9 Incredible Adventure Experiences in India No One Told You About

adventure experiences in india

Adventure experiences are thrilling and exciting while you are still young. You need to let go of yourself if you really want to find what drives you and what makes you, you. And with adventure experiences, you need to live like there’s no tomorrow. Because these are memories that last a lifetime.

With the new year dawning upon you soon, you must be busy making plans to explore new places, try out a new hobby, or plan to get fit at least this year. We all know that ‘I plan to join the gym from this year’ resolution is the most used but least followed resolution out there. But enough about resolutions, let’s shift the focus back to adventure experiences.

So, before you pen down your plans, we, Xoxoday, have come up with a list of nine incredible adventure experiences that you can add to your travel list.

9 Adventure Experiences That Nobody Told You About

These amazing and incredible adventure experiences in India have been curated by Xoxoday to ensure that you have some priceless memories and stories to tell your friends and family.

  1. Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh
    There’s no better way to kick-start your new year by giving yourself an adrenaline rush of a lifetime. Experience the thrill of bungee jumping in Rishikesh from a height of 83 feet. You will feel the wind blowing against you as you descend on your free fall. To add to this pulsating bungee jumping experience in Rishikesh, there’s also a zip-line experience that you can enjoy for the maximum adrenaline rush.adventure experiences bungee-jumping-rishikesh
  2. Paragliding in Anantagiri Hills, Hyderabad
    Need a 360-degree view of the beautiful hills of Anantagiri? Get ready to paraglide then! In this adventurous experience, you will love the cool breeze blowing against you as you fly over the hills taking in the beauty of the world beneath you.
    adventure experiences paragliding-anantagiri
  3. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Jaipur
    If you have never been on a hot air balloon before, this new year, you can change that. Fly over the majestic Pink City in a majestic hot air balloon and feast your eyes on the amazing landscape below you. This is a hot air balloon ride that’s worth every buck spent!
    adventure experiences -hot-air-balloon-ride-jaipur
  4. Kayaking in Kerala
    No travel bucket list is complete without a trip to the lush green state of Kerala. You can explore the coastlines of God’s Own Country by rain forest kayaking. This kayaking experience in Kerala is surely going to be one of the picturesque memories that you will remember for ages to come.
    adventure experiences kayaking-kerala
  5. Kitesurfing in Mumbai
    Conquer two elements – water & air – in this thrilling experience. The sport of kitesurfing is something like a mixture of windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one adventurous sport. After your basic lessons, you can reach high speeds and try to perform amazing and exhilarating stunts. This sport, apart from giving you an adrenaline rush, will give a full body workout as well.
    adventure experiences kitesurfing-mumbai
  6. Trekking through the Sahyadri Range
    The beautiful trekking trail of Bhimashankar is a breathtaking one. A frequent trekking trail, this is one of the best places to view the lush green hills and waterfalls that lies on the trail that connects Bhimashankar and Khandas.
    adventure experiences trekking-sahyadari
  7. Nature Walk in Kalinga Forest, Agumbe
    It’s your time to let go and enjoy nature at its best. Spend time in the misty rainforests of Agumbe, and walk along unexplored paths. The forest offers a chance to its rich life from insects to birds to reptiles. This experience will leave you wanting for more and relaxed and refreshed as ever.
    adventure experiences nature-walk-agumbe
  8. Water Rafting at Kolad, Maharashtra
    If you love water sports, this in one adventure experience that you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Experience rafting and all its thrill as you test your strength against the mighty currents of the Kundalika River.
    adventure experiences water rafting-kolad
  9. Canyoning in Goa
    Goa is the party destination in India. But it’s also a destination to get your adrenaline rush. Spend the entire day river canyoning in the beautiful river of Sauri. It’ll be an experience that you will remember forever.
    adventure experiences river-canyoning-goa
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Well, these are some of the best adventure experiences in India that you can enjoy this coming year. Instead of wondering and waiting, you can simply experience one of these incredible adventure experience through Xoxoday.

Being an expert in curated experiences, we offer you only the best of the best. As you can make out from the above list, we are available pan-India and in cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

If you are looking for experiences, you know what to do. Xoxoday experiences are just a hop away! Book now to discover more!


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