Top 30 Birthday Gifts For Him: A Unique Gifting Guide For The Men In Your Life

Birthday Gifts for Him

Buying birthday gifts for the men in your life can be a task. Because when it comes to men, they either buy what they want or they never want it. There’s no in-between. There are scores of birthday gifts for the men in your life. Perfect for a father, brother, husband, boyfriend or a friend, this birthday gifts for him guide has everything to make their day special.

While there are hundreds of options out there, perfect for some birthday lovin’. The men in your life, as special as they are, the gift they unwrap should be nothing short of the mind-blowing.

So, to help make this task a good yummy calorie-filled piece of cake for you, we have compiled a guide with some of the best birthday gifts for the men in your life. Here’s a scoop of some super amazing, fun, unforgettable birthday gifts for him.

Birthday Gifts for Him:

Gifts for a Father

Thinking of a gift for your pappa? The best thing about dads is that they will love anything and everything that you give them. After all, there’s no one in this world that loves you as much as they do. So, you should be planning on making your super hero’s birthday an experience to remember.

1. Fitness Classes

This is a good gift for all those dad’s out there who need to introduce fitness into their life. A gym membership will not only help your dad get back in shape but will also help him to stay healthy and fit all through his life. You could also gift a great gym bag to get the motivation going.

birthday gifts for him

2. Golf Sessions 

When it comes to birthday gifts for him, and it’s your father we’re talking about. If he loves some time of peace then there’s no better gift than a couple of golfing sessions. If he’s not a golfer, then golf classes by a certified golfer will help him pursue a new engaging and peaceful hobby. To keep him going at golf, you could also gift him a golf bar set to celebrate the victories later.

birthday gifts for him

3. Wine Tasting Tour

Does your dad love wine? A great birthday gift for fathers who love wine is a good old wine tasting tour. Something that can go along with this experience is a pair of fancy wine glasses to up his wine tasting quotient.

birthday gifts for him

4. Bonsai Classes

Father’s are always outdoorsy people. One thing they would love to do in your garden apart from reading the daily paper is to build a beautiful garden. A Bonsai class can not only help serve this purpose, but the art of growing Bonsai is a hobby that requires patience. A hobby that leaves you with a calm mind once after. This experience can be topped with a Bonsai set that will help your man pursue this hobby.

birthday gifts for him

5. Microlight Flying

Everyone would have at some point in life wanted to fly a plane. Your dad might’ve wanted to do the same. Give your old man a chance to live his dream of flying a plane this time with a  microlight flying experience. With this experience, he can live his dream of co-piloting a plane under expert guidance, of course. Gift him a pair of Aviators and see how he shows you how swag is done.

birthday gifts for him

6. Fine Dining

For the man who has pampered you all your life, it’s your time to show him how much he deserves to be pampered. There can be no better way to pamper a man than feeding him good food. Set up a date night for your dad and mum at one of the city’s classy restaurants and let love take over.

birthday gifts for him

7. Religious Visit

If you’re looking for something more traditional, then a pilgrimage visit to a heritage site or a famous temple is something that he will love. Gift him a pilgrimage tour that he’s always wanted to go on and that smile on his face will be worth a million sunrises.

Kashi Ghat Pilgrimage
Kashi Ghat Pilgrimage

8. Workbench Experience

Father’s are always known be handy craftsmen when it comes to repairing things around the house. If you think that this is something that your dad likes doing, then this is a gift to consider. Help him enhance his carpentry skills with this workshop and try his hand at various projects. A good toolkit from Bosch will help him with his work.

birthday gifts for him

Gifts for a Brother

He may be your older, younger, twin or even a cousin, choosing a  birthday gifts for brothers is not as easy as it seems. Well, we’ve searched high and low to give you a great list of unique birthday gift ideas for your brother. We’re pretty sure that this birthday gifts for him guide will help you choose one of the most unique gifts that he will absolutely love.

9. Parasailing

If your brother is an adventurous soul then let him fly high with this paragliding experience. This is one perfect gift for any brother, who is your arch nemesis, your best friend, your savior and pillow-talk philosopher.

birthday gifts for him

10. Take Him on a Pub Crawl

Everyone loves a good drink, so, why don’t you take your brother on a pub crawl through some of the best pubs in towns. This can also be a great way to catch up with the brother dearest. A great way to end the birthday surprise is to gift him these uber cool shot glasses to remember the night by.

birthday gifts for him

11. Soap Football

Make his birthday a fun extravaganza. Sign up for a fun filled session of soap football with your siblings or friends on his special day. The twist that this experience gives to traditional football is that it’s played on a drippy, soapy, slippery floor. We won’t promise any goal shots, but we do promise a hilariously fun time.

12. Fit and Fabulous

If your brother is a fitness freak, then it only makes sense to gift him something that he so absolutely loves doing. A gym membership, a yoga session, martial arts classes, maybe? Not only will he love his gift, he will forever love you for this. If your brother is not a whole lot into fitness, but you think he could use a little exercise, then this is a good choice is as well.

birthday gifts for him

13. Party Hard Celebrate Harder

Who says sisters can’t be cool, arrange a trendy party for your brother and his peeps at one of the city’s most happening spots. Show him who’s the cooler sibling with this birthday gifts for him.

birthday gifts for him

14. A Netflix Subscription

You love Netflix, your brother loves Netflix, everyone loves Netflix. Gift the champ a Netflix subscription for a year and you’ll be the best sister in the whole wide world.  If he’s your baby brother, then this is one gift that he will absolutely love.

birthday gifts for him

15. Quad Copter or a Drone

Men love gadgets. Period. An apt gift for your younger brother would be a good drone or a quadcopter. They will love this ultimate bad ass gadget. With a camera integrated into the drone, this can be a very distracting yet the best birthday gift ever. Also, give him a chance to use this drone camera and capture the magnificence of nature with a trekking experience.

