Top 6 Adventures and Beauty Essentials You Need To Pack For Each Of These

Beauty Essentials for an adventure

With the gorgeous climate setting in, it’s time you planned your next big adventure to the great outdoors. Everyone has a certain special interest when it comes to adventure. While some head out for a trek or for an overnight camping experience, the water lovers may go Scuba Diving. The beach bums may opt for a jet ski ride and the aerial adventurers may look for something that’s more sky high. For every kind of adventure that you take on, there are certain essentials that you definitely do not forget to pack.

Top 6 adventures and beauty essentials For Each

P.S – This list does not just limit to you beautiful ladies, out there, men, you could also pick a cue or two from what’s mentioned below.

1. Trekking

For the absolute nature lovers, there’s not better to way to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with yourself than by heading out on a trek. The weather conditions can range from anywhere between humid/ hot to cold and dry, depending, of course on the place you select. What you pack also depends on how long will you be trekking if it’s a day’s trek then essentials you need to carry will be limited in comparison to a longer trek.

Beauty Essentials for Adventure-1

Beauty Essentials To Pack While Trekking: A good sun blocking cream with an SPF of 30 and above will help protect your skin from the harmful UV/UVB rays. A good roll on deodorant can help the sweat not get to you. A pack of facial cleansing wipes can help you fight the oiliness and tiredness from your face.

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2. River Rafting

This adrenaline pumping adventure is a definite off-the-edge activity. The experience of taming and riding down the mighty wild waters is profound beyond words. But there’s so much more that you need to take care of before venturing out on this thrilling adventure. The waters and the sun can easily have a toll on your skin and hair if not taken care of properly. After all, your skin goes through a series of wet and dry several times during your rafting experience, often making your skin lose out on hydration. This is where a good hydrating moisturizer comes into picture. Also, make sure you tame not just the rapids, but your tresses as well, with a good leave in conditioner. To help you beat the heat and not come back with a sunburn, a good sunscreen is a MUST.

Beauty Essentials for Adventure-2

Apart from these, some other beauty essentials for a good rafting experience is Bath wipes and facial cleansing wipes to always keep you refreshed. Last but not the least, a good roll on deodorant can go a long, long way.  

Beauty Essentials You MUST pack For a River Rafting Trip: Hydrating Moisturizer, Leave in Conditioner, Facial Wipes, Sunblock and roll on deodorant.  

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3. Scuba Diving

Exploring the beautiful underwater world is something that every adventurer would want to tick off from their bucket list. A good scuba diving experience often results in the worst tan/sunburn. While experienced divers are a pro about what to carry for a successful diving trip, we’re helping you make this better. So, if you’re heading out on your first dive, here are some beauty essentials that you SHOULD pack.

The salt content in the sea water often makes your hair tangled and in most cases, unmanageable. That’s when a good leave in conditioner comes to your rescue. Salt water is also known to dehydrate and dry out your skin, so, if you do not wish to have flaky skin by the end of your dive, we suggest you drink as much water as possible and apply generous amounts of hydrating moisturizer. Also make sure you either cover yourself up or apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above. A lot of divers with sensitive eyes often complain about eye burn after the dive, apply some well hydrating eye drops just before your dive to avoid an eye itch. And, finally, some good deodorant/perfume to smell refreshingly wonderful at all times.

Beauty Essentials for Adventure-3

Beauty Essentials required for a Scuba Diving Adventure: Sunblock, Hydrating Moisturizer, Eye Drops, leave in conditioner for your hair and roll on deodorant.

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4. Bungee Jumping

An essential feature on every dare devil’s bucket list is Bungee Jumping. This is one action-packed, adrenaline-inducing adventure that you can venture upon. After all, you don’t often plan to jump from a height with a suspension cable tied around you, do you? If you have decided on finally, taking the plunge (pun intended), then here are some beauty essential that you need to carry along for a super fine bungee jumping trip.

Sunscreen, because you never know what the weather is going to be like. A bandana, to keep your hair in place, after all, you want to super cool in your bungee jumping video and not miss out the reaction on your face because your hair decided to fall over your face.  

Beauty Essentials for Adventure-4

Beauty Essentials required when you go Bungee Jumping: Bandana, Sunscreen, Sunscreen.

5. Sailing on a Yacht

For those who are adventurous but not quite as much, sailing on a yacht can be a good non-life-threatening adventure option. While this is a more romantic, sit back and relax sort of an activity, it can get a tad bit messy if you’re not prepared. So, as you pack your bags for a dinner on a yacht or even a lunch, here’s what you’ll need to carry.

Beauty Essentials for Adventure-5

Beauty Essentials to Carry while going Sailing: A good leave in conditioner can help your hair stay in place and remain frizz-free while sailing. Lip Balm, the last thing you need while sailing and enjoying the moment is chapped lips. Motion sickness tablets, while this may not be a beauty essential, the last thing you’d want to do is get seasick.  A pair of trendy sunglasses is always essential to make you look chic and glamorous for all those Instagram photos. If you are planning to soak in the sun, then a sunscreen can most definitely save you from an uneven tan or a sunburn.

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6. Bike Trip

A classic activity that is the perfect amalgamation of travel and adventure is a bike trip. Riding a bike is liberating, exhilarating and gives you a sense of freedom, unlike any other adventure activity. So, if you’re up for some adventure then there’s nothing better than a good old bike trip.  You may choose to head out to your favorite hill station on a long weekend or decided to ride to Leh for a trip of a lifetime. Regardless of what you choose, this bike ride will give you the best of adventure and travel. While a bike trip is thrilling beyond measure, you must never forget your beauty essentials.

Beauty Essentials for Adventure-6

Must have Beauty Essentials While Going on a Bike Trip:  A good sunscreen and a leave in mousse for your hair is very essential. Apart from these, a good roll on deodorant and a face mist can leave you refreshed even if you wish to skip checking into a hotel and opt to visit the local market, instead.

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This was our list of some of the beauty essentials you need to pack when heading out on an adventure.

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