11 Things to do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is home to very many activities that you can never exhaust participating in. The city is a home to different attractions sites such as the buildings, beaches, sand dunes, malls among others. The city offers you deals that you cannot be matched. From shopping, meals, culture, arts to luxury and entertainment. You can imagine these things being said to you. It’s time to go and experience the city. Below are some of the things you must do in Dubai

  1. Shopping jewelry and gold
    At the Dubai Gold Souk, you get an opportunity to buy with gold, silver, diamond and other jewelries. At the mall, you will get a chance to enjoy the finest deals such as high discounts, quality brands as well as free gifts by simply buying.
  1. Participate in the Dubai shopping festivals
    The shopping festivals held annually in Dubai presents to you some crazy deals. Can you imagine buy goods at a discount as high as 70 %? You may think it is a joke, but it is real. The festivals bring different merchants of different goods such as furniture, gold, electronics, and accessories. Unmatched entertainment also characterizes the festivals.
  1. Participate in beach activities
    The various beach activities are one that you can never imagine missing. The city offers you a wide variety of beach activities that range from snorkeling, sunbathing, shark dives, dhow cruise, kite beach, flyboard and Jet Ski among many others. These activities give you thrilling experiences that you cannot imagine missing.
  1. Entertainment
    Dubai is the real home of entertainment. These entertainments run throughout the year and in different ways. The various forms of entertainment include the live performances by global celebrities during events such as the Dubai shopping festivals, exhibitions, live concerts, fireworks during various celebrations among others
  1. Visit Burj Khalifa
    Burj Khalifa is the tallest and record-breaking around the globe. The building that sits in the city of Dubai is built on a design that offers you the best environment for photo taking. Inside the building, you will enjoy things such unbeatable entertainment, fashion houses, hotels among many other features. At the building, you will also be able to have an aerial view of the city.
  1. Try new restaurants
    Dubai has very many restaurants that offer different types of food that you should give a rail. The unique thing about these foods is that different cultures across the world motivate them. The restaurants also have a very rich cultural heritage that has been blended with the modern culture. These restaurants include the Demoiselle, Borro Tuscan Bistro, Marina Social, La Petite Maison and some few others.
  1. Try pubs that have a different view
    During your visit to Dubai, you need to do things that are different from the ones you normally do. If you are in the company of your loved ones, peers or even workmates, take them to a place where they will get a different feeling. These things may include, Atmosphere Lounge that allows you to enjoy your drinks in the sun, uptown bar and Palm Grill
  1. Experience the deserts
    Dubai is a city situated in the center of a desert. By visiting Dubai, it would therefore not sound very right if you left without feeling the desert. From the hot temperatures, sand dune, dune activities among many others. Take your loved ones in the deserts for endless fun in activities such as dune bashing, Sandboarding, riding camels, quad biking, falconry, camping, and barbecue. Why miss these activities while they are just an inch away!!!!
  1. Visit the Malls
    A visit to Dubai is no visit without visiting the malls. Why? You may ask. Because you will get to enjoy the thing you may never imagine. The designs of the malls, sizes and the activities being undertaken in the malls are one you can never fail to see during your visit. Imagine seeing golden jewelry in the Gold Souk being sold at a throwaway price, globally recognized brands at the Dubai mall, skiing and snow-related activities at the mall of the Emirates etc
  1. Touring the various cultural attractions
    When you visit Dubai, you have to ensure that you learn a different culture apart from your and probably try to understand the changes that Dubai has seen. Dubai has diversified cultures. These cultures can be better understood by visiting places such as Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek, Saeed Al Maktoum, Jumeirah Mosque etc.
  1. Enjoy a different ride
    What types of rides have used other than vehicle, airplane, and train and probably sea rides? Are you aware that there are many other rides you can enjoy? Well, here is an opportunity for you. Enjoy rides such as The Dubai Abra, Palm monorail, tramway ride etc.
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Dubai has very many opportunities for you. From entertainment, learning, shopping, thrilling experiences to beautiful scenes, all these for you. Psych yourself up and grab the unbeatable deals.