birthday gifts for him

16. Harley Ride

Men love a good mean machine, not only do they adore her, but when it comes to bikes, they are also surprisingly responsible. If your brother has an undying love for bikes then rent out a Harley Davidson for him for a day. Let him take this mother of all bikes out for a spin and it’ll be his best birthday, ever.

birthday gifts for him

Gifts for a Husband/ Boyfriend

Coming up with good gifting ideas for the love of your life isn’t as easy-peasy as it seems. Whether you’ve gotten into a relationship, in the honeymoon phase of your marriage, or have been married for as long as you can remember. Every man deserves to be treated specially by his woman. And that’s why a gift that you give him should be nothing short of mind-blowing. We’ve compiled the best list of birthday gifts for him to help you up their birthday quotient by a million.

17. Birthday under the Stars

Nothing can get as romantic as celebrating your man’s birthday under the starlit sky. Take him trekking and go camping on the eve of his birthday. And as you set up camp, make the grand wish when the clock strikes 12 am. If your man loves adventure or has been meaning to go on a good trek, there’s no better way to celebrate than this. You could either take a cake along or make a cake with some bread and jam, in a classic movie style. This will be one birthday that he will never forget. You could also gift him this super amazing rucksack to make the trek the best time of his life.

birthday gifts for him

18. Sunset on a Hot Air Balloon

If your partner’s birthday falls on a weekday this may mean that he will have to spend his day at work. Don’t worry, whisk him away after work and take him on hot air balloon ride to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous sunset. This amazingly romantic experience can help him forget his day’s hustle and will help him unwind. It will also give you two some precious moments together. You could also cut his cake high up in the sky. This is what romantic moments are made of, trust us when we say this.

birthday gifts for him

19. A Game of Paintball or Go Karting

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with birthdays. You love it because, well, it’s your birthday and you get all the attention that you’ve been craving for. You hate it because you’re a year older. Your man probably feels the same way. The only way to make him feel better is to bring out the young boy that he is at heart. A good thrilling and energizing game of paintball or Go karting with your home team should be the much-needed break he needs from the mundane hustle. It will also let your man have a fun day and not worry about turning a year older.

birthday gifts for him

20. Netflix!

This one needs no explanation. All a man ever really wants is a good internet connection, Netflix and nachos and a bucket of chicken wings and you will see that there’s no one happier. Gift your boyfriend a year’s Netflix subscription and you will see that his happiness knows no bounds.

birthday gifts for him

21. Espresso Maker

If your man has an undying love for coffee then there can be no better gift than a good coffee/espresso maker. Help him start his day on a happy note with the coffee he loves. This espresso maker will also take some load off of your shoulders and help you sleep in.

birthday gifts for him

22. Beard Grooming Kit

If your Mr. Handsome has taken no shave November a tad bit too seriously then a beard grooming kit is a good gift to consider. A beard grooming kit will help your man tame his beard. Also, a good beard grooming kit can help him maintain his gorgeousness with trend and timelessness.

birthday gifts for him

23. Fitness for a Lifetime

If you’ve been forever asking your man to start exercising, now’s a good time to implement it. A good gym membership will ensure that your love stays fit and fine all through. Not that you don’t love him if he has a paunch, it’s just that you want him to be healthy. So gift him a gym membership and a Fitbit to motivate him to take the first steps to a healthy and more happier life.

24. Photography Classes

If your love spends more time trying to click a good picture on his picture when you’re out on a trip, then this is one good gift to consider. Of course, your bored and he’s trying to capture the mountains with precision, but hear me out here. A good photography course will help him click better pictures, and get better at something he loves to do. Also, to enhance his mobile photography skills, gift him a  good tele focus lens.

birthday gifts for him

25. Harley Ride

Men have a soft corner when it comes to handling a mean machine. So when it’s about the mother of all bikes, there’s no chance your man won’t like it. Gift him a rented Harley for the weekend and see how his face lights up. Who know, this birthday gift may also transform into a mini vacation for the two of you. A pair of good biker gloves is always a good gift to go with this.

birthday gifts for him

26. Bungee Jumping

Help your man tick something off of his bucket list this year. And one thing everyone has on their bucket list is bungee jumping. Take your partner bungee jumping on his birthday and see how happy you’ve made him with this surprising birthday gift.  

birthday gifts for him

27. Trip to Ladakh

You’ve probably heard your partner talk about going on a bike trip to Ladakh for your very first date. But if it’s  been all talk and no show, then this turn his dream into reality by either gifting him or taking him on that long pending trip to “The Last Shangri-La”. This birthday gifts for him guide will help you, help him tick something off his bucket list and if you’re accompanying him, then this romantic endeavor will leave you two wanderlusting for a long time once after. After all, what more could a man ask for, right. 

birthday gifts for him

28. Relaxing Massage (Spa)

This is one thing that your partner won’t be expecting. Surprise him with an indulging spa date. A couple’s spa should help him release all that tensed nodes in his body and leave him refreshed and spectacularly rejuvenated.  

birthday gifts for him

29. Microlight Flying

Everyone would have at some point in life wanted to fly a plane. This birthday gifts for him guide will help your man live his dream. Give your old man a chance to live his dream of flying a plane this time with a  microlight flying experience. With this experience, he can live his dream of co-piloting a plane under expert guidance, of course. Gift him a pair of Aviators and see how he makes you go weak in your knees with his swag.

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birthday gifts for him

30. Wine Tour

Wine, the true essence of romance is one of the best birthday gifts for him. Go beyond just gifting your partner a bottle of wine on his birthday and opt for something more unique. Take him out on a vineyard tour and surprise him with a wine tasting session.

birthday gifts for him

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