15 Craft Activities For Kids On St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick Activities for kids

March 17 is already around the corner. And St. Patrick’s Day is here! It’s time to get your kids in Irish spirit with these craft activities for kids on St. Paddy’s Day. It’s time to take your glue guns out and add a touch of creativity to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

15 Must To Do Craft Activities For Kids On St. Paddy’s Day

1.Leprechaun Hat

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids


This fairy accessory of Irish folklore has always been a symbol of solitary mischief creatures that have hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So it is a must for every kid to wear this on St. Patrick’s Day. Why to buy one, when you can make a one with them?

Yes, all moms out there, you have to make this with your kid here and paint their hairs red for the celebration. Visit Global Art texas or follow creativegreenliving.com to get the best guidance.

2.Four leaf Clover Paper Craft

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids


Of course, if you want to bring good luck to the life of your tiny tot, this St. Patrick’s Day celebration is incomplete if you don’t have four leaf clover paper craft in your activities for kids list.
This beautiful and easy activity can make the celebration for your kid both learning and fun.

And after the day ends, how about using this as a decorative piece in your kid’s room?

I think you both should go for it with proper instructions from here.

3. Lucky Charms Bracelet

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

I am pretty sure your kids are definitely looking for lucky charms bracelet in their attire. But the true beauty of it will be when they make one for themselves and then wear it.

Get them all the material today and with the help of instructions let your child make this one of the simplest craft activities for kids for this green day.

4.Marzipan/ Rice Rainbows

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

This one should not be missed from your list. Why? Because it is one of those green day activities for kids which can start a good science conversation about the rainbow formation, use your child’s creativity to tailor a story of a leprechaun and at the end when they are hungry, can turn into a good meal.  That’s too much with one activity! Follow the instructions here and make them one.
Who thought chasing rainbow will not be as tricky as it seems?

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5.Pencil Stamp Shamrock

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

The shamrock, with its three clovers, is said to be how St. Patrick explained the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the people of Ireland. This activity for kids is elementary for all age groups if you want to fine tune the motor skills of your kids, then do take them here. St. Patrick’s party can turn really sweet with pencil stamping in lines or free forming a shamrock.

6.Lucky Ombre Clover T-Shirt

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

With the help of Cynthia Charter, create special green clover painted t-shirt for the tiny tots. Young girls can add their pinch of creativity with sparkly and rhinestone and boys can add their flavor of choices with alphabet stamps.

These crafty activities for kids can make the celebration beautiful.

7.Pots o’ gold and rainbows

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

Hide pots of gold around the house with this cute craft from Willowday. All you need to pull it off is a paper cup and some colorful ribbons.

8.Leprechaun finger puppet

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

So if you want you to engage your kids in story-telling along with the crafty activities for kids, then get your hands on the leprechaun finger puppet. It’s easy; you can follow the simple tips with a session at Courtney and make one of the craziest finger puppets.

What’s more? You can also set up a puppet theater for your toddlers!

9.Paper Boutonnieres

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

Getting your girl’s dress ready for her St. Paddy’s day party on 17th? How about taking her to this one paper activity in the list of your activities for kids?

Sounds interesting? Jazz up her St. Paddy’s Day outfit with a boutonniere. Hop over to Art beat Instructions to learn how to make these cuties out of cupcake y.

10.Upcycle Shamrocks

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

I have always loved the “best out of waste” themed piece of decoration. How about teaching the same to our kids as a part of St. Patrick’s celebration?
Do not miss this from your list of activities for kids and let your kids make clovers for St. Paddy’s day with upcycled cardboard. Don’t forget to take tips from Global Art Texas about this nourishing experience.

11.Marshmallow Rainbow

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

Celebrations of this green day are incomplete without VIBGYOR around. All you have to arrange is all colors of marshmallows and help little ones in making sweet rainbows. You can later serve it as a snack at the end of the party!

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If required you can head to Art Beat Instructions or take tips from No time for flashcards for best and quick results.

12.Baked Clay St. Paddy’s Day Shamrock Necklace

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

Complete the dress with this great tween St. Patrick’s Day craft. Follow tips from or head on to Front Porch pottery Studio to make the best in the city.

13.Toilet paper Rolls Leprechauns

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

How adorable is this little guy from Moments of Mommyhood? Put your old toilet paper rolls to good use by crafting wee leprechauns to display around the house.

14.Painted Rainbows

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

For one of the simplest activities for kids that even the littlest kids will enjoy, paint abstract rainbows with cotton balls. Art Beat Instructions will help you to make this cute painting from In Lieu of Preschool.

It is also a great opportunity to teach kiddos about the colors of the rainbow.

15.Shamrock or Rainbow paper chain

St Patrick's day craft activities for kids

This simple take on the classic and darling paper chain from your elementary-school days becomes totally festive by making it rainbow. Liven your house for pennies with a little tape and an array of colored construction paper.


What are your favorite craft activities for kids on St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us in the comments below.  In the end, do share this sweet story of St. Patrick’s day with your kids. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


In the meanwhile, if you are looking for other activities for kids in the city, the explore more here.

St Patrick's activities for kids


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