20 Unbelievably Fun Things To Do In Bangalore!

Fun things to do in bangalore

If you are looking for new ways to spend your weekends or explore just explore fun things to do in Bangalore, we have an endless list right here just for that. The IT hub is teeming with pubs, beautiful market places, and thrilling activities for adventure enthusiasts. This gorgeous city has more ways than one to help you spend your day. This city has an eccentric list of fun things to do that’s not a visit to the mall or the nearby coffee shop.

From thrilling activities for adventure enthusiasts to gastronomical treat to food lovers and a hub for wellness lovers, Bangalore is the place for it all.

Here’s a list of Fun Things to do in Bangalore

Microlight Flying

fun things to do in bangalore microlight flying
Take off on a microlight flight and soar the skies to get an aerial view of the gorgeous city of Bangalore. This 10-minute activity will leave you wanting for more, we promise!

Master the art of Wine Making

fun things to do in bangalore wine making
Tour the breathtaking vineyards of Bangalore and what’s more, learn the art of wine making.

A day out at a Cave Resort

fun things to do in bangalore guhantara cave resort
Spend a weekend underground at India’s only cave resort. Yes, you heard us right. This cave resort is sure to take you back in time but with an essence of luxury with some spartan splendor. From rain dance to a lavish breakfast. This is the real deal!

Night Trek

fun things to do in bangalore night trek
If you’re tired of spending your nights cooped up at home binge watching random drama series on Netflix, this is the perfect getaway for you! The quaint hillock of Kabbaladurga nestled away from the hustle of the city is the just apt for trekkers and climbing enthusiasts. The mysterious fort on the top and the mesmerizing view of the countryside makes this night trek a favorite amongst trekkers in and around the city taking this to the top of our fun things to do in Bangalore list.

Couple’s Parasailing

fun things to do in bangalore couple's parasailing
If you and your partner are adventure enthusiasts then couple’s parasailing is something you must most definitely try. The only thing better than feeling the wind in your hair and getting smitten by the view of the land below is experiencing the same with the love of your life. Life does not get better than this, we promise.

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Learn the Basics of Scuba Diving

fun things to do in bangalore scuba diving
Scuba diving is one of those adrenalin pumping experiences that you just cannot miss. Master the basics of scuba diving and you’re set for a lifetime. What’s better, Bangalore has a course in Scuba Diving just for you.

Sunday Brunch

fun things to do in bangalore sunday brunch
“Nothing brings people together like good food” whoever said this sure did know how to enjoy a good meal with friends. Bangalore offers some of the best sunday brunch options to satisfy all of your taste buds. From champagne sessions to pizza parties, live stations to bar bounty, and exotic delicacies – brunch covers it all. There’s no better way to end your week and start the new one on a fresh note. Bon Appétit!

Vinotherapy or Wine Therapy

fun things to do in bangalore vinotherapy
Say goodbye to stress and say hello to some wine! Do more than just drink wine, use it as a healthy option to fight off signs of aging with a wine therapy spa in Bangalore.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

fun things to do in bangalore hot air balloon ride
Soaring high into the sky and viewing the landscape from atop is a wonderful experience. This hot air balloon ride is apt for couples who are looking for some less risky ways to have a thrilling time of a lifetime. If the sky is the limit for you, explore your adventurous side like never before. This is a definite in our list of fun things to do in Bangalore.

Baking Class

fun things to do in bangalore baking class
If you’re someone who has a sweet tooth or simply loves to experiment in the kitchen, baking class is something you should totally take up. From chocolate cakes to ice creams, creme brulee to cheesecake, baking is an art that anyone can enjoy.

Get your Caricature Done

fun things to do in bangalore
Choose your style and get yourself or your loved one caricatured in Bangalore. This experience will be etched in your memory forever.

Paramotor Joy Ride

fun things to do in bangalore paramotor joy ride
Get mesmerized with the view of the lands below as you take off and fly to a height of 4000 ft above the ground. Enjoy an unparalleled feeling of flying like a bird with thus Paramotor joy ride session in Bangalore.

Tour the Old Markets of Bangalore

fun things to do in bangalore tour
Tour what is perhaps the oldest part of Bangalore, the pete (pronounced pay-tay). Go back to a couple of centuries as your story guide retells you the story of the vanished medieval fort and takes you through the bazaar filled maze of the tiny street markets in the area.

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Kayaking and Water Rafting

fun things to do in bangalore kayaking
Take up a course in Kayaking along the wild waters of Karnataka’s Cauvery river. What’s even better, end your day with a campfire on river bedside. This one is definitely on our list of fun things to do in Bangalore.

Chopper Ride in Bangalore

fun things to do in bangalore chopper ride
Here’s a fifteen-minute chopper ride that is sure to blow your mind. Take off and fly exclusively with your friends and family and experience the world from up and above.


fun things to do in bangalore paintball
Paintball is a fun activity when played with a group of people. So if you and your friends are up for a sporting event then paintball is just what you need. Bring out the warrior in you on the battleground with guns, clothes, and equipment in a cameo like a war movie.

Golf Sessions

fun things to do in bangalore golf sessions
If you’re a fan of Golf or would love to try your hand at it, golfing is the perfect way to spend your free time. With a number of swanky and pristine golf courses in Bangalore, you can easily find an instructor and learn the basics of golf.

Go karting in Bangalore

fun things to do in bangalore go karting
For all go-kart enthusiasts in Bangalore, experience the thrill of speed that comes with driving a light motor vehicle. The exhilaration experienced during this drive isn’t something you can feel elsewhere.

Spa and Dinner in Bangalore

fun things to do in bangalore fine dining
If you’re looking forward to an exclusively curated experience than a refreshing spa coupled with dinner afterward will surely help you unwind, relax and rejuvenate your senses. It gets even better when you experience this at a fabulously luxurious hotel.

Fly Over Vegas in Bangalore

fun things to do in bangalore fly over vegas
Experience the thrill of flying over Vegas on a virtually realistic Boeing 737 with Flight 4 Fantasy. If you crave to take controls of the flight from the cockpit itself, you are in luck – Have first hand flying experience of a Boeing 737 with Flight4 Fantasy. All this in a realistic cockpit environment, glowing with the lights of the controls and instruments.

These are some of our favorites from incredibly fun things to do in Bangalore. Do let us know what you love to do in your free time in Bangalore.

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