August 2016

The day I became Sherlock Holmes

The Duke’s son has been kidnapped from his school.  His father has offered a reward of Pounds 5,000 to anyone who can tell him where his son is and a further Pounds 1,000 to anyone who can tell him who… Continue Reading →

Trendy Pubs In Bangalore – A Watering Hole Special!

The very mention of the word pub conjures up several wonderful images in the mind. Images of fun, relaxation, watching a match on the big screen with friends, banging your head to the rhythms of rock music, possible even grooving… Continue Reading →

Hectic Week? Fret Not!

  The room is dark.  Soft music is playing in the background.  The smell of Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary and Aroma Oils linger in the air.  There is a feeling of calm and serenity.  A sigh of bliss is heard in… Continue Reading →

Your kids are creative.  Are you?

  When Jane D. Hull says “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”, do you find an echo of these words in your life as well? One… Continue Reading →

A family that dines together stays together!

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “A happy family is but an earlier heaven”. My father was a very hardworking businessman.  He did very well for himself and his family.  His work schedule though was crazy – early mornings,… Continue Reading →

A starry night!

Long ago in ancient times.  It was a dark night.  The three wise men walked a long distance, guided by no other light, except for a bright, shining star that shone above the manger, where the Lord was born.  Nobody… Continue Reading →

Thank God It Is Friday!

We are a group of 5 very good friends.  Our gang is very close and love to spend time together – laughing, teasing, having fun and doing things together.  We share similar interests and hobbies. TGIF – Thank God it… Continue Reading →

Its time to ENJOY!!

  Though taking mini vacations is something easier said than done, wouldn’t it be nice to travel somewhere or maybe just a day out with friends? If you have been craving for a break from your daily humdrum of life… Continue Reading →

Adventure awaits!

 Make time for sweating it out “These days my life is conquering with meetings, presentations, and paperwork so rigorously that I don’t even remember when was the last time I took an off and had peace.” – the modern busy life… Continue Reading →

Must-try Fine Dine Experiences in Bangalore – Frogo Handpicks

 “Fine dining is a perfect dinner in two: me, and a good book”, says Erik Garaventa, a creative director from Europe. “Atmosphere matters a lot, I love having small portion of many dishes, especially from different cuisine” “For me, it… Continue Reading →

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