Recommended Adventure Sports In Bangalore to Satisfy Your Adrenaline Craving Soul!

adventure sports in Bangalore

Adventure sports are thrilling, exciting and mind-blowing while you are still young. You may be surprised to know that there are scores of adventure sports in Bangalore to satisfy your adrenaline craving soul – if you are an adventure junkie or would like to try something new, there’s something adventurous here for everyone. When it comes to adventure you only live like there’s no tomorrow and the memories that you make, they last a lifetime.

Here are some of the most recommended adventure sports in Bangalore that you MUST try!

1. Parasailing

adventure sports in Bangalore parasailing

All of us have once at some point in time dreamt of flying, flying high like a bird, with parasailing, you can give wings to this dream of yours. Fly the skies and feel like a free bird as you marvel at the gorgeous view down beneath.

Where: Jakkur Aerodrome Premises

Duration: 10 minutes

Cost Per Person: INR 700

2. Scuba Diving

adventure sports in Bangalore scuba diving

If you’re someone who’s a complete water baby or have never really ventured into the depths of your society’s swimming pool, Scuba diving is one adventure sport that will make you fall in love with the blue waters. There is nothing more breathtaking than scuba diving and this is one adventure sport that you must try in your lifetime.

Where: Planet Scuba, Indiranagar

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost Per Person: INR 2500

3. Kayaking

adventure sports in Bangalore kayaking

No adventure sports bucket list is complete without a Kayaking experience. Drift along the beautiful and serene Cauvery river on a kayak and learn all there is to know about Kayaking.

Where: GoodWave Adventures, Vivekananda Nagar

Duration: 1 Night 2 Days

Cost Per Person: INR 10000

4. Paramotor Joy Ride

adventure sports in Bangalore paramotor joy ride

Fly 4000 feet high in the sky with a paramotor joy ride experience. The thrill of flying in the sky will give you the perfect adrenaline rush that you have been looking giving you a bird’s eye view of the lands below. A paramotor joy ride is simple unlike any other flying adventure, it involves a powered paraglider within a cage and an integrated seat harness for your comfort.

Where: Paramotorz, JP Nagar

Duration: 15 minutes

Cost Per Person: INR 3000

5. Rock Climbing

adventure sports in Bangalore rock climbing

While Rock Climbing may be a tedious experience, this thrilling adventure sports in Bangalore is worth every drop of your sweat. So if you are looking to challenge your stamina then there are a lot of rock climbing adventure sports in Bangalore. So go ahead and challenge yourself to an endurance test with a rock climbing experience in Bangalore.

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Where: Escape2Explore Adventures

Duration: 5 hours

Cost Per Person: INR 1300

6. Hot Air Balloon Ride

adventure sports in Bangalore hot air balloon ride

Soaring high into the sky and viewing the landscape from atop has never been more beautiful. Hot Air Ballooning is a less risky affair also giving you a chance to have an unforgettable air experience.

Where: Escape2Explore Adventures

Duration: 8 minutes

Cost Per Person: INR 1999

7. Kabbaldurga Night Trek

treks around Bangalore - kuntibetta

Kabbaldurga is a small and beautiful hillock near the small town call Santhnuru. Situated about 70 kilometers from Bangalore and 20 Kilometers from Kanakpura, this hillock is renowned among trekkers who prefer trekking here during night time. The fort on top of the hillock makes this trek mesmerizing and mysterious which is why this makes a perfect place for a night trek.

Best Season: November to March

Distance: 70 Kilometers from Bangalore

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Distance Covered: 4 Kilometers

8. Gokarna Beach Trek

treks around Bangalore Gokarna beach trek

If regular trekking is too mainstream for you and you want to experience the thrill of trekking with a difference, then you should add Gokarna beach trek to your bucket list of travel. Cosseted in the lap of nature, the beaches in Gokarna are pristine and make for a riveting holiday experience. Add the fun and excitement of trekking along the beach and unfold the beauty of this vicinity.

Best Season: November to June

Distance: 530 Kilometers from Bangalore

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate, no prior experience required

Distance Covered: 5 Kilometers

9. Trek to Nandi Hills

treks around Bangalore Nandi Hills Trek

One of the popular and major tourist locations close to Bangalore located in Chikballapura district of Karnataka. This region is surrounded by the vast number of mountain ranges lying across Tumkur-Chikballapura-Kolar ranges. This is a perfect spot for a trekker as it offers not only a great trail but also an amazing view of Arkavati river flowing at the base of Nandi Hills, making this our favorite trek around Bangalore.

Best Season: November to June

Distance: 60 Kilometers from Bangalore

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate, no prior experience required

Distance Covered: 2 Kilometers

10. Bandipur Trek

treks around Bangalore bandipur trek

In the vicinity of greenery with a chance to see various wildlife creatures, you stroll through the beautiful roads of Bandipur. Bandipur trek welcomes you for this great experience of rejuvenating your senses with the lesson to explore till you are tired. This is one trek around Bangalore that gives you the opportunity to witness wildlife up and close through a thrilling jungle safari.

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Best Season: October to May

Distance: 223 Kilometers from Bangalore

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate, no prior experience required

Distance Covered: 2 Kilometers

11. Overnight Camping at Ramnagar

treks around Bangalore overnight camping at Ramnagar

Located a stone’s throw away from Kanakapura, Ramnagar is just the perfect spot for your to camp, the best part about this trek is that there it also offers a host of adventure sports, events, games, parties and much more to cater everyone’s unique needs. So if you’re a nature lover and hold a soft corner for the lush green surroundings with an option to star gaze through the night, then this one of those treks around Bangalore that you should absolutely not miss.

Best Season: November to February

Distance: 55 Kilometers from Bangalore

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate, no prior experience required

Distance Covered: 6 Kilometers

12. Kuntibetta Night Trek and Kayaking

Kuntibetta, situated near Pandavpura Taluk of Srirangapatna, Mandya this place is filled with rich bio-diversity that makes it an ideal trek with friends. Along with this adventurous trek, you can kayak and swim in the cold waters in the dark hours of the night, followed by huddling up by the campfire. Whether you are an avid trekker or just looking for an adventure with your friends or family, this is the thrilling trek you need to be part of which is why this is one trail that had to be a part of our favorite treks around Bangalore.

Best Season: November to February

Distance: 130 Kilometers from Bangalore

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate, no prior experience required

Distance Covered: 5 Kilometers

While these are a few adventure sports in Bangalore that you can take up, there is a host of variety when it comes to enticing experiences that will let you live your life off the edge in Bangalore.


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