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The very mention of the word pub conjures up several wonderful images in the mind. Images of fun, relaxation, watching a match on the big screen with friends, banging your head to the rhythms of rock music, possible even grooving to it on the dance floor, lots of laughter, super food….well, the list is pretty long. Beer is that kind of drink. With alcohol in single-digit percentages, it is strong enough to give you a buzz, but not so strong as to make you boozy. It is a drink you can keep guzzling for a few hours without getting sloshed. It is mainly for this reason that the drink is popular among women too. With so many watering holes, it gets difficult to find the perfect and trendy pubs in Bangalore.

And Bangalore is a city that has been celebrating beer for the longest time. Remember, it was touted as India’s pub capital as long ago as in the nineties? With time, the pub landscape of the city has evolved in tune with the changing palate and preferences of the drinking set. This is a city that has thousands of die-hard beer fans, it also has some of the best pubs in Bangalore. Place the best of Scotch, whiskey, vodka and cocktails in front of them, but they will still ask for their favorite pint.

In a city that has as many pubs as chai points – well, not really, but you know what we mean – where do you head to for a great time? Here’s our pick of some of the best pubs in Bangalore. Our list is guaranteed to offer you a broad spectrum of experiences: some old-world, some new-age. Of course, there are other wonderful pubs too, but this is the list you should probably start with.

Here are some of our favorite pubs in Bangalore. Prost !


pubs in Bangalore

One of the oldest pubs in town, this small joint has been around since pubbing arrived in Bangalore in the nineties. Today, it has all the effervescence of a twenty-five-old. Newcomers and old-timers, young and middle-aged, everyone has been to Pecos. An iconic pub brand, if Bangalore ever had one.

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From college kids bunking college on a weekday morning to working executives doing a pitstop after a hard day’s work to assorted party types getting high, you will find people of all shapes and sizes here. But one this is clear, they all love their beer, their friends, and their music. Everything else is secondary to them.

While many of its early contemporaries like NASA and Underground fades away, Pecos has managed to keep going through changing times. The place is packed in the evenings, with a loud party-like atmosphere. And on lazy afternoons, it is the place I’d want to be – leisurely downing a pint and flipping the pages of a book, as Jethro Tull or Deff Leppard play in the background.

By the way, it serves excellent dosa-curry combinations, apart from the usual finger food.

Where: In a small street off Brigade Road. Just ask at any store on Brigade Road.

Big Brewsky

pubs in Bangalore

One of the newer additions to the city’s pubbing scene.

They probably named this one ‘Brewsky’ first and after they were done building it, re-named it as ‘Big Brewsky’. Because it is seriously big. The interesting twist (and one that keeps pulling people back to it) is the al-fresco drinking area. With tables laid out around a large pool, this is just the place for a cloudy, breezy afternoon. There is an indoor seating area too and a dance floor, which comes alive in the evening. Many people find this pub romantic, while many others like it for its rustic charm. It has acquired quite a reputation for its Indian Pale Ale beer.

Beware of the weekend evening crowd, though. Sometimes, it takes several minutes to get a table. You can reserve a table in advance, though.
Where: A contemporary microbrewery near the WIPRO corporate office in Sarjapur.

Windsor Pub

pubs in Bangalore

Are you a Jazz and beer person? Do Sonny Rollins, Ahmed Jamal, and Duke Ellington give you as much of a high as a pint of beer? Then, Windsor is the place you should head to. There is not much in the world that can match the joy of downing mug after mug of beer while listening to a musician’s flourishes on the trumpet or the piano.

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Another old-time pub, Windsor has managed to retain its relaxed ambiance over the years. This pub is in no hurry to change, no hurry to catch up with the times. It is happy being in its cocoon. Step into it, and you will be instantly welcomed by its warm embrace. The music and the laughter wash over you as you settle down and place your order making this a top among trendy pubs in Bangalore.

A place for wonderful conversations, it serves some excellent food. Have some parottas or dosas with Keralan ulli theeyal or Coorgi pandi curry.

Where: next to Kodava Samaj in Vasanth Nagar. A 2-minute walk from Cantonment Railway Station.


pubs in Bangalore

Do you want a great pub experience, but don’t much in your pocket? Fear not, it happens to all of us. Regular’s is just the joint for you. It is one of the cheapest pubs in town, serves very good food, has an extensive menu of finger food and mains, has friendly wait staff and is conveniently located in Indira Nagar. And just as a bonus, it is a rooftop too! In other words, a place where you can really stretch every buck to the maximum.

This recently-opened pub is already attracting crowds for all the right reasons. The music here is not great, but frankly, I don’t care much. After all, there is so much else to be happy about.

While they serve everything from Sannas to sandwiches with Schezwan Noodles in between, I especially love their vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters.

Where: 100 Feet Road, Indira Nagar, above Maharaja Furniture.

Windmills Craftworks

pubs in Bangalore

This one is located down under – as I like to call Whitefield. So when it comes to pubs in Bangalore, this one takes the cake.

Still, once you reach there, you will tell yourself that the long haul was well worth it. Located on the sixth floor of a building, the pub guarantees you superb views. This is especially true at sundown. Do you like to watch a live Jazz performance as you nurse your beer? Then, you should definitely check out this place; some really interesting music gets created in this pub.

The in-house brews are very good, my personal favorites being Stout (dark, smooth and roasty overtones) and Hefeweizen (a wheat beer with banana and clove flavors).

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Join the crowd as you toast your companions, the mood, and the music. If you are planning to go there, you must leave well in advance, given the traffic bottlenecks you are likely to encounter on the way.

Where: Road 5B, EPIP Area, Next to KTPO, Whitefield

Arbor Brewing Company (ABC)

pubs in Bangalore

Comfortable seating and a strong wood-and-metal décor give it a cozy feel instantly. Adding to this are the long tables that foster community drinking (this is probably a concept imported from abroad), superb finger food and wonderful house-brewed beers.

The small bulbs hanging over many tables is another good touch: they create a candlelight effect on the tables.

Smooth Criminal and No Parking are my personal favorites from among their craft brews. Their dips, served with the starters, are excellent too – not many pubs can boast excellent dips. Thousand Island, salsa, hot garlic and mustard dips blend well with the taste of the food.

Where: on Magrath Road, diagonally opposite Garuda Mall.

This is our list of the best pubs in Bangalore. Tell us what you think and comment below with your favorite watering hole in the city.

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