mean? Well, for starters, it means to… Continue Reading →

Xoxoday Partners with Uber and CRY for a Chopper Ride Experience

Chopper ride is back! And this time it’s on Saturday, 19th November, in Pune. Uber users, in association with Xoxoday, can book an UberCHOPPERĀ  ride between 9AM and 11AM. Excited? We sure are. As the experience provider, Xoxoday is pleased… Continue Reading →

Xoxoday’s Guide to Celebrating Children’s Day

Children’s Day is around the corner and we are sure that more than the kids, you are excited about celebrating it with your child! As a parent and having been a child yourself once upon a time, you would know… Continue Reading →

Special Occasions Made by WOW with Xoxoday

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or other special occasions, it’s important that one remembers the day fondly and for a long time. Often due to our busy lifestyle, we don’t get enough time to plan or even execute a… Continue Reading →

Experience Curation with Xoxoday

For new vendors or even sometimes existing vendors, the term ‘Experience’ is something new. But Xoxoday makes it quite easy for new or existing vendors. To put it in simple terms, an experience is an extraordinary event that lasts a… Continue Reading →

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