Guide For Exhausted Parents to Celebrate Valentine’s Day After Kids

Celebrate Valentine's day after kids

Moms and Dads, how are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day after kids this year? Are you still high on 14th February romance, making reservations, picking cute outfits and planning gifts for your partners? Or responsibilities of life and kids have already dragged you down to your knees and you feel exhausted to celebrate Valentine’s day after kids! This ostentatious “holiday” takes a whole new different meaning after kids intrude into your life. The journey from the excitement of really elaborated plans for you and your partner in the pre-kid era when Valentine’s Day is SUCH A BIG DEAL to shelling out money for babysitter even to go out for a small restaurant meal in the post-kid era changes the meaning of V-Day and leave it  ROMANCE-LESS. And if you are thinking you are alone suffering here, then you are wrong.

Read the post-kid edition of experiences of other couples and the secret solutions to all those situations to celebrate valentine’s day after kids. Trust us, if you are already a parent, you would not be able to stop nodding your head in agreement to this while reading and if you are an expectant parent, you would be feeling delighted to learn from experiences at the right time.

Celebrate Valentine's day after Kids

Funny Situations When You Try To Celebrate Valentine’s Day After Kids

1. Babysitters

Non-Parent: It’s so crazy how non-parent kids don’t have wait for anyone to come over and watch their plants or pets or furniture while they are gone… They can just walk out that door, whenever they want.

Parent: You’re on a mission to find some super homely and introverted babysitters because your current sitter has a new boyfriend and want to go out next V-Day.

Celebrate Valentine's Day After kids

Here is the secret Xoxoday’s Solution

Once again, it is not really great idea to hire a babysitter to celebrate Valentin’s Day after kids. Most of the time, we are feared at the back of the mind that the babysitter, might go out for her valentine’s Day with her boyfriend. So stop depending on babysitters in your absence, instead explore full-day dance activities for kids so that they can learn some creative dance moves for their own Prom night and in the meanwhile, you can enjoy some quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

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2. Valentine’s day Poem

Non-Parent: The card was so lyrical and eloquently written in the pre-kid phase of life that it just gave the valentine’s day morning a beautiful start.
Parent: If you try to celebrate Valentine’s day after kids all you end up making is an another rhyming cat card where the cats apologize for getting on each other’s nerves and hogging the remote.

Celebrate Valentine's Day After kids

Here is the secret Xoxoday’s Solution

Unleash the musical creativity of your child and send them for music classes in Dallas. Picking up this option will not only save some ROMANCE for your Valentine’s Day but also make you feel smarter parent who is able to balance things in life.

3. Dinner On Valentine’s day Night

Non-parent– Dinner at a fancy restaurant, where the only table available is at 9:15 and the portion sizes would leave the likes of Naomi Campbell hungry.

Parent – Snuggled on the sofa in your PJ’s with pizza and a bottle of wine. Now that is only true love left, people. Because it is difficult to bear the trauma of taking small children to restaurants.

Celebrate Valentine's Day After kids

Here is the secret Xoxoday’s Solution

How about sending them for the STEM session at SED and book yourself the movie tickets to “ Fifty shades Darker”.

4. Chocolates

Non-Parent: Probably for most of the couples on first Valentine’s Day, the partners will go all the way out to have candles lit room, all decorated, and make a night just for each other. In fact, some would even try cheesy and romantic lines with their partners like putting a whole bunch of Hershey’s Kisses on the the ground and telling they did so because they kiss the ground other one walks on (yes this actually happened for few couples!).

Parent: The floor? Hahahaha!! No one has seen the floor in weeks because of all these toys.

Celebrate Valentine's Day After kids

Here is the secret Xoxoday’s Solution

Why do you want to compromise on your celebration? All you have to do is act smarter parent, send your kids for outdoor activities in Dallas. This will give you time as a couple to go for a couple massage together and some time for your kid to explore little more about the world.

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5. Plan for V-Day

Non-parent: A day full of surprises. Date nights plans have been made for months, and you have no idea where you are going

Parent: Now when time comes to celebrate Valentine’s Day after kids, the whole day goes into filling out cards for the whole class of the kid. And as this holiday centered on love and affection is a smack dab in the middle of winter and flu season, addition of special germs to each of these cards makes your whole day in cleaning them with Clorox wipes.

Coughing is pretty much the background music in the life of most of the parents for this time of year.

Celebrate Valentine's Day After kids

Here is the secret Xoxoday’s Solution

We have the healthiest solution for this scenario. Explore Health and Wellness activities for your kids today so that, when next winters knock the doors of Dallas, you don’t spend your time in finding cough syrup for them. In the mean time, you both can snuggle together and get the much-needed sleep.


6. Cards

Non-Parents: You are so full of love, that you tend to send Hallmark cards to your sister, BFFs, parents, and in-laws. Then you write two pages of sweet sentiments to your spouse.

Parents:  You are so covered in glue, you’ve hand-crafted 25 construction paper and doily hearts for each class. Your fingertips are covered in cuts, you can barely write a sentence.

Celebrate Valentine's Day After kids

Here is the secret Xoxoday’s Solution

If you explore things to do with kids in Dallas, you will find that lot of moms are exploring the creativity of their child with Art and Craft classes. So why not book one so that next time when you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day after kids, your child can do the card making on their own and you can get some time for making a beautiful card for your spouse.

While few of these comparisons might strike a chord, we understand that the bond as parents is stronger than anything a Valentine’s Day memento could provide. But does that mean we have to give up on romance completely? No. We are still adorable and adored. We are still youthful and fun. And we can still have that pre-kids spark. Like a real spark, the one where you completely forget for 30 seconds that at one point that morning you had poop in your fingernails and it was his entire fault. And, after a glass or wine, you can laugh about that moment.

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You can still laugh and cuddle on the couch after sending your kids for these activities in Dallas. All you need to do is get away from the laundry that needs folding and the dishes that need to be put away. You need to break your routine of watching Dateline and ordering from the “fancy” takeout place.

We promise you, putting on nice(r) clothes and getting out of the house makes a difference. And yes, it takes effort, but that’s what we are here for.

Here’s what you should know if you feel that you only feel that way: 85% of parents want to go out more, 88% feel more attracted to their partner after date night and 96% of parents say dates bring them closer together. But 52% say finding child care is the worst part. And 66% wish their partners would plan it.*

And putting your duo first sometimes can actually make you a stronger partnership for the kids. So all you have to do is act smarter, explore activities for your kids and book your evening dinner because finding someone you feel comfortable leaving the kids with is a hurdle.

Believe us; it would be worthier than a babysitter or you skipping the day.

Tip:  Explore the best activities you can book to celebrate Valentine’s day after kids.

Spill, which suggestions you liked the most?

Celebrate valentine's day after kids


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