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Every experience is unique in itself and has a flavor attached to it. At Xoxoday, we always strive to bring forth the best of that experience. We believe in unveiling the history and mystery attached to it! We host experiences that give you opportunities to explore the unexplored. This time, we bring to you the ancient, traditional board games that have engaged emperors, kings and common people alike!

Board Games Tiger and GoatIn picture – Board Game: Tiger and Goat

Board games are more than just a piece of pastime. Played by kings and queens of yore, they are historical narratives waiting to be explored. India has its own share of monumental games. Board games have been an absolute favorite over the centuries. We have read of Shakuni inviting Krishna to a game of dice. We have known of Akbar’s courtroom being transformed into a life-size frame of Pachisi. Board games have been etched in the pages of history. They are found on the floors of ancient temples, even today! Today they reflect the state and culture of the era they come from.

Board Games 8In picture – Yutnori game set

Revival of team outings with ancient traditional board games!

There are myriads of things to do when it comes to employee bonding, but nothing better than a fun group outing! Every organization is emphasizing now on corporate rewards and recognition programs. Group experiences provide an active and collaborative opportunity to engage employees. They enhance the depth of bonding, involvement, learning and engagement. It gives an added benefit of improving communication, leadership and team building skills. These experiences provide them with a chance to experience diverse ideas and opinions. With these fun team outings, take their team spirit a notch higher and up the thrill quotient.

Board Games 1In Picture – Morabara

This experience lets you play games in it’s cumulative consciousness. The way games are to be played – face-to-face, with minimum infrastructure. Traditional board games have a magical effect. They are far from the adulteration of plastic or technology. There is a joy in the sound of cowrie shells falling on the ground. The camaraderie that you experience with your colleagues is indescribable. It’s asking your team members to unplug and discover new ways of coming and staying together. Playing a traditional board game can take you back into time. Back to a royal setting, to a battlefield, to plots and landscapes rife with mystery.

Open a treasure chest of memories at a hideaway for heirlooms, spend a day at a niche toy hive! 

Our host at ‘Kavade Toyhive’ is on an endeavor to revive traditional games. Housing a range of Indian and international games, it is a one-of-a-kind store in Bangalore. They have a wide range of board games that are on the brink of extinction. This experience is all about bringing families, generations and corporates together. It’s also about slowing down, sitting back and winding down. And throwing yourselves off into the magical realms of boardgames and dices! Relax and rewind yourself at this board game cafe which is also an exploratory space. Bind, communicate, converse and laugh at this Attic, a terrace top with a difference!

Board Game 3
In picture – A typical board (10*10)

For the Corporates-

Take your team out on a makeshift ancient tour to medieval times. Enjoy games of the era of mythology, times of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Bond over simple pastime pleasures. Indulge into fun games that have an aura of culture, history and tradition attached to it! Immerse into the board games, team up and strategize. The whole idea is to bring together pieces and portions of nostalgia together. It is a preferred venue for holding corporate workshops and team outings. The casual and non-intrusive surrounding brings about a pause for frayed executive-nerves.

To make your team outing more eventful, you have an option of doing either the three –

  • Explore the store
  • Have a round of the attic
  • Play board games on-site!

    Board Games 11
    In picture – Alugulimane/Pallanguli (Antique version)

Explore the store –

Classic and unique board games, traditional handicrafts, and precious souvenirs. Have a glimpse of carefully curated array of collectibles.

Have a round of the Attic –

Attic is a place for conversations and laughter. A space that exhibits all the board games along with it’s rich cultural heritage and history. This is a place you would love to get lost into!

Boards on-site –

Team up for the tournaments. A board game, an outdoor game, an exploratory board; all have the magic potion to bring people together. Share the joy, spread smiles and have happy memories to cherish. Adu huli aata, aluguli mane, chowkabara are some of the most engaging games that are a must try at Kavade’s.

Board Games 12In Picture – Royal game of UR

Come over with your team and witness Tech Detoxification!

And this is not it, there is more to just gaming! A face-to-face session with the Host unveils the charm of traditional board games. Handmade craftsmanship and exquisite artistry prods us to dig deeper in the facts of it. Getting your hands on a different books, to sit down sessions with your colleagues, enjoy every bit of it. It’s an alternative world of entertainment, a hub for simple pastimes. A respite for ‘tech-tired’ fingers, give yourself a break from the digital invasion. Witness the old world charm with bright dices and be curious to discover something new at every step.

