Top 20 Birthday Gifts For Her: A Unique Gifting Guide For Women In Your Life

Birthday gifts for girls

Thinking of birthday gifts for girls can be a real chore, especially when you have to do it for the special ladies in your life because, for a woman, a gift is all about the thought you put into buying it. They always enjoy the unique gifts which leave them with unique stories and none of their friends have ever experienced before.

You want to buy her a personalized gift but you just don’t know how to find a perfect gift. We understand it’s hard. And even doing some detective work in their case, does not help.

Don’t worry. We have curated this guide to help you buy birthday gifts for girls, perfect to celebrate the special day of your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend or a friend.

Gifts for a mother:

For the superwoman who has loved you unconditionally since the day you were born and even before, picking up a gift for her on her special day can be difficult. For this woman who has always been by your side and who taught you all the good things in life, it’s time to make her birthday moment a memorable one. No doubt, she will cherish anything and everything you gift her out of love but we have narrowed down on some of the best presents for her.

Fine Dining
A special occasion is the birthplace of everlasting memories: what you do to celebrate it will remain etched in your heart forever. And if you celebrate your mother’s special day with an essence of luxury at a fine dining restaurant, then there can be no better way of living heart-warming memories. Take your family for the classy date at The Taj Mahal Palace and spend some quality time with your mother. After all, it must be best, when it comes to her!

Birthday Gifts For GirlsRelaxing Massage (Spa)
No matter, who is the birthday girl, this entry in the guide of birthday gifts for girls will be cherished by every woman irrespective of the age group. If you want to pamper your mom, then there can be a no better gift than this spa session and allow her to relax her mind and soul. Besides, who doesn’t love to a little bit of “me-time” once in a while, after all?

Birthday Gifts For girlsReligious Tour
If your mother has been longing to go on a pilgrimage tour for many months, then this is the best time to gift her a journey of peace and tranquillity on her birthday. Let her witness the ultimate bliss of these spiritual places and get mesmerized by the aura of ancient traditions. Don’t forget to gift her an easy to use Nikon Coolpix A10 Point and Shoot Digital Camera, to capture the sheer beauty of these marvels.

Birthday Gifts for girlsBonsai Classes
Your mother is the backbone of the family, but yes when every family member is busy in his or her life, she also needs a companion. How about gifting Bonsai Classes to the beautiful lady on her birthday where she can nurture her new little friend with patience, love, and care. On the top of this, we have added this sensitive experience in our guide of birthday gifts for girls because gardening will never allow her to grow mentally old because too many and dreams are yet to be realized. This experience can be topped with a Bonsai set that will help her pursue this hobby.

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Birthday gifts for girlsMicrolight Flying
Whenever we are low in life, our moms always tell us “Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly”. And the best part is it actually works in inducing high spirits about life in our heart and mind. Now it’s your turn to take one step ahead. Think about her million-dollar smile, the moment you can also make her feel like a bird and the soar the skies in the most literal sense ever. Yes, that is possible. Thanks to Microlight Flying. Give her this opportunity to co-pilot the plane for 30 minutes and bask in the sheer beauty of the view below.

birthday gifts for girlsDay Out at A Resort
This was one thing we could not miss out in our guide to birthday gifts for girls. When it comes to mothers, let’s make her birthday a perfect excuse to take her on a getaway. Make sure you curate her day in a way that she gets to spend her day in her style and gets to do all she loves to do. Trust us, the quality time you will spend with her along with your family will last her as an experience which no clothes, gadgets or cars can create.

Birthday Gifts for girlsYoga session
Surprise your mom by showing your care for her health and gifting her refreshing Yoga sessions on her birthday. With ultra-busy lives and hectic schedules, it’s time for her to indulge in complete consciousness expansion. Treat her to a pampering and well-deserved relaxing weekend at Dusit Devarana. If you want to give her something beyond the stay, this Crocodile finish faux pas duffle bag by The House Of Tara.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Birthday Gifts For Sister

Of course, you’ll want to carefully pick up a gift for your sister which can make her think back on your great times together, her unique traits, and what your sisterly relationship means to you. After all, after mother, she is the one who is there with you through thick and thin of life. We understand whether your sister is younger, older, near, or far, her birthday is that one special day out of the year when you’ll want to show her just how much she means to you and hence we made sure to add unique gifts for this special bond in our guide of birthday gifts for girls.

