Most Popular Experiences To Gift Employees On Their Weddings

6 Min Read | Weddings are always a cause for celebration. It is the beginning of a new chapter in everyone’s life. If it is your employee who recently got married or is about…

6 Min Read |

Weddings are always a cause for celebration. It is the beginning of a new chapter in everyone’s life. If it is your employee who recently got married or is about to, it is important that you show your support and appreciation. A thoughtful corporate gift on this occasion is a wonderful medium to build relationships and increase the bond between the organization and its employees. You should be able to recognise all the important events in the lives of your employees. And on an occasion like a wedding, if the gift is from the boss or the organisation, it serves as a source of motivation and encouragement for the employee. Here are few appropriate wedding gift ideas for your employees:

In and Around Delhi:

Vacation at V Resort Ramgarh

In the humdrum of our lives, it is sometimes important to take off to a place that will provide you with the solitude to reconnect. It is important for newlyweds to spend some quality time with each other. V Resorts in Ramgarh invites you to spend 3 days amidst the snow-capped mountains in Nainital. Wake up to the amazing view of Himalayas, sip coffee while cosying in the blankets, go for long walks, admiring the nature and if you feel a little adventurous, a small trek can also be arranged for you.

Romantic Dinner At Fio

Start your new life with a toast at Fio. Set amidst the Garden of Five Senses, Fio is a delight to all senses. The place has a romantic touch to it. Nature combined with beautiful decor will render a touch of intimacy to all couples. The cuisine is a mix of Italian and North Indian dishes and the menu is elaborate.

Fly High In A Cessna Plane

Tighten your seat belts for you are about to take off and experience a thrill like never before.  Cessna is one of the safest aircraft and meant to give all non-pilots a feeling of flying a plane. You are going to sit in the cockpit with the pilot who will tell you all about flying a plane. Take along your family or go for a buddies day out and enjoy flying a plane.

Relax At Fort Unchagaon

Escape to a tranquil place for a day, keep each other company and surrender to the quiet that surrounds you. Fort Unchagaon is 145 km from Delhi and is a great place to relax. You and your partner can celebrate a peaceful wedding anniversary, away from the city lights. To keep the energy high, you can also participate in activities like pottery, tractor rides and bullock rides. Sports like cricket and badminton will keep you entertained.

Live in Luxury At ITC Maurya

This experience defines luxury and comfort. Enjoy the 5-star services offered by ITC Maurya for a night. Receive a refreshing welcome with a drink and be escorted to your deluxe room. Indulge in a meal (at lunch and dinner) befitting a Nawab at the iconic award-winning restaurant, Dum Phukt and fill your tummy at with the cuisine from the North West Frontier at Bukhara. If all this deliciousness is not enough, get ready for a pampering session. A couple’s spa is surely going to rejuvenate you. To make the experience more exclusive, you will get a transport to and from the hotel.

Vinotherapy Massage For 60 Mins

Do away with all the stress by indulging in a relaxing wine therapy. The benefits of wine on the skin are immense. The treatment will employ wine amongst other ingredients to be massaged on your body. The result will be a glowing and rejuvenating skin because of wine and relaxed muscles due to massage.

In and Around Mumbai:

Romantic Stay At La Petite Maison

After the hectic months that precedes a wedding, La Petite Maison in Lonavala is great for a quick relaxing time. The bungalow flaunts the beautiful British style architecture and carries the old world English charm. Enjoy the lush greenery, mountains and the cool breeze. The couple can indulge in a romantic candlelight dinner too. A great wedding gift for your employee.

Couple Dining At Dashanzi In Mumbai

Taste the most delectable Chinese dishes at Dashanzi. The ambience is inspired by the vibrant art district of Dashanzi in Beijing. The impeccable service, authentic Chinese fare and the beautiful ambience make this a popular restaurant among the populace of Mumbai.

15-Minutes Helicopter Ride In Mumbai

A helicopter joy ride 1000 feet above the city or the landscape is an unforgettable way to experience the breathtaking beauty of the city and its surrounding areas and when it is the city of dreams – Mumbai, nothing can be better than this.

Spend 2 Night At The Byke Heritage In Matheran

One of Matheran’s most luxurious resort, The Byke Heritage offers you enchanting cottages nestled amidst the green hills of this quaint hill station. The Byke Heritage is equipped with modern day amenities to ensure comfort, ease and convenience. Located a mere 15 minutes from the Matheran railway station, the resort is the ideal venue to let your hair down. So, come and stay at this beautiful resort with your family or friends and spend some quality time with them.

Exclusive Romantic Dinner At By The Mekong

By The Mekong in St Regis is an Asian restaurant that takes you on a culinary journey through the districts of Yunan and Sichuan in China, and through Thailand and Vietnam. This posh restaurant is perfect to visit with a partner as the restaurant also offers a private space.

A Blissful Retreat At Four Fountains Spa

What could be better than a rejuvenating experience after the wedding schedule? A couple, more than anyone else, will enjoy an opportunity to just sit back, relax and be pampered. Fours Fountains offers a revitalising Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology and Skin Type Facial. The two-hour experience will be nothing short of blissful.

In and Around Bangalore:

Wine Tasting & Tour At Soma Vineyard

Get a guided vineyard and winery tour in Soma vineyard and know more about the process of winemaking – how the grapes are harvested to the fermentation and storage stages. Enjoy 3 wine tastings at 3 different picturesque locations in the vineyard. The wines will be paired with appropriate snack’s ( and veg/non-veg starters ).

Candlelight Dinner With Spa Therapy

Dining and pampering. The perfect wedding gift! Holiday Inn and Suites in Bangalore offers a romantic experience for your special day: a spa treatment in its beautiful facility, followed by a gourmet three-course dinner. This is surely going to delight all the newlyweds.

Romantic Evening At Cilantro

Cilantro is one of the best places for international cuisine, especially European. The feeling of dining in the woods attaches an adventure to the whole experience. They serve the best sizzlers in the city and their pastas and salads are sworn by the foodies all over. And nothing could beat their candlelight dinner experience!

Rent A BMW 5 Series

Nothing defines luxury better than a BMW. Here’s an experience that is a little out of the box for the newlyweds. The experience includes an 8-hour ride in a BMW 5 series with a chauffeur.

Romantic Getaway At Holiday Inn

Here’s a romantic experience for all the newlyweds – a spa treatment, candlelight three-course dinner followed by the stay in Holiday Inn and Suites. The day has been carefully crafted to envelop the couple with warm, classy pampering.

Photoshoot For A Couple

Post-wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots are gaining much popularity. The newlywed couple can capture their post-marriage bliss through this photoshoot. You will get unlimited soft copies and 10 hard copies, digitally enhanced, of all your moments with your partner.

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