Living in the drop dead gorgeous Dillwalon ki city, Delhi and not falling in love rarely happens. We also know how date nights at restaurants are nothing special. Also, if you’re dating someone new then getting to know each other well is quite important and so is breaking the ice. If you’re already in a relationship then we’re assuming that your idea of a date no longer lingers around visiting the mall or heading out to the local restaurant for dinner, so what exactly are some of the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s day in Delhi?

With V-Day coming up, we’re pretty sure that every love-bitten soul in the city is wondering what new they can do to celebrate their love in Capital City. While Delhi offers a host of off-beat romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, planning the perfect way to spend the day and impress your love can be difficult.

That’s where we come in, we give you our favorite list of top 10 romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day in Delhi, and we promise, this city is a heaven for you love-struck angels.

Here’s hoping you and your love find the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day in Delhi!

1. An Evening of Lights and Sounds at Purana Qila

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi purana qila
Whether it’s your first date or if you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, this place is just magical. Once here, you’ll be mesmerized by the splendid show and the romantic setting that will let you unwind and relax and get to know each other.

2. Tour the Old City of Delhi

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi old Delhi tour
Delhi has more romance to offer than you think. Explore the rich heritage of Old Delhi hand-in-hand with your partner. This off-beat experience will not only let you relax but will give you a break from all the hustle of your day to day life. Pick your favorite route and sign up for various tours ranging from Bicycle Tour, Walking Tour, Private Car Tour, Auto Rickshaw Tour etc. We can’t think of anything more romantic than exploring the old gallis of our beloved Dilli with the love of your life.

3. Breakfast at The All American Diner

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi american breakfast
Expressing your love and spending quality time over a hearty breakfast spells out romance. If you and partner share the love for American food then this famous breakfast joint is where you should start your day this Valentine’s. Their delectable spread of All American breakfast will take you into a food coma and leave you wanting for more 😉

4. Go Skydiving With The Love of Your Life!

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi skydiving
If you and your partner are thrill seekers then the king of all adventure sports, Sky Diving is what you should try out! If you have the urge to feel an adrenaline rush and if you are bored with the ordinary stuff like trekking and rafting, this might be a great opportunity for you. Indulge in the stunning aerial view of the gorgeous lands of the Delhi with your Valentine and soar the skies as you express your love. This is most definitely our favorite among romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day in Delhi.

If you’re looking for an adventurous skydiving experience near Delhi, here it is.

5. Stroll Down Ridge Road, North Campus

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi ridge road
This serene stretch of road runs through a ridge, which is why the name. If you and your partner are looking for a quiet spot away from the heavy traffic and the bustle of the city, then a drive or walk around Ridge Road can be as romantic as can get. Wait a minute, don’t just write it off thinking that it is a student’s hangout, couples of all ages visit the Ridge Riad to reignite the spark in their relationship. This area also has a lot of monuments like the Mutiny Memorial, Baoli near Pir Ghaib which you can explore.

6. A Date At The Planetarium

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi planetarium
The only thing more romantic than gazing into your partner’s eyes is gazing up at the stars and besides, doesn’t love make everyone a star gazer? Pay a visit to this gorgeous planetarium and let the mysteries of the universe work its magic on your love.

7. Couple’s Massage

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi couples massage
Couples can indulge in some well-needed pampering this Valentine’s with a spa getaway exclusively meant for those head over heels in love. Spend some quality time together as a couple while you take care of your health. With indulging and luxurious treatments like a Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage and Skin Toning Body Polish for the ladies and Swedish Massage and Head Neck Shoulder Massage for gents.

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8. A Private Rendezvous at Cherie

romantic things to do on valentine's day in delhi private dining
Romance and Luxury go well together which is why this is one of our most recommended experience to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The restaurant brings the love of France on your palate with global cuisines. You with your partner would embrace solace while indulging in some lovely conversation with soul-stirring food!

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9. A Romantic Getaway To Dusit Devarana

romantic things to do on valentine's day in delhi dusit devrana
Since Valentine’s Day shows up on a weekday this year, most of you and may be busy with work. You can, however, celebrate Valentine’s Week by heading to a romantic weekend getaway with your beloved. The Dusit Devarana is our choice when it comes staycations close to Delhi. A unique combination of warm ambiance, exotic location, and top notch service is what truly defines Dusit Devarana. This luxury resort is designed to offer an invigorating and relaxing experience for both you and your partner.

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10. Visit the Hauz Khaz Village

10 romantic things to do on Valentine's Day in Delhi hauz khas village
Our list of romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day in Delhi is incomplete without mentioning the beautiful upscale locality South Delhi, Hauz Khas village. This green environment has a perfect mix of contemporary ambiance steeped in rich history making this a natural beauty of wonder. While it is known primarily for a host of food joints, Hauz Khas is now a culturally rich locale. Hauz Khas village is also host to the rustic Hauz Khas Fort, Deer Lake, and Boheme giving you and your partner the perfect intimate rendezvous.

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