Fitness Session

All of us know the hardships of getting back in shape or getting fit. We all make vague promises and make new resolutions every year to join a gym but everything goes in vain. So why not surprise her with a gym membership? Start off her journey of fitness with a BYG gym membership and she will be happy and thankful as ever. To motivate her further, gift her these super cool Nike Bijou Flex Shoes for Running.
What can be a better day than a birthday to help her put promises into action and who can do this better than you!

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Birthday Gifts For Girls

Personal Stylist for your sister

Gift of exclusivity is every girl’s dream. And if your sister believes in possessing style, then this birthday hire a personal stylist for her and trust us you don’t have to break a bank for that. Well, after all, she deserves a little bit of pampering, for all the times she has saved you from getting scolding of your parents.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Dancing Sessions

If your sister has a passion towards dancing but she could not live her dream because of the moribund life the this is the best pick for you in the guide of birthday gifts for girls. Gift her dance classes and help her unwind. From Bollywood Dance to Hip-Hop and Salsa, there is so much out there that we’re sure she would love. After all, she’ll be the happiest doing something she loves. To top it up, gift her a pair of super comfortable dance shoes by Nike.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Birthday full of Adventure

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Some girls are made of adventure, brains and no fear. And if your sister is of this type then you know what option you have to pick from this guide of birthday gifts for girls. If you want a gift that compliments her adventurous soul then our personal suggestion will be to take her paragliding or take her flying on a Cessna plane.
If she has been thinking of going somewhere on a vacation, send her on a backpacking trip to Ladakh. Give her an uber cool rucksack from High Sierra to help her with her travels and adventures.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Party Hard Celebrate Harder

Show about just turning out to be the cooler sibling in the house and arranging a trendy party for your sister and her girlfriends at one of the city’s most happening spots.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend/ Wife

Finding an alluring gift to surprise your girlfriend or wife? In our guide of birthday gifts for girls, we have curated a list of all the unique gifts that will express your “just for you” feeling”.  After all, we understand a small card isn’t enough to wish the most amazing person in your life.

Wine Tasting Tour

Sometimes to celebrate, all you need is love and wine because wine can add a smile to friendship and spark to love. Trust us, if you are still searching birthday gifts for girls on Google to find the perfect gift for your wife’s birthday, then you should take her out for this wine tasting tour. After all age and moments get better with wine!

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Birthday Gifts for girls

Exclusive Dinner Under Helipad

It’s not the years in your life that counts, it is the life you live in your years. And there can be no better day than someone’s special birthday to live memories that become timeless treasures of the heart. Gift her an evening so beautifully-orchestrated, that it would charm her like never before. Nothing can be more romantic than enjoying the unparalleled feeling of being at top of the world and enjoying the exclusivity of an exotic dining splendor with a private butler, aromatic bouquet of freshly-picked flowers, a gourmet chef, and high-quality menu selection at Oakwood Premier Prestige.
Enjoy the moments of togetherness and make memories that warm you up from inside.

Birthday Gifts For girls

A Chopper Ride

How about taking your love for the chopper ride on her birthday? Oh yes! You read that right. This is one of the most exhilarating and beautiful experiences in our guide to birthday gifts for girls. Express your love as your soar the skies and look at the gorgeous city down beneath from the chopper with your better half. Don’t forget to take the cake, because when you will start gliding smoothly through the air, the feeling of moving up and up will be a frosting over the cake.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Sunset On A Hot Air Balloon

Sometimes, all you need to gift your partner are the moments of togetherness away from the hustle-bustle of life. Take your partner for extraordinary Hot Air Balloon ride on her birthday and let her live the fairy-tale right in the middle of this ordinary life.

Birthday Gifts for girls

Birthday under the Stars

Knocking on your girlfriend’s door at midnight with a box of gourmet treats and a cheery bouquet is a clichéd way of celebrating birthday. Instead, it is the celebration under the starlit sky which makes an entry into our guide of birthday gifts for girls. Take her for trekking and go camping on the eve of her birthday. And as you set up camp, let the moon smile and starts peek while you make the grand wish when the clock strikes 12 am. If she is an adventure lover, trust us this will be one birthday that she will never forget.


Private Movie Screening

This one needs no explanation. If your girl is a movie-lover, then what can be a better gift than a private movie screening for her on her birthday? You can enjoy the quality time with her and also share love-encrusted wishes, maybe a poem or a memory from the memorable times spent together.

Birthday Gifts For Girls

Loved these aww-struck gifts?
So, which amazing gift are you picking up from our guide of birthday gifts for girls, for your special lady?
Do share your opinions and more suggestions in the comment box below!


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