Board Games 7In picture – Cow and Leopard game (temple scroll series)

Rekindle family times –

This place is a perfect place for a corporate group experience. But at the same time, this place also houses an array of bonding activities for the family. It’s an articulation of space for sunny sit-downs and breezy evening engagements. It invokes a pace of life that is slow and relaxed. Witness a place where sunlight streams through the open spaces. Enjoy in the warm and vibrant setting of the enclosure. It sets ambience for cultural events like book reading, story-telling, music and theatre.

Board Games 15
In picture – Pixelate cubes: create your own designs

The Attic –

The Attic echoes the sentiments upheld by our traditions. Motifs of different cultures and their games dot the arena. These provide a visual commentary of their vibrancy. Experience board games that transcend time and territory. Indian, Native American, Russian, Roman culture inspired games are a treat in themselves. With an open space, venture into group games like lagori and hopsctch.

Indoor games for kids-

The indoor area provides a stimulating experience for a spirited explorer. Read, play, create or climb! Your kids will enjoy climbing a rope ladder to mount, a pole to slide down, an attic to climb and a marble rolling track. It is peppered with color and curiosity, to make it an ideal venue to host parties and get-togethers. It hosts diverse theatre performers, carnatic singers, cinema lovers on demand. It’s also an attempt to bring together families and long-lost friends together.

Board Games 2In picture – Indoor play area

Kitchen on the attic –

The attic provides the right pace and space for the delicious cookings in the kitchen. Attic’s kitchen comes alive during events. It often translates the essence and ethos of the event on a plate. The traditional and forgotten taste revives the palate.

The boards and the dices –

While empires were known for their ornate form of board games, we love our own versions. Pick up a stone, carry some seeds, or gather some sea-shells. Adorn boards from Benaras, Kanyakumari and traditional craft hubs of the country. You will not be able to take your eyes off the aesthetics, craftsmanship and the designs. Apart from the usual board games, also indulge into puzzles and brain teasers.

Board Games 4In Picture – Chowkabara (5*5),  Kattam Vilayattu and Kalamkari Pagde set

The board games have bright and beautiful patterns to hold the curiosity of the players. They are available in a range of natural materials – fabric, wood, scroll and stone. The scroll versions render the most authentic experience of playing a time-honored game. Made of a soft fabric, these scrolls are designed to recreate the air of a royal courtroom. The rules of the game are printed on the back, thus making them compact travel companions.

Board Games 5In picture – marbles, hand top, stick buguri, buguri, wind top and tippie top

What more? Gift these to your kids. From multiple shapes, sizes and materials, games are available in different forms. Choose from canvas, silk, zari, patch work, mirror-work or embroidered game layouts. They come with variations of seeds, wood-carved pawns and dices. They are vividly colored fabric with palm leaf pouches. Hence they are simply the perfect souvenirs.

Explore new dimensions –

Take a bit of everything and make your own experience zone. Beaming with vibrant colors, add a unique element of this galleria to your space. Have your own peaceful go-to nook and become the center-piece of the turf.

1. Corporate gifting:
Tailor made board games incorporating your brand logo and message. Ideal gifting solutions in a size and color preferred by you.

2. Installations:
Courtyards, backyards, campuses or resorts, there is one for everyone. Outdoor installations in stone adds character to open spaces.

3. Furniture:
Personalize your space with in-built board tables. Traditional floor games are custom-made into wooden tables and artifacts. Designs and decor to suit your taste and decor.

4. Sourcing unique games:
Have a unique game sourced from the history which is no less than a hidden treasure.

5. Return gifts and souvenirs:
Take a step away from one-time-use and plastic giveaways. Gift a little bit of art and historical heritage.

Game Experiences –

Have a game session with a difference. From introduction to dwelling on the history and geography of the board games, get to know it all. These sessions bring about a host of revelations. Discussion on the flora and fauna of terrain-based games is like a history session in itself! Outdoor games likes gilli danda, lagori and type-rolling instantly raise the energy. These sessions bring with it a lot of fun and laughter, making you relive your childhood memories! This indeed is a great way to spend time and bond with your beloved ones.

Board Games 6In Picture – wooden lagori set

Gaming of a different kind –

For frequent screen-game players, these sessions work wonders. They create a fresh perspective of gaming– playing face to face with an opponent, with real play pieces that have touch and feel aspects. Game experiencers come away charmed by the simplicity and warmth of traditional games.

Board Games 9In picture – Alugulimane (Stone version)

Whatever the age group, the sessions always result in a feel-good vibe. Catch up with your friends and extended family. Board games bring people together, help them unwind while stirring sweet memories. Want to have a gaming session for your corporate team? Or a fun group experience? Or a family get-together? This experience is one for all.

Have a look at how you can be lost in the world of traditional board games! Watch this video:

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