The 7 Best Yoga Practices For Expecting Mothers

Yoga classes for pregnant ladies

Yoga practices for mothers-to-be help improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Also, for moms-to-be who do not want to sweat it out, yoga is the best gentle form of exercise they can take to relax body and mind.

The best yoga practices combine asanas, pranayama, and relaxation techniques for a wholesome refreshing experience. Here are 7 best yoga practices that moms-to-be can practice that could do a great deal difference.

Note: It’s important that you consult your doctor before starting with yoga.

7 Best Yoga Practices That Moms-to-be Can Take Up

1. The Palm Tree

In this yoga pose, you need to stand upright, raise your arms overhead, and interlock your fingers. Then slowly and gently stretch yourself to the right and left.


The benefit of this pose is that it stretches and strengthens your torso.

2. The Forward Bend

This yoga pose requires you to lift your arms and reach towards a chair placed in front of you. Press your palms on the chair while keeping your back straight and hips bend.


The benefit of this pose is that it increases your strength and stretched the back and legs.

3. The Triangle Pose

In this yoga pose, you need to stand with your feet apart and your arms extended at the shoulder. Keep in mind that the arms should be parallel to the floor. Now, stretch your left hand over your head and bend down to the right side and touch your right knee while looking at your left hand. Hold the pose for a while and return to the starting position and switch sides.


The benefit of this pose is that it regulates your digestive system and gives an overall massage to your internal organs like the liver.

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4. The Seated Twist

In this yoga pose for moms-to-be, you need to sit with your legs outstretched in front of you. Slowly bend your right knee and take the right foot over the left knee. Once that’s done, bring your left arm and elbow over your right knew. You need to keep your right hand behind you on the floor for support.

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Slowly twist your torso to the right and turn your head and hold the pose for a bit. Return to the starting position and switch sides.

The benefit of this pose is that it ensures complete stretching of the spine, improves your digestion, and relieves you of any constipation.

5. The Cat-camel Pose

This pose requires you to imitate a cat and a camel. On a yoga mat, get down on all your fours and place your hands directly below your shoulders. Once you are in the pose, lite your tailbone up towards the ceiling so that your lower back is bent. Now, lift your back like a hump of a camel and roll your head towards your chest. Alternate between the poses for a while.


This pose is greatly beneficial as it relieves any spinal stress you might have.

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6. The Butterfly Pose

In this pose, you need to sit with your legs outstretched. Then bend your knees and bring your feet in as close as possible, towards you and place the soles of your feet together.


Now, keep your back straight and gently move your legs down and up. This movement resembles the wings of a butterfly flapping.

The benefit of doing this pose on a regular basis is that it increases the mobility of your hip joints and stretches the inner thighs as well.

7. The Corpse Pose

In this pose, you need to simply lie down on your left side and place a pillow between your legs and below your head for support. Then simply close your eyes and relax your mind.


The benefit of this pose is that it relaxes and makes you feel rejuvenated.

As mentioned above when practised daily, yoga will help you greatly improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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